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It’s been seven weeks since the first episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 was released. I’ve been thinking about discussing this anime since then, but not much was happening initially. I decided to wait until some real action unfolded.

And Episode 7 fulfilled my request, giving me an opportunity to talk about this anime. Covering an in-depth analysis of these 7 episodes in a single blog would be difficult and might become boring.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3


Since its release the reviews that I have read so far, I have seen mixed reactions all over the internet. Some were appreciating anime thus far saying the build-up is and character development is justified and is staying true to its original nature.

While some were criticized for the slow build-up and long useless conversation. However, I would like to agree somewhat with both comments.

The conversation that we were delivered was indeed useless and even if that part was trimmed it would not have made any significant impact on the storyline viewers will start to question what is going on.

At the same time, I would also agree that a few thing were important for viewers to witness in order to see how the character development went. For example- It was important to show Hinata and her party members how Rimuru is contributing towards Monster and Human coexistence like he provided Ramen recipes and other things.

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But at the same, it was useless to show viewers the creation of barriers. It was meaningless in my opinion. Let me know in the comment section.

Episode Summaries

Now, let’s discuss the summary of the episode thus far. The anime begins with a reaction to Farmus’s kingdom’s loss and Rimuru’s recognition as the new Demon Lord. These two news shook the whole world.

Rimuru and the Jura Kingdom started forward by expanding their territory, connection, road network, technology, Army, and everything a normal kingdom would do.

At the same time, their official meeting was going on how to deal with future problems with the Church and others. Basically, this happen in the 6 episode if I were to speak about these episodes in a few words.

In the 7th episode, we witness that Church is pulling the strings from behind so that Hinata and Rimuru go against each and in the mean time Rimuru kills Hinata which will started the battle between the Demon Lords due to misunderstanding.

This is the conclusion that I can draw from what I have seen thus far. If you think something other than this might be going on which I might have missed then let me know by commenting your views.

And most probably I think even if Rimuru don’t kill Hinata in this chaos the seven elders of the church would play some dirty make this happen. So, those two demon lord would go against each other.

But man I want to see their reaction when they would be completely crushed by Rimuru. That OP moment is why I watch this anime. And how could I forget Diablo most probably I think he will catch on to their scheme and will show them hell.

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Animation And Sound Effect

Talking about the animation and sound effects of the anime I think it is the same as the previous season no significant changes were made. I think probably. Did you witness any changes in the animation quality? Let me know.

But if they had improved at least the animation as compared to the previous season I would have appreciated that. And talking about the people’s reaction on the animation and sound effects this was also a mixed reaction.

However, this time around majority of people were happy with the animation quality that was provided by the studio 8-Bit. Many viewers appreciate the detailed character designs and the vibrant, dynamic battle scenes, which improve the overall action scene of the anime.

Some commented that there was a dip in quality in the less critical part of the anime, which in my opinion is negotiable. I wouldn’t have even noticed it if not for these comments on the internet.

On the sound effect and background sound the team’s work was apricated all over the internet. However, it should be noted that I have not seen any comment compiled about the sound quality.

Especially the Opening and the Ending scenes were praised by the fans. Though I’m one of those who skip the intro and outro. Please don’t hate me on this one. I know an anime fan will never skip the intro and outro but seriously I don’t like watching same thing again and again.

Let me know what was your favorite soundtrack of this anime. Also, let me know what you think about the animation and sound quality of this season especially the intro and outro part.

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Also, you can share your opinion on which side of anime viewer you are. Are you on the side that skips the Intro and Outro or are you on the side that watches both the intro and outro completely without miss?


I think overall the anime quality is good though it might have been good if the pacing of the anime was a little bit faster. Though I’m not angry with the current pacing like others. You can expect more action scenes in the future. As the action part of the anime has just begun.

And on this note, I would like to end this Blog and review of mine right here. I would really appreciate it if you share your thoughts on the anime thus far. You can even share your personal opinion on whether you like the anime as a whole or not. I would love to read your comments.

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