Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc

Another wholesome episode was delivered to us. This is what I would say if you ask me to explain episode 3 in a few words. But I would like to talk in brief about a few parts of the episode. So, stay tuned and enjoy this Blog ladies and gentlemen.

Before with begin to give me permission to ask you all people how you all doing. Hope you guys are doing great and enjoying Demon Slayer. Kimetsu No Yahiba to its fullest. And also I would love you people to participate in this conversation that I post regularly. So, do comment with your views as I would love to read your views.

And I’m thinking of bringing out a forum, especially for these types of anime conversations. So, stay tuned guys.

Wholesome Part-

Firstly I would love to share with you guys the scenes at the very beginning of the anime. I really enjoyed it to my fullest after watching this scene. Didi you? Especially the voice-over done in the first image was totally adorable would you agree with me?

After that Tanjiro crying and Haganezuka going bersker mode were also up to the mark that is what I would like to say in that regard.

Now moving on next in the previous AnimeTalk I mentioned that Muichiro will go through certain character development and after watching this scene, I was sure that he will go through some kind of emotional change.

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And well he provided it to in the last section of the anime. But his reaction when Tanjiro explained to him was totally of a child who learned something new and by looking at him felt like he is totally pure from the inside. I think he is but I don’t know how much you guys will agree with me. Let me know what you think about Muichiro(The Mist Hashira).

Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc | Episode 3 | AnimeTalk

Another part that I truly enjoyed is this one. I’m sharing this one because of the only reason that I found it cute and wholesome. And I thought I should also share this with you guys. What do you think if these 2 parts let me know in the comment section down below.

And with this part ending finished the wholesome part of the anime for quite a while. And some action part is arriving at the door. But I want to know the backstory of how these 2 upper moons were able to find out there way into the Sworthsmith village. I remember the moment in the very 1st episode that these to Upper Moons were asking that women send them somewhere.

If this is the place that she send her then we have to appreciate her navigation skill, teleportation skill, and even her investigation skill as she was able to look through all these complex routes were able to determine exactly where the wordsmith village is located. Do you guys have any thoughts on this one let me know in the comment section.


Now let’s talk about all the power that was displayed in this episode. Firstly Let’s talk about Mist Hashira his quick and I mean really really quick which can be seen in this moment.

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And if he is quick then Upper Moon 4 is even quicker. And I think he has an emotional problem going on. And this is what all his four replicas also depict. And to fight 2 upper moons there must be at least 2 Hashira if not and Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya killed one Upper Moon then it would be a huge disappointment. Would you agree?

But let’s see about that thing in the next episode for now let me tell you what I get from Upper Moon 4 (Fear) power. Each replica depicts each emotion that humans have and each of them has different power.viz- Anger( Thunder), Sad(Yet To Show), Joy( Sound),Pleasure(Wind).


And at last, I would like to say that this anime was complete in itself. It has cute moments, laughing senses, heartwarming moments, character development, action, and much more. If you haven’t watched it till now then in y opinion you should hop on and watch this episode.

And with this, I would like to end this AnimeTalk and if you haven’t read episode 2 AnimeTalk then check out the link and just read it.

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