Hey, One Piece Fan have you watched today’s episode yet? If not then you can watch it after my short review about it. Today’s episode was one hell of an episode full of action, and backstory. And it teaches us also many things such as loyalty, friendship, and many other things.

So, let’s begin with the Race of the King to which he belongs. Hoho, is another mysterious legendary race that got extinct at the hands of the world government. World governments had done more bad deeds than all pirates collectively. But the only difference between them is that pirates are not good at hiding things and they are experts at hiding things,

Like many others, I was totally looking forward to the face reveal of King and I would like to say he looks like a kind of Handsom lad in his Human form but in his dragon form without a mask, he looks ugly as hell. Would you agree with me on this? And just like Queen and Kaido King is also ruthless against their subordinates. Well, that also been they are playing the role of villain very well.

Also, now I’m really curious about Kings Clan as 100 million berries just on confirming his identity that he quite a hefty bounty for that purpose. How powerful or secret his clan holds that the world government is willing to pay that amount of money. Yet another secret that ODA did not reveal and hung us just like always.

Now, I would like to share with you a moment I personally enjoyed apart from the climax seen fight is this on. I don’t know why but this one just got stuck to me so I’m sharing it with you guys. What do you think does it deserve to be mentioned or not?

One Piece Episode 1062 | AnimeTalk

And as always I would like to Thank the Animation team for providing this much amazing animation. This whole episode’s level was on another league. Don’t you agree? Just take a look at these two images. These two images talk a lot about themselves. So cool. On first one King is going into rage mode and the second one is his imperial strike something I don’t remember the name and Mangma Ryo(Dragon) is launched.

Now, let me tell you what I feel about King’s backstory. Well, first of all, many things were hidden by ODA on purpose this is what I think because how King got captured is not explained though Kaido’s presence there might be explained as he was captured and was going through torture there and when he was getting bored then he went on destroying the whole facility.

And the second queen’s backstory is also not revealed or did they? And how did Queen become Queen and how he joined Beast Pirates? I think ODA hid all these on purpose for creating a larger picture as he always s does.

And talking about Climax seeing it was very very cool will you agree with me? Fall of one legend and rise of another legend. On Way to Become King Of Hell should be the title of the episode.

And lastly, I would like to say only one thing about this banner which has not changed in decades if my memory serves me right,” A change worth Appreciation”.

One Piece Episode 1062 | AnimeTalk


Totally satisfying episode filled with action. The fight was neither lengthy nor too short it was perfectly on Mark. Many secrets were also created which makes One Piece Standout from other anime and finally, I’m looking forward to the new episode of One Piece.

And till then I would like to take my leave. And if you enjoyed today’s AnimeTalk let me know by commenting down below. You can also read AnimTalk of Episode 1061.

How Was Today's AnimeTalk

Hey, anime fans how are all you people doing? And hope you guys are enjoying One Piece to its fullest. But after watching today’s episode I was not enjoying the One Piece to its fullest. I will explain Why? To begin with I would like to start with the Main context of the episode. And later I would like to focus on other aspects of today’s episode. So, let’s begin.

Sanji VS Queen My Views

How should I put it…umm. Here I will say it bluntly. I didn’t even feel excited about a fight between these two. It seemed to me like this was a child fight where one bullies another for his parent’s actions and throughout the fights Sanji was getting bullied just because he was Vinsomke.

Well, I agree that there might be a trauma of the past like that to make it feel more natural or something like that but still, it feels way too much off. Fighting scenes were like one beating the other then the other way around and then repeating nothing to hype up.

And the way Queen got distracted by that girl seemed like Sanji had a plot armor as he was in the protagonist team. To date, throughout this Wano Arc, not a single fight felt like it was yes this is the fight. Till the end, they were showing new new moves instead of fighting till one is down.

I was totally disappointed with the action throughout the Wano Arc. I don’t know if it is just me or if you guys also feel that. Throughout their meeting till their ending I just felt like something is missing and I was thinking that after this good part will come up it never came.

Yes, the Sanji power was definitely good. But I feel sorry to say that apart from that nothing seemed to be interesting to me.

Next, let’s take a quick look at a few other aspects of today’s episode.

As I’m on criticizing part then let me criticize one more thing. I hate this kind of emotional shit I don’t know if anyone in real life does things like this. But this kind of thing makes me cringe instead of making me feel sympathetic toward them.

