Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Hey, hope you guys are great and are enjoying anime as much as I’m doing. And if you are here then it means then you are looking for anime with a sci-fi theme. So, for you, I have prepared this list with 29 Top Sci-Fi anime you.

How I have prepared this list?

I have selected 50 animes and thereafter I have checked their anime rating at myanimelist and those anime with a rating above 7.0 out of 10 has been listed. At first, you will get anime with a 7.0 rating and more you will go down anime with a higher rating will emerge.

So, now without wasting any more of your time let’s begin.

Pacific Rim: The Black (7.0) (2021-2022)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

You must have watched the movie of this anime. If you haven’t then you must watch both anime and even its movie. Personally, I loved them both. The story goes like this Kaiju rose from the Pacific Rim and were creating havoc all over the world in order to counter them large mecha robots were created people called them Jaegars. 

But now at the current time, the continent of Australia has been overrun by these monsters, which lead everyone to evacuate from this continent. Among the few who were left behind are teenage siblings, Hayley and Taylor who are desperate to the search for their parents.

But this quest is not an easy one will they meet their parents or will meet their death by the hands or legs of Kaiju. Check out this Sci-FI anime and get all the answers to these questions.

Star Wars (7.16) (2021)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Next on the list of Top Sci-Fi Anime is Star Wars and without any argument, I guess you will agree that this series is one of the best Sci-Fi anime and movies.

Star War franchise is just on another level in my opinion be it movie or anime each of them is amazing. If you have watched the movie Star War then comment down your opinion I would be more than happy to read your valuable comment. 

I will not go into detail about this anime I will just that this anime is an anthology series of animated short films. Check out this anime if you haven’t

Darling In The FranXX (7.24) (2018)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

The story of this anime takes place in the far future. And the land which we know is completely ruined thus humanity build a mobile fort which they called Plantation. Mistiteinn is a place where Pilots live which is also called “birdcage.

Children are important and are used to carrying out various missions and that is it they don’t have any freedom and know nothing of the outside world. They have to fight against mysterious giants known as Kyōryū. Children in robots used to fight against them and they are called Franxx.

Know more about this anime and what will happen in the distant future by watching this anime.

Deca-Dence (7.39) (2020)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Another Sci-Fi anime is pretty good. I mean it is a little bit boring at the beginning and quite hard to understand what is going on. Well. if you stick around then you will definitely like it.

The story goes like this humanity was almost on the verge of extinction due to the emergence of an unknown life form called Gadol. Those who have survived are now living in a mobile fortress named Deca-dence. And the citizens are referred to as Denizens and are divided into two categories: Gears, Warriors Class, and Tanker to protect this Deca-dence by fighting Gadol on daily basis.

The protagonist of this anime is a tanker girl, Natsume who dreamed to become a Gear and fight against these Gadol. So, can she achieve and what will it take to become Gear? Know by watching this anime.

SSSS.Dynazenon (7.43) (2021)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

The main theme of this anime is based on mecha and aliens. So, if you are into mecha type then go for it. SSSS.Dynazenon is a continuation of SSSS. Gridman series and its story is as follows.

The protagonist of this anime is Yuta Hibiki who is suffering from amnesia which leads him to see things that others cannot see. His first encounter with Gridman was in the reflection of his friend Rikka Takarada’s computer. Thereafter strange things started appearing/happening in his life. And eventually, lead his life completely turned upside down.

Join him on his journey and see what will happen to him in near future.

World Trigger (7.58) (2014- Ongoing)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Take my word for this one you will definitely enjoy this anime. These anime consist of various dimension-based worlds and it might be confusing at some times but it’s OK it will not hurt the storyline if you didn’t understand it.

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The story goes like this- A gate was burst open for another dimension, and from them, various gigantic invisible creatures started emerging from that. And earth’s only defense or attack against this threat is a mysterious group of warriors who have used alien tech to fight against them.

And thus a group emerge who stand out among these to fight these monster and join them on their journey. And enjoy the alien evasion.

