Hey guys, hope you are enjoying one piece to its fullest as always there are a few things that I would like to talk about in episodes 1063 and 1064.

There was not much to say about episode 1063 because there was nothing much happening in order to talk about it. So, thought that I should make a blog for both episodes, 1063, and 1064 because it would give more content to talk about. So now let’s begin with the fight between KID, Law, and Big MOM.


I think episodes 1065 and 1066 would be the episode given to the big mom and Kid and law. And I assume it would be very, very interesting. The hype has been created for this fight and I am looking forward to it. Do or die? That should be the title of this episode.


Next, I would like to talk about Ussop there is nothing much that Ussop provided in my opinion in the whole Wano Arc together, though he played a few roles here and there as a side character but not a significant tool. And here at this moment, I thought we will see some USssop action, but again, he showed his cowered self and Izo take over the fight. But one thing that I found really funny during a whole fight is that Izo is, he’s shooting the gun and that is a revolver like it is a machine gun.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and even loved it. But here is what I think about the Usssop’s role – I think Sanji’s Role was on Cake Island and Zoro played a significant role in Wano Arc. Even the chopper played a significant role in the Wano Arc, Jimbe played its role Frankie played his role, Nico Robin played a significant role, and even Nami played a significant role but Soull king brook and USop did not do anything much so I think they will go through character development in future Arc.

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The episode 1064. I don’t know why but it’s getting boring the Luffy And Kaido fight. There is no new move that they are showing. There is no hype, that is being created, in my opinion. And it is feeling more like they’re dragging the fight. Even the festival part that in this episode was shown was more understanding and what was more emotional. Then the whole fight between Kaido and Luffy. Do you also agree that it is getting a little bit boring or disagree with me?

But one thing that they sure made look good is the expression of Kaido. I never thought that I will see him laughing, crying, and blaming everyone else I never imagined that these kinds of scenes would be shown in this episode. Well, this much credit I would like to give to this episode. Now, finally, the most important and the most interesting part of the whole episode of 1064 was the last part. Many things occurred here. Many significant things were told such as something significant happened in the Alabasta and also Whole Rivery Summit was a waste

But the most important thing that they mentioned that they showed us here is the existence of that development that they are talking about. Here is my assumption. I think that they are talking about Lufy, you might ask why? I’m thinking that because I think most of the Devil Fruit names and backgrounds are clear, but Luffy’s Devil fruit is not clear, and, or they already showed us a sign of that, in the fight between Jimbeway and Tobi Ropo.

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Especially they mentioned that this devil fruit was called with another name and it hasn’t been awakened for centuries. So it might be precise the talking about Luffy’s Devil Fruit and also here is also another reason for that. I don’t think without any powerup or gear 5 he can beat Kaidoof at all. They are just dragging it here and there.

And Lastly yet again World Goverment is trying to erase the history alothger but this time our Friend Zou is there to fack them up. I hope he crushes them all together just like he wrecked Jack’s ship.


For these to episodes, my opinion is mixed one part of me tell that it was good as many things were pointing at many different things and the other part is telling it is just a waste of time as they are dragging the fight between the LKuffy and Kiado and its no longer interesting as it was at the beginning. So it is all up to you wheater you want to watch it or not.

And I will meet you in the next episode of AnimeTalk till then you can check out other AnimeTalk .

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