Here is a reason for that. If I know that going somewhere is dangerous then I wouldn’t go there for sure. And most people think that way but I this anime shit is too much not only she will hurt herself but will make things difficult for those who are protecting them. Are you on the same page as me?

And when she did this thing I thought that now things will get difficult for Sanji but well it was the other way around.

One Piece Episode 1066 | AnimeTalk

Now, let’s talk a little bit about Sanji and Vinsomke and all these things. Well, it was worth emphasizing Sanji and Vinsomke as it was a type of trauma for Sanji that he have to overcome in order for character development.

And as for his anger towards his family and tuma I think are justified as looking at the massacre they have done, how they treated Sanji and other aspects I think all things are justified in Sanji’s case. What do you think let me know in the comment section down.

Next, I would like to talk about the new powerup of Sanji. I think it is very cool just because of its different color apart from that there is nothing change in other things. Even the move is the same just name are changed a little bit. But well animation is cool nothing to complain about here I loved that.

And I also want to appreciate the change in the animation during the climax scene I don’t know if you guys noticed it or not. And I certainly loved it and looking forward to this kind of animation in the future.

And finally, I think something is off here. I don’t mean by scene but with all parts in total. I think ODA made Queen fall on purpose if he would be on the isnad he would have got up again. As I think this much beating is not enough to take down Queen and with this, we can also say that this was done for some purpose that might take place in the future.

One Piece Episode 1061 | AnimeTalk

And looking at the track record of ODA in this kind of thing it is highly possible. What do you think let me know in the comment section down below.


Overall in terms of animation, action, and character development, the episode was quite good. But if you have high expectations just like me then you definitely will be disappointed.

And with this, I would like to end this AnimeTalk and if you liked the talk then comment down your views. I would love to read them and lastly, if you want to read more AnimeTalk then check out AnimeTalk.

Today on Sunday, episode 1054 dropped. And think it was a little waste of time instead it could have been better. So why do I think it was waste of time?

As this episode was on Killer has been through a lot and literally a lot. I think he was the one who tortured most of the people of Wano. Well physical pain aside from the most painful thing that happen to him was that he lost character in this Arc. His serious side was completely crushed and now he just laughs.

Instead of showing him in misery during his fight if they had shown his moves or given more fights seems that would have been more worthy of his character rather than making scenes more emotional and a waste of time.

We know how much killer and Kid care for each other but. The idea of cutting his hand and taking out the last piece can be thought of during a clash between Hawkins and Killer.

Here is another thing it might be me only. But tell me if you feel the same fight scenes are not so good. And they don’t even create hipe as they used to create in the previous arc.

The fight between Straw Hats was very dull. Except for Robin’s fight. Fight of Jimbe and frankly was not on that level as it should be in order to create a hipe.

But one thing that I’m absolutely amazed about is how ODA thinks about how things will occur now and how will it impact the future. This is just my wild guess what if it is true? Just imagine if ODA cut the Kid’s army post-time skip just to create this moment between Hawkins and Killer.

My only complaint is the level of the fight which I was expecting till is still not delivered. You can exclude the Yonko and Worst generation battle apart from that. Hopefully, the remaining fight is on just another level as compared to the ones that occurred till now. I have high hope as they already gave us a little glimpse of future fights in the previous episode.

So, did you like today’s episode if you did let me know in the comment, and if you didn’t tell me what you didn’t like about it. And with this, I would like to end this AnimTalk here so till then Bye bYe.

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One Piece Episode 1048-49 | AnimeTalk

A lot of all things happen over these two episodes. In 1048there was all Yamato’s flashback which was kind of touching but that is all to it so that is why I didn’t write any article on that one. So today let’s discuss both episodes. But before that.

how are you all doing hope you guys are having a great time and enjoying One Piece as always.

First, let’s begin with Yamato’s flashback. It is kind of sad how can someone torment this cute-looking innocent kid and still she has that kind of character even after treating like trash by her dad.

But this is the character that makes Kaido one of the best antagonists. Just like Dofy who was corrupted to the core, not like some weak-ass villain who is become a villain because of his situation.

Do you agree with me let me know in the comment?

Now let’s move on to episode 1049. Here is one thing that I notice let me share it with you this is one of the best things that I find about ODA’s writing. He develops character properly for example when Momo grew in size even though his body grows his mind remain the same and which made it more realistic for similar to the viewer. Not like some half-baked plot where one power-up decides everything.

