Most Popular Mobile Game 2020-2021

Are you looking for “most popular mobile game 2020-2021”? Then I got you, I have selected 15 of them for you these games are played all around the globe and are the most downloaded games on the play store across the globe.

Most Popular Mobile Game 2020-2021

Genshin Impact

The storyline of Genshin Impact takes place in the world of Teyvat and has seven major nations ( Mondstadt, Inazuma, Liyue, Sumeru, Natlan, Fontaine, and Snezhnaya) and each of these 7 nations is ruled by the god.
The game begins with a Traveler( male or female this depends on the player whichever character they choose), separates from his/her twin, and gets trapped in Teyvat. And he is joined by Paimon along his/her journey in of finding his/her sibling. The traveler is referred to as Aether or Lumine as per the selection of the character.
This game is quite unique and has file sizes from 7 GB to 8 GB.
If you are an anime fan then you will definitely love the game. It is an open-world game and has many skills and movements that you will love. With that, you can play with many in-game characters with many different skills such as some use water, air, electricity, rock, etc. Many much. You should definitely check out the game.

League Of Legend: Wild Rift

Next on the list is a Mobile Version of a PC game that has dominated the market for many years. League of Legend: Wild Rift is a 5V5 multiplayer game. The gameplay of the game goes like this players can choose 1 character from many in-game champions (currently 75 champions in-game) and with the other 4 teammates, he/ she has to protect their turret/Nexus from other players and destroy their turret in order to win the game.
Other than that game offers much in-game cool skin that players can purchase and use. The game offers many modes such as Rank Match, PVP normal matches, ARAM mode, Training mode, and Custom Room in which you can play against your team.
You can even compete for champion ranking each player has a different global no.1 player.


Minecraft is a Mobile Version of a similar PC game named Minecraft. Players can create and break and join and make various things from blocks in the three-dimensional world.
The game mainly offers 2 modes that are Survival and Creative. And the name suggests in survival, players have to find food and supplies and have to survive in the game till the end.
And in the creative mode players can show their creativity and build anything they want howsoever they want.
This game is one of the most played PC games.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Yet another most popular mobile game and is a part of one of the most successful series Call Of Duty.
The game offers many modes such as Battel Royale in which players have to survive against other 100 players and win the game.
Other than that it offers TDM where the player has to compete against other 4 players with his teammate for a certain duration ad the team with the most kill wins the game.
The game also offers a private custom room that you can create and play with or against your friend.
The game offers many weapons, vehicles, equipment, gear, and many cool skins for parachutes, guns, graned, vehicles, and much more.

Among Us

Here is another game that was played all around the globe be it a girl or a boy every gamer has played this game. Among is a Multiplayer game which you can play with your friend or even online with random players across the globe. During a one has to either join a party or form a party which consists of min 4 to a max of 15 people.
And during the game players are assigned tasks that they need to fulfill, with that there are few people in the group who are killers, and their task is to assassin everyone on the ship. The killer no. depend on party size.
And if someone spots someone dead they can call an emergency meeting and then the player can discuss and find out who is the real killer.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a renowned and the most famous multiplayer game that everybody has heard of its PC and mobile version are a complete success. It has millions of active users all around the globe.

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play game that anyone can play( In India it is launched under the name of BGMI- BattelgroundMobileIndia). It is a battle royale game in which 100 players are sent to a remote island where they fight against each other and the last one to survive wins the game. The game offers Duo and squad mode which you can play with a friend other than that game offer both first-person perspective and third-person perspective mode. Other than that game offers many other modes that players can play such as TDM, War, Custom Room, and much more.

The game has many different maps that players can choose from such as Erangle, Livik, etc. Other than that players can purchase in-game skin to show off to other people and friends.

Clash Of Clan

Clash of Clans is another successful mobile game though its popularity has decreased in the last few years still, it is one of the most popular games out there on mobile phones. The game is simple you start with a base when you install the game and you have to upgrade your base with defense and other in-game equipment and protect your base from attacks of another player. You have to make raids on other people’s bases and take their resources so that you can upgrade your base.

