Sett Guide And Build

Hello, fellow Wild Rifter hope you are all doing well. Here I’m once again with a champion build (this time Sett Guide And Build ) and some tips that I gained from my experience while playing with sett.

And, I feel great pleasure as I can share my build and experience with you guys. So stay tuned as you will learn something new in each section of this blog. Now then let’s begin our Sett Guide And Build

I have already explained why Passive ability is important. So, if you want to know the reason, check out. Tryndamere Build And Complete Guide.

Sett’s Passive- PIT GRIT

Sett Guide And Build

Sett’s Passive is quite simple and straightforward. He attacks with his left and right fist. Right punch follows left punch quickly and deals an additional 6 physical damage(6+50 bonus).

Just like Garen, Sett gains 0.5 Health Regeneration for each 5% missing health.

And in case you didn’t land your right punch on the enemy then it will reset back to its left after 2 seconds. And his right punch is 8 times that of a left punch.

Hope you get his passive as it is quite simple to understand without demonstration.

When and how to use this passive:

When you use your E after that use two basic attacks and after that Q follows it with the same two punches. This way you will give the most damage out of your ability and basic.

And because of his regain ability tank build is also quite suitable for Sett as just like Garen and Mund he will almost recover his full health. I personally love to use this. Continue on this Blog as I have shared my tanky build.

Other Ability-


Sett Guide And Build

While activating your Q Sett starts to itch for fight, and because of this he gains 30% movement speed towards the enemy champion for 1.5 seconds.

And as I explained earlier that after your two basic attacks you should use Q as this ability empowers your next two attacks to deal an additional 10+ 1.57%(1%+0.01%) max health physical damage.

Also, the additional damage is capped at 200 against jungle monsters.


Sett Guide And Build

This ability has both passive and active use. And I will explain both but before that you should know when to use that. When you have taken a lot of damage from the enemy and a bar has been filled, use it then.
And in combo use it after E as the enemy in the middle will receive true damage.
Combo: Q-E-W

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But it all depends on the situation you are in as you might not use this combo.

So, all ways try to use this ability at last.

Now lets understand what exactly it does?

Passive: Stores 100% of damage as grit. This grit decays after 4 seconds.

Active: Uses all the stored grit and gains 100% grit consumed shield which decays in 3 seconds. Afterward Sett delivers a massive punch which deals 80+ 25%(25%+0.1% bonus) and grit gives true damage to the enemy at center. And another champion in range takes physical damage.


Sett Guide And Build

Smashes enemies on either side to each other, and also deals 85 physical damage(50+60%). Also reduces their speed by 50% for 0.5 seconds.
And if he grabs the enemy on both sides then he stuns them all for 1 second.

Note: As Sett doesn’t have any ranged attack except this so use this ability wisely and pull them in toward yourself followed by two basic attacks and after that 2 Q attack.

And in team fights try to go in between enemy champions so that you can use this ability and stun them all. This can give your team an upper hand in battle. And 1 seconds is enough to change the tide of the battle.

Combo- 2 Basic Attack- 2 Q attack- E- W


Sett Guide And Build

As the name suggests this is a flash move of Sett he grabs an enemy champion and suppresses them as he carries them forward in air. And then slams them into the ground, this slam deals 200(200+100% bonus) plus 40% health physical damage to the surrounding champion if you land on the group. Also this ability slows them by 99% for 1 seconds .

And the damage is received less if the enemy champion is further away from where Sett lands.

Here is a suggestion- Try to use this ability on tanks because this ability gives damage based on health percentage that means more damage to the enemy who has more health.

What is Sett good at?

Just like Trynd who is good at giving damage Sett is also very good at giving damage but the only problem with trynd is its fury takes time to fill at lvl 1 but on the opposite Sett is very good at giving damage to enemy from lvl1. He can dominate most of the champions at lvl1 so try to get most of it. And try to dominate the enemy at lvl1. Always unlock its E at lvl1 and then Q followed by W.

And try to stun them at first by getting in between the enemy minions and enemy champion you will most likely give them most damage and if lucky you can also kill enemy champion.

Sett’s Role:

Some may agree with me some might not but Sett is suitable for almost every role except ADC. IT is because of its build he can use tank build as well as fighter build which makes him very useful. And I have tried it on Diamond League so it will definitely work at low elo. Not sure of High Elo.


I personally have not used Sett as a jungler but have seen many use it and they have effectively used them. So I would like to say that you can use Sett as a jungler. And while using it as a jungler use its Q ability first then W and then E.

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Reason for this is that most of the time Sett will not face an enemy till lvl 3. So, you want to give most damage to jungle monsters and return their damage in the form of a grid by using W.
So, if you have any counter argument to this then comment down below. I would love to read and learn from it.

Baron Lane:

He can be one of the best Baron Laner that Wild Rift has at the current moment. He is very powerful at lvl1. As well as have cc to change tide.
Sett is very effective and useful as a baron laner.

Mid Lane:

As mid lane is the most volatile lane you might have to think twice before picking him. If it has a range champion as an opponent then it might be a problem for him. So I would suggest picking him after you have seen the enemy pick and you are confident that you can counter him.

And also keep in mind that he doesn’t have any escaping ability except flash so this might make things difficult for him in mid as compared to if he is in baron lane. As he has to see only for one side in baron lane.


You can also use him as Support too. I have used it many times. But it is not that effective, sometimes it may work, sometimes it might not.