And lastly, I wanna talk about the fight between Yamato and Kaido. I think I’m delighted with the fight it was not a queer between a father and his child instead it was indeed between two people who were fighting seriously for their own goal. Are you satisfied with their fight or do you find there would be more to it?

And did you notice it too? The animation of the last scene was of better quality than the rest of the episode. Personally, I like it. It was neatly done hope this climax battle is delivered in that quality only. For that, we have to wait for next week. And so I would also like to take my leave and I will meet you, people, in the next episode.

Till then you can check out my previous AnimeTalks.

Anime Discussion

What up One Piece Fans how are you all doing? I hope you guys are doing great in this Blog I would like to talk about today’s episode of 1047 which was pretty good overall.

Let’s begin with Frank’s fight with Tobi Ropo.

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk

I was expecting more out of this and something new and innovative from Frank. And also this fight ended way too quickly and the same goes for a fight with Jimbe it felt like they were handling kids. But at the same time, they were not even overpowered. I think they chopped down some of their fights.

They had a pretty long fight in the manga if I remember correctly. I may be wrong as it has been a way too long time. after that, I stopped reading manga.

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
Next, I want to talk about their fight I’m really looking forward to their new awakening. This is a must condition if and then they can’t defeat this baba. What could be the awakening of Law Kids pretty much we can assume but what would be his awakening?
Any guess?
One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
Ussop never dissopint me. Whenever he appears he makes me smile. And his reaction is my all-time favorite action. Do you love his character or do you find it irritating? Let me know.

And the best thing about him is his lying ability. I don’t have this ability and I envy this thing of his even though he is a fictional character. He can turn a losing event into his winning side with just a little help which I can’t pull. For ex-

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
he just turned the time without moving a finger. Just like that. TRULY GOD USSOP!!!
One thing I hate about anime is characters started trusting each other very quickly and their bond is depicted as so pure and so trust worth that I find it cringe as this is not possible in real life and even if does exist it is very very very rare.

But apart from that she held very well against him. She has done more than enough in this battle and I think she deserves to be part of Luffy’s crew do you agree?

One Piece Episode 1047 | AnimeTalk
Momo can be finally useful and I loved this form of his PINK Dragon do you love this PINK DRAGON? Let me know. And last thing that I’m looking forward in a future episode is this-

Did you like today’s episode? let me know your views on this one.

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One Piece Episode 1046

Today’s episode of One Piece is one of my favorites in terms of animation quality. And with this episode, I think anime has entered its climax phase and its beginning is pretty good. Do you agree?

The three calamities Vs Mugiwara and alliance. It’s gone be awesome I think. With this let’s begin the Discussion.


One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

I would like to appreciate the fantastic work done by the animation team. Just this image looks complete and talks more than enough about the quality of animation. Did you like the animation quality? Now let’s talk about Monster Duo.

Monster Duo

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk
The beginning of the fight was pretty badass for Sanji and Zoro. I’m really excited about this fight. And Hugoro said it right nobody should interrupt this fight for theirs. And I completely agree with Zoro if they overcome this fight then can have a glimpse of Luffy’s dream.

I think just like how the last arc focused completely on Sanji this arc will focus on Zoro. And he will evolve more after this fight with King. We have still not seen what is post-time skip Zoro is capable of, isn’t it?

In Dresrossa there was no one capable of handling Zoro and making him use his full power, unlike Luffy. And this thing makes it more exciting. Do you agree with me? Or does your opinion differ? Now lets about some mysterious things.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

First is King’s backstory from the beginning King is a big mystery. Right now we know a little about him. First that he belongs to a unique race. Secondly that they can wield fire.

Here is what I think his race might have been eradicated by the world government just like Nico Robin’s hometown was destroyed(The particular reason for eradication is still not clear) and he is also the last of his race or maybe a few of them survived but are hidden. What do you think about him? Apart from that once again KUDOS to the animation team for this animation.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

Next is Zoro’s link to Wano I think he is connected to this land somehow I even don’t know who will reveal his backstory but it’s going to be awsome I think. There is a sign that maybe he is connected to Ruyma one way or another but nothing can be said for sure as ODA is very unpredictable. But all I know is it gone be one hell of a story.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

I don’t know why but I felt that this kind of situation happens to everyone when our elder talks about random things and we think he is crazy but later in life, we realize how deep that thought was. I don’t know why but this is how I felt after watching this scene. Did you feel the same? Or did you ever realize something our elder said a long time ago which that time sounded crazy but makes sense now?