The highest level is th14 and you have to start with th1. This game requires lots of time to reach the top. Other than that you can join or form your own guild where your friend can join too and you can chat there and take and give donations in form of troops and speel. The game has many in-game troops and speel that you can use to make different strategies to destroy the enemy base. The game also offers War mode and builder base in War mode you fight against random enemy clan and you have to gain the highest no. of stars to win the war. And for the builder base, is similar to the main base but has some different defenses and troops.

The game also allows players to buy in-game skin for their champions.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another game from SuperCell it has the same troops as a clash of clans. Clash Royale is a card game in which you have to pick a deck of cards and you have to face the enemy in the arena where you have to defend your base and destroy the enemy base. The game is 2 min long and who so ever have destroyed the most castle and towers wins the game.

There are many troops and cards in the game card range from normal, epic, legendary, and much more.

The game has a rank game in which you can compete and climb up on the leaderboard.

Free Fire

You can call Free fire is a lite version of PUBG and Call Of Duty: Mobile Free Fire is a battle royale game. Where you send to a remote island with 49 other players and the last player to survive wins the game. Each game lasts 10 mins or more. Players have to survive from other players while staying in the safe zone. If you stay out of the safe zone for too long you will bleed out and die.

Other than that game also offers other modes that players can choose from. This game also has a skin for everything from gun skin, car skin, and etc.

Mobile Legend: BAng BAng


Mobile Legend is one of the most popular mobile game of 2020-2021. It is a 5V5 multiplayer game played all across the world. It has more than 1 Billion downloads. It had a total of $880,000,000 in revenue.

Mobile Legend is a game similar to League of Legend and has many modes to choose from and also offers the player many cools skin which they can apply in-game. Mobile Legend also hosts an esports event for its player and give a large sum of money to the winner.

8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is a competitive game that takes place in a realistic-themed room. the objective of the game is to acquire pool coins that one can spend to buy gear and cues. The game offers different modes and each mode have different rule and entry price and with that every mode has a different winning prize. Players can also accumulate experience to unlock various ingame things such as game rooms, cues, and many other things.


Fortnite is yet another survival game that you guys can play. In this game, 100 players are sent to an island where they have to survive till last using their creative they can create things such as buildings, shields, and many other things. if you are a creative person then this game is for you This game can be played in Duo, Squad mode too. All around the world 125 million players Fortnite Mobile.

Candy Crush

You may not agree with my this list but this game is one of the most popular mobile game 2020-2021 not only this year but it is one of the most downloaded games of all time.

In this game, you have to clear the various stage,s and according to one of my friends who has cleared this game it has a total of 10,000 stages. Each stage is different from the previous stage. This game is a strategy-based game and you have to get complete the objective that is given in a particular stage.


Are you a basketball fan then you will definitely love this game? NBA 2K was downloaded 500K times all over the globe and has generated a total of 2M dollars.

NBA 2K is played with the player that is in real life or customized players. The game follows all the rules and regulations that real-life NBA game has. With that game offer, many modes and many customize setting. And If you are creating your own team then you can also download jerseys and teams that the NBA community had made.

You will also find players who were in the previous eras such as 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics 1985-86. In NBA 2K20 six more teams of the same kind were added, such as Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs from 2013-14.

Arena Of Valore

Another game from Riot game after League of Legend: Wild Rift. Arena of Valor is a MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battel Arena). Riot Game is a subsidiary of Tencent.

Players control in-game characters each character has a different and unique power and skills. The game begins with the champion starting with a low level and slowly they level up collecting gold and experience. The game offers many modes such as rank and normal match and much more. And similar to other games it offers in-game skin and many more things it is one of the most popular mobile games 2020-2021.

SO these were my top 15 Most popular mobile Game 2020-2021.

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