SETT’S Skill Sequence:

Sett Guide And Build

Ruins that you should use one Sett:


Sett Guide And Build

In my opinion this ruin is the best suit for Sett if you are planning on using him as a fighter.
Champions gain stacks of AD or AP when you hit the enemy champion with different attacks. And when stacked 5 times you will deal bonus damage to the enemy.

Grasp Of Undying

Sett Guide And Build

This ruin is as effective as Conqueror on Sett if you are planning to build a tanky item for the team.
Every 4s in combat, your next attack will be enhanced which depends on your max health.
It heals 2% of your max health. Also give bonus damage that is 3% of your ma health.


Sett Guide And Build

Sett will gain 7 AD or 14 AP. You might go for Gathering Storm but I personally don’t like Gathering Storm.


Sett Guide And Build

Takedowns restore health, and deal more damage to Low Health enemies.

Second Wind

Sett Guide And Build

Second Wind is the best ruin for this case as it matches its passive very well.
Let me explain what it does. Sett will gain 5 health every 5 seconds. Also, regenerate health after taking damage from the enemy.

Bone Plating

Sett Guide And Build

After taking damage from the champion, the next 3 abilities will deal less damage. This might be a good ruin against a champion like Raven. Which has the ability to attack 3 times one after another.

Hunter- Titan

Sett Guide And Build

Next you might want to use hunter-titan as a jungler because you will be in lots of fights and this will give 20 extra health for every champion take down. So, this might be good for jungler. You can also use this ruin on baron and mid lane. All depends on you.

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Adaptive Carapace

Sett Guide And Build

This ruin is also not good as Second Wind on Sett but you can use it . It basically gives 50 health to champion and when a champion is below 50% health champion gains 12 AR.


Sett Guide And Build

This ruin gives you 2.5 ability haste on every unique champion take down.

Sweet Tooth

Sett Guide And Build

This might be useful for mid and baron lane Sett. I personally use Hunter Genius.


Sett Guide And Build

This might come handy for jungler as it gives 9% movement speed in brush, jungle and river when out of combat.


Sett Guide And Build

This ruins is also a good option for jungler as it gives 10% bonus true damage to epic monsters and 10% bonus damage to turret.

And finally we are in the section for which you guys came here. Sett’s build. Basically there are 3 types of build for Sett:


  • Duelist Fighter
  • Tanky Fighter
  • Fighter

Duelist Fighter


Tanky Fighter




Now let me explain each of these items in short so that you could easily understand them.

Here is the core item for Sett that in my opinion are necessary for him

Blade Of Ruined King:

Sett Guide And Build

This item gives +20 attack damage and with that it also gives +35 attack speed.

Black Cleaver:

Sett Guide And Build

This item gives you +350 max health, +40 Attack Damage and +25 ability haste. When fully completed it will give the champion the ability to reduce enemy champions armor by 5% for 6 seconds.

These two are the core items in my opinion for and will remain the same for every build.

Dead Man’s Plate:

Sett Guide And Build

This item gives +250 Max Health and + 50 Armor and this item gives 50 movement speed to champion when out of combat.

Sterak’s Gage:

Sett Guide And Build

Gives +400 Max health and +50 base attack damage and when the champion under 35% health grants a shield equal to 75% bonus and it would decay in 3 seconds.

Spirit Visage:

Sett Guide And Build

This item will give champion +350 Max Health, +100 Health Regen, +50 Magic Resistance and +10 ability haste.

Warmog’s Armor:

Sett Guide And Build

+700 Max Health, +200 Health Regain and +10 ability haste.

Randuin’s Omen :

Sett Guide And Build

This might be useful if you want to reduce the enemy’s attack speed. And Also this item gives +400 Max Health and +55 Armor.

Force Of Nature:

Sett Guide And Build

+350 Max Health and +50 Magic Resistance

Now, let’s talk about the boots that you should use.


Boots of Swiftness:

Sett Guide And Build

+50 movement speed

Mercury’s Treads

Sett Guide And Build

+40 movement speed and +10 magic resistance.

Plated Steelcaps:

Sett Guide And Build

This gives the champion +40 movement speed and +15 armor.

And above this you can use


Sett Guide And Build

Quite a useful item but many don’t use. This item removes all the crowd control and gives 50% movement speed.

Mercury’s Glory

Sett Guide And Build

Gains 15% movement speed and after 4 seconds release a shockwave which slows enemy champions down.

Mercury’s Protobelt

Sett Guide And Build

Gives a short dash in the direction you want and launches a few missiles that give 75-145 magic damage.

Mercury’s Teleport

Sett Guide And Build

This will teleport you to ally champion, ward and tower.

Mercury’s Stoneplate

Sett Guide And Build

This item will increase your Health by 65% and reduce the damage dealt by 60% for 4 seconds.

Spell that you can use on Sett are:

  • Flash
  • Ignite
  • Ghost
  • Smite

Now before I end my Sett Guide And Build. I would like to tell you about a few champions that Sett is strong against and weak against.

Strong Against:

  • Irelia
  • Yasuo
  • Kayle

Weak Against:

  • Jacee
  • Darius
  • Kennen

Personally I didn’t have any difficulty against them but you should consider it and have a guard up against them.

So with this we have completed ourSett Guide And Build. Hope you got everything I want to explain. And if you have any problem contact me.

Instagram- @Call_Me_Pahadi
Youtube Channel- Glitch Gaming Wild Rift

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