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Looking for Isekai Light Novel then you are in the right place as I have selected the best isekai light novel from out there. You might be curious how I have decided that these which have been selected are best.

Well, I have checked ratings from various websites including pirate websites as these websites tend to have the most traffic as compared to paid websites. Though I have looked at paid websites too.

I have suggested 30 Isekai Manga here apart and also I have a few honorable mentions. This means there are lots of light novels that you can enjoy. I have tried to keep the rating above 3.7/5 but each website has a different rating so you can expect a light novel above 3.5.

I think this is enough of an introduction now let me take your list.

1. So I’m a Spider, So What?- by Okina Baba


Written by Okina Baba the story begins in a world where the hero and demon king are continuously looking for each other necks. And one day during their fight, their power exploded near a high school classroom.

And all the students including the protagonist of this light novel died and were reincarnated into another world. But our protagonist was born a spider can you believe that?

Despite being a spider she didn’t lose hope of living and continued to struggle to live. Read the novel and see how persistent she is in life.

2. The Ascendance Of A Bookworm- by Miya Kazuki


The Ascendence Of Book Worm Written by Miya Kazuki has both mangas and anime. And both are equally successful. The story follows a girl who finally got her dream job as a librarian at a university.

But she ran out of luck as she died and was reborn in the world as Myne who is a daughter of a soldier. The thing is that the literacy rate in this world is low. And as far as she can look there were no books.

So what will a bookworm do? She decides to make a book by herself. And she made it her dream to become a librarian. Can she achieve her dream?

3. The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow- by Fuyumi Ono


For high-schooler Yoko Nakajima, life has been fairly ordinary–that is until Keiki, a young man with golden hair, tells Yoko they must return to their kingdom. Once confronted by this mysterious being and whisked away to an unearthly realm, Yoko is left with only a magical sword; a gem; and a million questions about her destiny, the world she’s trapped in, and the world she desperately wants to return to.

This is the story of Yoko Nakajima a high-school girl who was living a normal life until she met Keiki. Keiki is a young man with golden hair, and he tells Yoko that she must return to their kingdom.

And after this confrontation with this mysterious being, she has whisked away and taken to an unearthly world or realm. She left with her only magical sword- called gem and with hundreds of questions in her head.

This light novel The Twelve Kingdoms has a total of 9 Arcs and 14 Volumes.

4. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime- by Fuse


Yet another light novel with an amazing storyline as its manga and anime are both successful too. The story follows a man in his mid 30’s on his way home from was stabbed by a robber.

He thought he died rather he find himself in the body of a slime. Well, this is not your ordinary slime as it has an amazing ability. Such as to become powerful by swallowing others and can store anything in his body.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime by Fuse is one of the outstanding light novels which has won Piccoma Award 2021.

5. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody -by Hiro Ainana


Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody follows an adult programmer Suzuki who suddenly notices that he was thrown into another world with his casual cloth and is at level 1 which is at the bottom of the world.


Though after figuring out things he started to gain a high level by using spells and finding various treasures. He used 3-time disposable magic, and 1-time Meteor Shower. And then he started sightseeing the world. And during his journey, he met various people one 3 of them are beast-kin girls.

Black and purple-headed beautiful sister and a blonde-haired elf girl, they started their adventure and sometimes they used to fight the demon, demon lords and so goes their heartwarming fantasy story.

6. Shall Survive Using Potions!- by FUNA


Written by FUNA the story of this light novel follows Kaoru Nagase who out of nowhere was caught in a mysterious phenomenon and thus died while coming back home from work.

Later she discovers that it was a time-space distortion that a higher being was cleaning and she was caught in it. But after throw negotiations with the goddess, she finally received a 15-year-old girl’s body and the ability to create a potion.

Thus she decides to live her life peacefully in this new world. But she can’t understand nobles and thus problems stretched piling in front of her. What will she do now as this world is not as she negotiated with the goddess?

7. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom- by Dojyomaru


Most of the things you can figure out by just reading the title of the story “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom”. This story written by Dojyomaru follows a hero who is summoned into a new world. At first, he was excited that he will on a new adventure and fight demons but rather he was stuck there. How you may ask.

The King of the country asked him to present his plan to strengthen the military and economy of the country. And when he thought he is ready to go. He finds himself as the King of this country if this was not enough he was given the daughter of the previous king.

Thus accepting the reality he decide to chage the fate of this country and this called all the talented people of this country. Check out this amazing ye unique light novel and see how a hero will build a nation and what problems will he face except for fighting monsters.

8. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! – by Satoru Yamaguchi


My memories of my past life returned when I hit my head on a rock. I am Katarina Claes, the eight-year-old daughter of a Duke. While I was struggling with a high fever, it was decided that I would become a prince’s fiancée. I have now realized that this is the world of an otome game I played in my previous life.

I also realized that I had become the villainous noble girl who got in the way of the protagonist and her capture target… if the protagonist got a good ending, I would be exiled from the country with only the clothes on my back, while in the bad ending, I would be killed by the capture target… where’s my good ending!? Do I only get bad endings!?

I want to overcome all the destruction flags somehow and reach old age!

9. Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?!-by FUNA


Yet another amazing light novel by FUNA and this time around also the protagonist of this story is a female who is the eldest daughter of Viscount Ascham’s House. And when she turned 10 years old she got back her previous life’s memory while suffering tremendous pain.

She remembered that she was a talented girl in her previous life and thus people had higher expectations of her which gave more burden on her. And when she turned 18 years old she lost her life while helping a young girl. But she did not die like others she met god and asked him to grant her an average ability in her next life.

But what is this asked for normal ability and now she is trying not to reach an S rank as she wasn’t to live her life peacefully.

10. I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level- by Kisetsu Morita


I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level is the story of an individual who maxed out his level but how you ask? By killing slimes.

This story written by Kisetsu Morita is another amazing light novel with manga and anime. Azusa Aizawa was an ordinary employee at OL Company but she die due to her overwork.

She was reborn into another world as an immortal witch and thus decide to live her life peacefully by killing slime as she living on the outskirts of a village.

But as the time passes by one day she received notification of max level. This is the story of Azusa Aizawa who is living on the outskirts of the village with her dragon-girl apprentice making potion and medicine while defeating threats that harm the village.

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11. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest- by Ryo Shirakome


This light novel also has its own manga and anime series and is quite famous. The story follows Hajime Nagumo who is a 17 years old average student who was summoned into another world with his friends.

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They are called heroes in this world and are tasked to clear the labyrinth in hell. And while clearing the labyrinth he was betrayed by one of his classmates and thus he finds himself in a dire situation.

And now he has overcome this difficulty and also cleared the labyrinth he decide to take revenge. SO can he make his classmate pay for what he did and what are the threats that are lurking around on the surface? Check out this light novel to know more.

12. Overlord: The Undead King- by Kugane Maruyama


Overload by Kugane Maruyama is an absolute masterpiece. I really loved this one. Like other light novels on this list. This one has anime and manga. Its anime has 4 seasons now and all 4 are an absolute hit.

The story of OVerload goes like this- Our protagonist who is a VR game player and has been playing YGGDRASIL for a very long time decides to not live the game as its server was going down.

He was an overload of this world and now is stuck here permanently with incredible strength as well as loyal servants. He now decides to take over the YGGDRASIL world with his sheer power and make everyone bow down to him.

Though he has a kind heart his action differs. Read this light novel and find out how exactly he is planning to take over this world of YGGDRASIL.

13. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Manga- by Masahito Watari


This light novel by Masahito Watari has also manga and anime. And are quite good. The story of this light novel follows Kazuma Satou who was a shut-in and loved to play games. But his life came to an end suddenly and he finds himself in front of a girl claiming to be a goddess. And the girl tells him to choose a world where he wants to go and also that he can wish for one thing.

As he was a little bit of argument with this goddess and she used to get on his nerves he decide to wish her as her accompany to this new world. And thus begin their journey in this new world. So, how will these two good-for-nothings survive in this world of the demon lord?

14. The Rising of the Shield Hero – by Aneko Yusagi


The Rising of the Shield Hero is another isekai-based light novel by Aneko Yusagi. And it has completely unique concept as the hero or the protagonist o this series doesn’t wield any fancy weapon rather he shields.

The story of The Rising of the Shield Hero follows Naofumi Iwatani. Who was your regular Otaku he used to spend most of his time watching anime, playing games, and reading manga? But one certain he was summoned into another world.

To his surprise, he was with the other 3 heroes and each of them was wielding a weapon except him who was wielding a shield. And to make things worse he was framed to rape the princess of the kingdom and thus was banished from the kingdom.

And he has to fight against demons without anyone’s support and has to clear his name. Are these heroes capable of fighting future enemies? Check out this light novel to know more.

15. Reincarnated as a Sword- by Yuu Tanaka


As the name of the light novel suggest the protagonist of this story is reborn as a sword in another world. And as he opened his eyes there was a magic beast lying infront of him. And thus I flee from there in search of a partner(only female users).

This is not where the story ends but begins as he has the ability to absorb magic stones which in return grants him new skills. And finally, he reached a stage where he can accept anything that one can offer.

This is the story of a regular nerd who was sent into another world as a sword. I don’t how this light novel has a high rating but you can find it out by reading this isekai light novel.

16. The Weakest Manga Villainess Wants Her Freedom!- by Kazuki Karasawa


Ohh, crap these were the words of the protagonist of this isekai light novel when he realise he has reincarnated into the world of his favorite manga. And he was the first boss that was defeated by the heroeness of the story.

To make it worse he recalls that her fiancee was one of the 4 greatest magi of the continent. And she the character that slandered his character as a disgrace on her deathbed! Hell no I’m out of here.

This is the story of the weakest villain in manga who wants a slow life instead of glamorous villain life.

17. Lazy Dungeon Master- by Supana Onikage


These were the lines he heard when he was summoned into another world.
“Hurry Up and beat those bandits and massacre them”. He who never worked and use to spend his life in leisure in his past life has to work now.

He was summoned to another world and met a loli who was a dungeon boss. And she doesn’t want to do anything. This is the story of Dungeon Core No. 695.

