Wind Breaker Anime Discussion 1-2 Episode

This blog is about Wind Breaker Anime Discussion 1-2 Episode: In- Depth Analysis.

Its been quite a time since anime wind breaker was released and for many days it was on my watchlist and finally I gave it a go. So, I will cover lot of things about this anime like this I like or didn’t like about anime.

Wind Breaker Anime Discussion

So, lets just jump into the anime those of you haven’t watched it. This blog might help those who want to know what exactly is there in the anime without getting to much of spoiler or don’t want to waste time watching without knowing what is there for them in the anime.

Or even if it is worth watching or not. So, lets start with introduction first.

Introduction to Wind Breaker Anime:

Wind Breaker initially was a popular webtoon which was written by Nii Satoru. And later it got the animation adaption after seeing its success among the manga lovers.

Currently its being animated by Studio cloverworks and the anime will have 13 episode which would be of 23 min as usual.

Talking about the summary of the whole anime its goes like this, our protagonist of this series is Haruka Sakura who is a outcasted individual and treated differently due to his unique appearance. And as the saying goes if god closes one door for you he will open another for you.

Due to him being outcasted and constantly target he decide to stand for him self and became a proficient fighter. Even after that nothing changed around him and people around started avoiding him more and more.

And eventually left to join Furin High school where he heard strong individual attend. So, he decide join the The Bofurin High School( Both are same school) .

I think this much is enough to get a glimpse of what to expect from the plot of anime. It not so unique but at the same not so popular that it gives the feeling of yet another same type of manga. Though its is same story of many delinquent based manga.

Overview of the Plot:

Now, let talk about more about these two episode more in depth. The anime start with Sakura entering the new city with the same expectation. And on his arrival only he is welcome in an unusual way though it might be usual for delinquent’s.

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Which in my opinion was a good start no long narration or build up straight for the action at the same it also brief us with the situation or the city in which Sakura is and how the people around will be and he can expect to be treated.

Now, as the story moves forward contrary to his expectation he finds people he encounter so far were different from what he has seen thus far or what he was expecting them to be like.

This was it from first episode, talking about the second episode he without revealing much I would say it was also a setup for the forthcoming episode which I think gone be action filled.

I can say this from watching the first two episode and these episode were action packed even till the ending there was action. Which is what we expect from the delinquent type anime.

I think I have covered most of the both episodes without revealing much of the spoilers. Now let’s talk about the character. That we were introduced too.

Character Analysis:

Firstly, let’s begin with the protagonist of the anime-

Haruka Sakura

He is a young lad with one black and one golden color eyes with half black and half white hair. Which I think complement each other. From the screen till now he got it seems to me that he is a kind gentle boy.

Who have to wear a shell of a delinquent so that he don’t get hurt from other people. At the same to me it seems that he a boy who can stand for himself and other which implies that he got spine to stand infront of danger.

At the same time to me it seems that he will be good protagnist due to few reason. One is that he has a clear cut ambition he knows what he wants from life and what to expect and what not to expect from other. And other reasons I have explained previously.

Now, lets talk about other main characters that we were introduced till now-

Kotoha Tachibana

From what I have seen till now to me she seemed like a kind women. But if she some how turned to be boss of Bofuro high school then it would be epic plot twist. I mean Sakura the lead protagonist’s face would be a must watch.

Cause he keeps on ranting Infront of her how he gone be no.1 in the Bofuro High School. Though the possibility of this very low. As he has a job and runs a proper cafe so she attending a high school would be a low probability.

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There are other characters that were introduced in episode 2 of the anime which I would like too discuss in next Blog that I would be writing.

So, now i think this should be enough of important character introduction now let talk some more about the theme of the anime.

Themes and Motifs:

From what I have seen thus far. Let’s break down the themes and motifs of the anime- though I would be hard to say about the motifs of the anime. We can clear the motifs section later on as we move forward.

Talking about the theme of the anime- look at the genre of the anime which is delinquent, school life, fighting, etc. In my opinion the theme of the anime would be around mainly-

Masculinity and Strength:

As from the first two episode we can be sure that it does portrait about masculinity and strength and the MC who strive for physical dominance and prove its worth through fighting.

Friendship and Loyalty:

To an extent this anime will portrait of friendship and loyalty and the MC himself started experience these things in the first two episode itself so it would be fair to say that friendship and loyalty are one of the core theme of the anime.

Redemption and Change:

As, I previously said MC who was going through tough time before coming to this new city and thus meeting new people itself started him changing very quick which is a good thing I would say.

What could be the other themes that this anime might cover that I might have missed? Let me know in the comment section down below.


Not sure about this one but I will share what I think might be the possible motif of this anime. The wind itself could be a symbolic motif. Wind is often associated with freedom, change, and new beginnings.

What do you think would you agree with me on this motif/

Animation and Art Style:

Now , let’s talk about something important. Which is animation and visuals if they are not good then I don’t there is any point to watch the anime.

And in my opinion the animation is pretty good I would say. Compared to animation style of now a days I think it is similar to them. Not the best quality that we experienced in Demon Slayer, One Piece or Dragon Ball Super but no also bad.

It is pretty good I would say. And the fight animation are equally good in my opinion and would recommend to some who watches anime for fight scene.

There were quite a few fighting scene in the anime and they were all equally good and hopefully they turned out to be better in future as the popularity of the anime grows.

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Comparison to the Other Anime:

Now, lets compare this anime with the some of the best delinquent anime out there-

First of all lets talk about how its compared to Tokyo revengers. Well It would be bad from my side to judge a whole anime just on based of 2 episode. But here are few bad things that I would like to talk about that I have noticed.

I don’t know if you felt it or not there are quite a cringe dialogue in the anime especially at the end of 1 episode. May be its only me who felt it. Let me know if it is only me or you also felt it.

There were no such cringe dialogue in the Tokyo Revengers and for some reason at the current time I think Tokyo Revenger is better than Wind Breaker may be I’m just being biased here due to my previous attachment toward the anime.

And unlike Great Teacher Onizuka it doesn’t have much of comic scene. Though I think writer tried to add comic scene here and there. Lets see if we can expect more comic timing in future episode.

Soundtrack and Sound Design:

There is no much to discuss here I think. From my side it seems all good. let me know if you have noticed something in this section.

Pacing and Plot Progression:

Now, let’s talk about another important aspect of the anime which is its plot and pacing. First of plot and overall storyline I like it no complain from me on this side. Quite a good start with good amount of action.

And pacing of the anime is also good you will definitely get bored while watching the first two episode of the anime. It is not so much fast that you will not know what is going on and its not so slow that you will get bore. It is Ok how it should be.

Overall Impressions and Predictions:

Overall impression was pretty good and I’m looking forward t watch more episode of this anime which I would do straight after posting article. Apart from the few dialogue here and there I don’t think there is any problem with anime.


Now now I know many of you would be looking for this section of Blog where I would say the whole summary with few words.

For those who are holding themselves from watching the anime. I would say you should go ahead and watch the anime it would not be waste of time. But beware of few cringe dialogue . Apart from that this action filled anime is pretty good to watch.

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