Akudama Drive (7.62) (2020)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Yet another confusing yet amazing SCi-Fi anime. The story follows a group formed by the famous criminals who are known all over the world and they are gathered to transport a parcel illegal to Kantou which is considered the land higher begins.

And everyone has to obey their rule as Kansai where this story is taking place has lost the war against them and can’t afford a fight against Kantou.

Get into anime know-how will execute this mission and let me know in the comment about your opinion.

A Certain Scientific Railgun (7.68) (2009) 

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This is the story of a Mikoto and her world where supernatural power exists in religion be it science or be it magic everything comes down to a single thing that is religion. 

This is the story of a civilian protagonist Mikoto and her friend Kuroko, who are under maintainers of peace and order at the University district. 

GUNDAM SEED (7.76)  (1979)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This is the story of Kira Yamato who was forced into a conflict that is not related to him in any way. Heliopolis is a neutral space coly that was making top-secret weapons called Gundmans for Earth Alliance. 

But they were attacked and these Gundmas were either stolen or destroyed the only last Gundman was remain and because of this Kira Yamato was forced to use it due to the urgency of the situation. So, how will his life change after this and who was the one that attacked Heliopolis, and what were their motives found out by watching this anime.

Outlaw Star (7.85) (1998)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

The story of this anime follows Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking who runs a small business on a planet name backwater of Centinel 3. 

But things started changing when they were hired by Hilda as a bodyguard. They are on a mysterious planet that they don’t understand and to add fuel to fire they are begin chased by cops, an angry alien, the pirates, and a mysterious assassin.

And the only thing that is in their favor is that they have the most famous and fastest ship in the Galaxy name of this ship is the Outlaw Star. So, now the question is can they turn the tides?

Space Dandy (7.88) (2014)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

The story of space dandy is about a dandy in space. Let’s take a brief look at what it is. 

This dreamy dandy adventure travels across the galaxy in search of new species of aliens and he wants to be the first to discover most of them.

With each new discovery of species, he receives a hefty reward but his story is not all light it has some dark things to it too. He has to be first as it is only first come first serve and not only there are many unknown identities lurking around him. So, what is their motive can he accomplish what he wants to achieve. Check out the anime to know more.

Transformer (7.9) (2010-2013)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Just like Star War, this is another series that is well known among kids to adults of the 90s and early 2000. 

This is the story of Autobots and Decepticon. As the war between Autobots and Decepticon took begin on the planet of Cybertron after more than millions of years. And the hero of this story of Autobots and their ship was attacked by Decepticon thus led to the crash landing of their ship in Volcano.

And thus the war came to a short halt but 4 million later after an earthquake reactive the ship’s computer and thus resurrects both Autobots and Decepticon, and thus once again this war begin. So, how will this war end? Check out the anime to know more about this war.


EUREKA SEVEN (8.07) (2005)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Eureka Seven is the story of a Renton who is just 14 years old and lives with his mechanic grandfather. But their life is about to change as one day a mech called Nircash crashed into their house and from it, a young girl appeared who referred to herself as Eureka. And asked to repair it. 

Well with this event any other powerful entire started emerging in Renton’s life even the military started emerging. So, what is this fuss all about who exactly is Eureka? Check out this sci-fi anime to know more.

Dr. Stone (8.18) (2019)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Another amazing anime with a unique story. I will highly recommend you to watch this if you haven’t watched it. You might learn science just kidding.

This is a story of a Senku a prodigy who has everything that a student wishes he had. A sharp mind, presence of mind, and most important he is an expert in science. But the world came to halt as every human was petrified. 

But one day somehow Senku came back to life and realise its been thousands of years since then.  Now has a dream to revive modern word in the stone age. But will this be easy as many humans don’t want to live in the modern world and would prefer to live in the stone age? An age where power controls everything, not money and the mind.

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Join Senku in his journey of reviving the modern world and solving the mystery of how the world of petrified.

Nomad: Megalo Box 2 (8.21)  (2021)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

To sum in short is a story of people fighting with mecha gears. Short of boxing competition. Well, let’s take a look at a brief explanation of this anime.