The dungeon boss doesn’t want to fight and if he wants to live he has to kill those damn bandits if not he will die with her.

And to make it worse they are already at door. So, what will our protagonist of this story do?

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18. Another World’s Zombie Apocalypse Is Not My Problem! -by Haru Yayari


If you are into zombie type then you can try this one out as this one is different. How you may ask? He has the power to turn zombies into humans.

Our protagonist of this story of summoned into a post-apocalyptic world! When he was just an ordinary high school student. He finds himself surrounded by a small island that protected him from all this drama of the world. But one day he saw something staggering his easy and it was a zombie.

And the moment he thought he is dead he see a person. You can’t even call him human because all he had has some skin on his bone. And as he realized what happened he said “ I have the power to purify zombies. And everyone is expecting me to turn this whole damn world back to normal again. Well, not my problem I’m out of here.”

19. Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill- by Ren Eguchi


Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill is one of the best Isekai Light Novels written by Ren Eguchi. And the story follows Mukouda Tsuyoshi and who was a veteran light novel reader.

But one day he was caught in a summoning circle and was summoned into another world. Where having magic skills and swords are normal.

As they were summoned into this new world they can check their status by saying ‘Status Appraisal’ and their skills popped by which are some fancy skills- Holy Sword Technique, Holy Spear Technique, and Sacred Magic.

And our protagonist of this story has a shit skill called Net Super whose meaning is not even clear. But the main problem starts now when they were summoned into Castel. And as our protagonist was a veteran light novel reader he was good at reading atmosphere.

And the first thing that came into his mind after seeing the king and his counselors was he was to get off this hell hole as fast as he can. So, what he went do?

20. Skeleton Knight in Another World, Light Novel- by Enki Hakari


Let me ask you a question. What will you feel like if you wake up in your favorite game as your favorite avatar? Well, I will definitely love it to some extent but if you ask me if I want to live forever here then hell no.

Our protagonist of this story was summoned into the very game he was playing while he was playing the game. And to make things more awkward or miserable he was equipped with skeleton skin.

Though he want to live a normal life he was followed by a dark elf who followed up with her strange request. What will our protagonist of this light novel do? Read to know more.

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21. Lord of Goblins- by Michiel Werbrouck


Lev our protagonist of this series has been through everything corruption, greed, and war. This thing was normal for him to encounter. He spends his life fighting against the predatory system. Which help to turn people into a puppet of world leaders.

But in the end, he was assassinated and was reincarnated into a new world. Where he has to fight a similar kind of evil with different variations but the thing is he has a whole life of experience to root this dirt out. So, can he do that this time around?

Check out this light novel to know more.

22. In Another World With My Smartphone-by Patora Fuyuhara


As the name of the light novel suggests. This is an isekai light novel where the protagonist of our story is allowed with his smartphone. You may ask how.

To answer that I will have to take you through a quick summary. The story of In Another World With My Smartphone by Patora Fuyuhara follows a 15-year-old boy Mochizuki Touya. Who was zapped by god due to a mistake?

And thus he was summoned by the god of light himself and he allowed him to reincarnate into a new world with his smartphone. And thus begin the adventure of Mochizuki Touya in the new world. Check out the various ways in which he uses his smartphone. Get ready to be surprised as you will find it useful that you can’t even imagine.

23. Reincarnated as the Last of my Kind- by Kiri Komori


The turn of events in the life of our protagonist was not something he dreamed of. He was hit by a bicycle and when he opened his eyes he was a baby again and the world was totally different people were different.

This world has humans, demi-humans, and mythical beasts. And thing is that he was carried by a wolf and was given to a one-handed knight who took him in. And as to repay him our protagonist opened an inn and heals his arm with the alchemy he learned.

But as time passes by few things become clear to him and one of the things is that he is not human. So, what is he?

24. The World’s Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country’s Novice Seeker- by Tôwa


Our protagonist of this isekai light novel was a businessman who was heavily overworking and finds out that he has died when he was on a bus headed to a corporate retreat.

And now he awakens in a fantastic labyrinth city, he must work as a dungeon seeker. To make it worse he finds out two things –
Firstly is that his boss who made him work till death has also reincarnated into this world.
And second is that job received from registration is unknown and unreadable. And thus making it impossible to make a party as he can’t let others find out about this.

But as he moved forward things don’t look good as worse things keep occurring so how will handle all this?

25. The Eccentric Master and the Fake Lover- by Roka Sayuki


Well, this is kind of disgusting to me. How? Well, our protagonist of this story Nichika will die if she stops ingesting bodily fluids from the opposite sex.

And before you start making any other assumption body fluid means tears, spit, blood, and even–yup, kissing. So, can he keep up with this curse?

Few other honorable mentions:

  1. Record of Wortenia War
  2. My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~
  3. Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!
  4. Diamond no Kuni no Alice’
  5. Middle-Aged Businessman, Arise in Another World!

With this, I would like to end this blog. If you think I have missed an amazing isekai light novel that you might have read then suggest me I would try to add it to this blog.

And if you have any suggestions on which I should make my next blog then feel free to do so.
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I have taken a few of the novel suggestions from Good Reads so you can check them out too.

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