"Übel Blatt, the Dark Fantasy Manga by Etorouji Shiono, Greenlit for TV Anime Adaptation!"
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Pony Canyon has revealed exciting news on Saturday, announcing that Etorouji Shiono’s renowned dark fantasy manga, Übel Blatt, will be receiving a television anime adaptation.

The story, as described by Pony Canyon, revolves around the enigmatic figure Köinzell, bearer of the infamous black sword. Whispers of destruction trail in the wake of this sword’s wielder, prompting questions of responsibility for the bloodshed. Pursued by the formidable Traitorous Lances, Köinzell’s journey becomes a test of his prowess and a revelation of his true quest amidst a landscape of epic proportions.

Moreover, Shiono has launched a sequel to the original manga titled Übel Blatt II: The Knights of the Deceased King. Set in a tumultuous empire following the aftermath of a great battle, the sequel explores new challenges faced by Elseria, now empress, and Köinzell, now Lord Viceroy Ascheriit, as they strive to stabilize the empire against emerging threats.

Übel Blatt’s journey began in 2004 with serialization in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine, later followed by a side story titled Übel Blatt Gaiden and a return to serialization in Big Gangan magazine. The series concluded in June 2019 with the release of its final compiled volume in Japan, with its English translation being handled by Yen Press.

With the announcement of the TV anime adaptation and the continuation of the sequel, fans of Übel Blatt have much to anticipate as the saga continues to unfold.

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