To understand this anime you need to know about Megalo Box which is an advance and modified form of boxing where the fight between competitors takes place wearing metal frames called Gears. 

As always its first-ever Megalonia tournament took place but a Gearless Joe the protagonist won this tournament. But soon after the tournament he lost and thus vanished for 7 years. But even after his return, he kept a low profile. Join Joe in his journey and look at what will he do next?

TRIGUN (8.22) (1998)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This is the story of Vash the Stampede who is on a constant run due to a huge bounty on his head which even made it merely impossible to live peacefully without begin chased by the bounty hunter.

And it is a fact that which soever city he went is completely destroyed. But to everyone’s surprise, no one ever died in this conflict. And thus stop this from happening again.  Meryl and Milly are two insurance agents who are sent behind Vash so that this destruction of the city could be avoided. But to their surprise, they found it hard to believe that man infront of them is the legendary Vash.

How will they stop Vash and how far is Vash known? Find out by watching this anime.

86 (8.24)  (2021)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

86 is a story of a war fought between The Republic of San Magnolia and their neighbor The Giadian Empire. For a long the battle was one-sided but after The Republic of San Magnolia made their own drone this one-sided fight can finally be fought.

There is a total of 65 territories that are under The Republic of San Magnolia and there is another sector called as 86 which is considered non-existential. And the story of this anime takes place in this sector.

So, what is so different about this sector and who inhabits this land? Find the answer to this question in the anime.

Parasyte: The Maxim (8.3) (2014) 

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This one is highly recommended from my side. And as the name suggests it has something to do with Parasyte.

This is the story of a 17-year-old boy Shinch who lives with his parents in Tokyo. They used to live a quite simple and peaceful life. But this peace is disrupted by parasites as they one at night invaded the earth. 

And they stuck themself with humans and takes control of their bodies and gives the body superhuman strength. Thus started creating havoc. At the same time, one of the parasites tried to take control of Shichi but failed and thus begins the new journey Shinchi.

So, what will he do with these powers? And what are the motives of this parasite? Find out the answer in the anime.


Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Next up on the list is one of the most famous sci-fi series of the 90s. Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

The protagonist of this anime is Shinji Ikari who is just 14 years old when he was called by his father to Tokyo-3 after several years of separation. 

But there he was forced to become a pilot of a gigantic robot called EVA01 and he was assigned a mission to protect humanity from enigmatic invaders also called angels.

But what are his father’s intentions? And why exactly these so-called angles are attacking their world? 

Even asking these questions to his father he didn’t receive the answer and now he seeks answers to follow him if are also curious.

Psycho-Pass ( 8.35) (2012)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Psyco Pass is written by Gen Urobuchi, and Makoto Fukami this anime is Japanese cyberpunk psychological thriller anime television series. 

The story of Psycho-Pass takes place in the distant future, the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau takes care of criminal cases which are investigated by Inspectors and Enforcers, but there is a catch in this criminals are hired to protect these so-called  Inspectors from any major problems while they perform their duties. But this doesn’t end with this all human behavior is constantly monitored by the omniscient eye called Sibyl System.

So, what are these duties carried out by Inspector and who are these criminals?


Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

The story takes place in the year 2029, and the world we know is made borderless by using a tech called net and the augmented humans are in virtual environments which is looking like a possible thing at the current time, and are similar to real-world this virtual world is watched over by law enforcement that is capable of downloading themselves into super-powered, and a crime-busting mecha.

So, according to this anime what is the future of humans, and what are things that are possible? Know every possibility by diving into this amazing 90s anime.

SPACE BROTHERS (8.51) (2012-2014)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This is the story of siblings who promised themselves that when they will grow up they would become astronauts. This is the story of Mutta and Hibitoand their promise to each other.

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And now in 2025 Hibito fulfilled his side of the promise and on the other hand, Mutta has been fired from his job. And now his brother reminds him of their childhood promise. So, can Mutta fulfill his side of the promise? And what are the challenges that he will face joining him on his journey?

The Promised Neverland (8.54) (2019) 

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Here is an anime if you want a genre change that has sci-fi as well as horror at the same time.