And lastly, I want to talk about Momo. Finally, he is gone be useful in my opinion. All this time he was a crybaby and I hated his character everyone was dying and this shit is just crying.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk
We all know what is behind this smoke. Right? A fully large evolved dragon.

And with this, I would like to conclude this Blog. Do you agree with my thoughts or do your thoughts differ let me know in the comment I would love to read your comment.

And I will meet you in the next discussion of AnimTalk of One Piece episode 1046. Till then you can read my previous AnimTalk of One Piece and Other animes

Let’s begin with a little bit of talk from the previous episode. Robin totally violated her. I wish I never saw Robin’s that devil form. I like Robin’s normal form calm and cool about everything.

But the thing that I saw in episode 1044 was completely opposite of Robin’s nature. Angry, and emotional. Worth of the name Devil’s child. I mean just look at this what have you done to our Robin sad!!

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

Now let’s talk about all the shit that took place in this episode. Firstly let’s talk about this.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

Why the heck are they here? They are giving me unnecessary pressure. As they are gone do something really bad. I don’t know what it is but I have a gut feeling about it. Either they are here for Robin which is obvious, or for Who’s-Who, or Luffy. These guys need to be eradicated soon !!!

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

Now I want to talk about this whole phrase. If the gifter hasn’t turned against Animal Kingdom Pirates and Luffy’s side still manages to win somehow then it might be too much. And it would have ruined the whole anime but this concept of turning the enemy into an ally is good I like it and it is much easier to accept the outcome if they won. But I want to see how fluffy will win against Kaido. As I believe he is a wall and if he overcomes it then there is no stopping him.

The next thing that I want to talk about is this reaction this never fails me to laugh. Each and every time the same reaction and I still never get bored of this.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

What do you think of this let me know about your views in the comment section down below.

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

Basil Hawkins really played dirty with Killer. Really dirty if it would have been any other he would have given no shit about that but it is Kid. If I talk from enemies perspective then this is an amazing strategy really loved that aspect. but as I’m on Luffy’s side Basil Hawkins really pisses me off just kill him already…

One Piece Episode 1045 | AnimeTalk

And lastly, I want to talk about this I’m totally excited about this match. I’m not interested in Sanji and Queen’s fight. Queen deserves to die. But I want to know more about King and their fight gone be epic for sure. But this scene gives me pressure. Marco is out of fuel, and Zoro is half-dead. So, who will face this devil? That damn medicine should work soon if not then say goodbye to our Zoro. Hope he loses direction in heaven and we could see him in some other anime work. RIP ZORO :|.

What do you think of this episode? Let me know in the comment section down below. I would love to read your comment. So, till next you can check out my other Blogs.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 | AnimeTalk

Mob Psycho 100 Voice Actors

One Piece Episode 1023

Today’s one piece was Ok in my opinion. Here is the thing that I liked about this episode after that I would like to go into more about these things.

  • First of all, the animation was good.
  • The second Plot twist was also good but I have somewhat expected that at some point.
  • Thirdly, suspense creation was also amazing.

Now. let me elaborate on each of these points.


one piece 1023

Unlike the previous boss fights it was not that good but it was also not bad. Just take a look at the Omasa image that I have shared you can see that the animation has done good work. I truly like the animation and by the time I realized anything episode was finished. And if you are still not convinced with what I’m saying then take a look at the animation quality of side characters such as gifters as well as waiters they too are given proper screen time as well as proper figures.

Well, I would like to know your opinion on this one whether you agree with me or not?

Plot Twist

Hmm, to be honest, it was expected. Sooner or later it was inevitable how they treated their subordinates and how much less the number of summaries was there. See, here is the thing One Piece in each one has thier own personality, and then they all have human nature, and thus you can anticipate that a revolt is highly possible.

And secondly, with small amount samurai, you can’t possibly think to fight against this huge number of enemies. And thus to make it more realistic other side has to join hands with another side. And thus maintaining its realistic aspect.


one piece 1023

And the last thing that I liked about this episode was it took me off guard at times. The First was when Hoyogoro was getting excited and the second was the appearense of Oden.

The first one I need not explain but here are my thoughts on the second one it is not Oden and I’m 100% sure. Why do you ask? Because it might be some with illusion devil fruit. Remember when Oden was trick when he was fighting against Kaido. Though he died still it might be someone with similar devil fruit. And I’m also 100% sure that Oden is dead.

So, what are your thoughts on this episode let me know your opinion in the comment down below?

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