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Check out my top anime recommendations for you. These are the anime that you must watch as these anime are the most popular anime of all time. So let’s get started

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

I want to say one thing about this anime that it is one of the best reincarnation anime out there or maybe at the no.1 position of reincarnation anime. 

The story begins with Satoru Nikami who is a Lonely man in his 30′ s but he is very kind-hearted and gentle but he is very unhappy and upset about his life, but in an accident, he is reincarnated as a Slime in another world full of different races such as dragon, Goblin, Human, Demons, etc.

Later he discovers he got some cool power as a Slime he can consume anything and take its ability as well as its shape. And for here onwards his adventure begins what future holds for him…

Owari no Seraph

How would you feel if you were a slave and got no parents and even worse you have to give your blood away without asking any questions that would be hell for you?

This is the story of “Owari No Seraph” where all the adults, as well as children older than 13, were killed by an unknown virus, unlike the covid virus which kills everyone. Children under the age were only one left. And things got worse when these children were enslaved by vampires.

This anime revolves around “Yuichiro Hyakuya” who want to become strong enough to take out all the vampires. Will, he succeeded…

Kingdom S3

Although I have once mentioned this anime in my blog. But after watching season 3 of this anime I thought it would be wise to recommend this anime once again.

The story goes take place in the Warring States Period around 475-221 BCE of ancient China.

Anime follows Shin who is a young lad he and his friend Hyou are both war orphans in Qin a kingdom in ancient China. They dream about proving their worth in Battlefield one day.

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But luck is not on their side as Hyou died while protecting the future emperor of Qin who totally resembles Hyou his name is, Ei Sei. Now both Sei and Shin become friends and dream of unifying China. Will they succeed in achieving their dream check out this anime.

Strike the blood

World strongest vampire knows as Fourth Primogeniture who should exist only in legends. This legendary Vampire appeared in Japan accompanied by twelve Kenjuu who were spreading calamity. To keep track of him government and Lion King decided to dispatch a mage known as Sword Shaman.

And one to keep an eye on him a Sword Girl was chosen named Himegari Yukina. Soon they both become friends and together they overcome difficult missions and situations. Check out what the future holds for them.

Peach Boy Riverside 

If you are a fan of adventure anime especially one with different races and kingdoms then this could be one for you. 

The story follows Saltorine Akdike( Sari)  who is a cheerful, bright, princess who is bored of her life and wants to go on an adventure in the countryside. One certain day “Oni” or demons came to her kingdom and started threatening everyone’s life.

But they were saved by a lone traveler named Kibitsu Mikoto who has a mysterious eye called ” Peach Eye”. You call it whatever fascinated or shocked by the danger of the outside world, she decided to go on an adventure. But she doesn’t know that the action she will take will later determine the fate of the magical world.

While at the time of writing this blog anime is ongoing and is released every week.

I’m standing on 1 million life Season 2

After the successful first season, 2nd season is released of this anime and is currently being aired every week while I’m writing this blog.

The story of this anime goes like this fee middle schoolers were teleported to a new game-like alternate world. And among these middle-high school students, Yuusuke Yotsuya is the protagonist of this anime and he is the third member who was teleported to this world.

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They are given an almost impossible and difficult task. Yuusuke is cold, emotionless, and tries out a variety of things that he can do or possibly can do in this world and even their side effects. Can he protect his party from attacking monsters, incidents, and various powerful foes and win this game?

Detective Conan

Referred as “Morden Sherlock Holmes” Kudo Shinichi is a seventeen-year-old high school detective. But one day during his date with his childhood sweetheart, Ran, Shinichi saw something like an illegal trade and, was caught off guard, because of which he was knocked out and made him take a drug which supposes to kill him but nothing like that happened and he shrunk to seven-year-old.

Now in order to track the man who did this to him, he makes a plan and started living with Ran, aa her father is a detective but he is useless when it comes to solving crimes. He helps him solves the crime… will he be able to catch the man who did this thing to him. Check out this awesome detective anime. 


If you are looking for comedy-action anime then no one is best than this one. Take my words that this anime will definitely make you laugh and not once in a while but every other minute. 

The story takes place in an alternate history of the late Edo period, Ananto(other names for aliens) attacked a human. Samurai from Japan fought against them and defended the Earth, but their shōgun was a coward and surrendered to them. 

This series focuses on Gintoki Sakata who is a samurai and works as an odd-jobs freelancer.

He also has two assistants Shinpachi and Kagura. They work and live their normal life while entertaining everyone. Later on, the series action begins.


In this anime, human and demonic predators coexist with each other and these demonic predators were called Yoma. These demonic creatures feed on humans and can change their shape and appearance as they wish and live among humans by taking their shape.

To counter this, a mysterious organization appeared to save humanity in this organization there were people who were half-human, half-Yoma and these warriors were know as “Silver Eyed Witches” or as “Claymore” which they got from the huge sword they carry called Claymore.


The story begins with a young boy, named Raki, who has lost everything that he had precious to him in a Yoma attack, and a Claymore name Clare. And so like this anime goes on. If you love to see bloodshed in movies or anime then this one is for you.

Tell me your view in the comments down below.


One of the best anime that I have seen so far. The story follows a boy and his journey from a week powerless boy to a ruthless strong man but with a kind heart. Guts is his name, he carries an immensely large sword, and he has no direction of his life, he just goes from one battle to another until he meets Griffith.

He is a beautiful young man and leader of Band of the Hawk. Soon guts join him and from here on beings, the journey of Guts who will happen to him in the future is his future full of pain, tragedy, and betrayal or his life will be peaceful. Find out yourself.

One Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a unique masterpiece with having anything it still got everything thing. This anime is so simple yet so amazing at the same time.  One moment it will make you laugh and another moment it will hype you up. Just watch it and decide whether I’m telling you the truth or not.

Anime follows a man who has worked so hard to become a superhero that his hair has fallen out, and he is so strong that he just needs one punch to end his opponent. But because of this, he gets bored and frustrated. 

Check out this amazing anime it got 2 seasons in total. And manga is still ongoing.

Black Clover

One of the next generation Big 3. This is what I love to call this anime. 

The story follows a young boy named Asta who is an orphan and lives in a church in a small village with his family and his rival Yuno. He dreamed of becoming the greatest magical knight in the kingdom. But he got a huge problem to face- he can’t use a single drop of magic.

Luckily he receives an incredible and rare magic book that has five-leaf clover which enables him to use a power called anti-magic. Can he now fulfill his dream? he becomes a wizard king?

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