The story begins in Grace Field which is home to all the orphans. Without any parents or family. But with all the kids at the orphan and a kind caretaker there Mama this orphanage is a Big Happy family. 

Their daily life was like a normal children’s lots of study in the morning but in the evening it’s a fun time. But this family has to follow one rule never go past the orphanage. And they had no means to do so as they were happy and used to get picked by someone till the age of 12. 

But in every group there are some who don’t want to break the rule in this story two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman were the ones. But to their surprise, the truth that they found out was horrifying for a child. They were a food stock for a demon and the orphanage was livestock.

But now the question can they convince others and escape from this hell? What dangers do these children face? Find out by watching this anime.

Gurren Lagann (8.64) (2007) 

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Yet another amazing anime with a good storyline as well as character development. You must watch this one.

This is the story of Simon and Kamina who were born and raised in an underground village and never went on the surface which is run over by the aliens who have taken over the earth’s surface.

But one day they found a gigantic machine and this was the turning point in their life. So, what will they do with this can they fight against these aliens and can they help humanity once again flourish on the surface? Watch the anime to know the answer.

Cowboy Bebop (8.76) (1998) 

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Yet another aster piece of the 90s and I will highly recommend you this anime. The protagonist of this anime is badass as well as smart at the same time and the story of this anime is unique. 

The protagonist of this anime is Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter by profession.  Not only this he also had a dark past, and his only source of income is bounty hunting and he barely makes out of it or some time is not even worth it. But still works as a bounty hunter.

And in his journey of bounty hunting from one planet to another, he is helped by his friends Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed, and Ein the dog. Check out this Top Sci-Fi Anime.

MADE IN ABYSS (8.79) (2012)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This is one of the chibi sci-fi anime with 2 seasons. The story revolves around an enormous cave system known as Abyss by the people of the planet and it is the only place in the world that is unexplored.

But the new generation of adventure was attracted to this unknown place and decided to explore this unexplored place. Join them on their adventure and find out who dwells inside this large cave? Or what are the new things that are found inside this cave?

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion (8.91) (2006) 

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

The Story of Code Geass takes place in an alternative timeline, the world is divided into three superpowers: the Holy Britannian Empire ( also called Britannia), the Chinese Federation (Asia), and the European Union (Europe and Africa; previously were known as the Euro-Universe throughout the world). Japan is conquered by the Holy Britannian Empires on August 10, 2010 a.t.b. In turn, the Kingdom of Britannia effectively strips citizens of all rights and freedoms and renames the country Area 11 with its citizens called Elevens.

And a Knightmare unit made up of people of Area Eleven and the unit was given military operation in which there is roughly a 5% chance of survival. The Mission is to rescue an allied unit left behind on the European war front and this mission is important and must be completed.

And so one like this anime continues.

Steins;Gate (9.05)(2011)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

Here is another adventure anime but this time theme is based on science and the protagonist is a science freak. You will know why I said this about him when you will see him yourself.

This is a story of a group of science freak friends who lives in the district of Akihabara and have converted their microwave into a time machine somehow. I’m from a science background but I didn’t get a single clue what they said or I just didn’t bother to listen to them but a fact remains that the plot of this is amazing. 

Well, it is not all happy things happening in this anime. An organization called SERN is now behind them as they have to avoid them at all costs as they want this time machine for their own dirty plans. So, will they be successful or will the time machine fall into their hand? 

Gintama (9.05) (2011-2021)

Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You

This one is a highly recommended one if you are looking for anime with comedy, action, sci-fi, and adventure. The story takes place in an era when aliens have overtaken the world. Even the samurai have been suppressed and are forbidden to use swords.

This anime follows a samurai called Gintoki who is a samurai with a very unique style. In the beginning, anime is full of comedy. Later on, anime takes a serious phase but comedy here and there. 

You should watch it and take my words you will love it. Anime is complete and its last movie was released this year. 

With this, I would like to end this Blog. Feel free to comment on which one will you watch. And recommend to me some anime that I should watch or should add to this list. And hope you guys liked my blog on Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You.

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