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Many of us have wondered if Tanjiro is near A Hashira Level Or not. And that my answer to that is driven by the recent and previous episodes that we all have witnessed.

Tanjiro Is Far From Being A Hasira?

Tanjiro who played a significant role in defeating the Upper Moon stood his ground against them each and every time. But that doesn’t specifically mean he is able to compete against the Upper Moons.

In his fight against Rui and Wakuraba who were Upper Moon 5, he displayed his valor but at the same time, he was not able to do much against them without Nezuko, Inosuke, and Tengen Uzui.

Though he fought against them and was able to behead them quite a few times he was not able to do so without Nezuko’s ability which helped him to awaken his fire art.

Though he played a significant role in determining the weakness of Upper Moon which I think was necessary as a Hashira not only needs muscle power but also the brain to determine the power of Oni to end his life thus I would say that this Arc helped him to get one step closer to become a Hasira.

And against his fight with Upper Moon 4, Nakime he did his part very well I would say he fought toe to toe with his various emotions till the final form showed up. And even then he stood his ground which again showed his growth.

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After watching these many episodes of Demon Slayer I think his mind and strategy making and his cool-headedness have reached the level of Hashira but his fighting skills and other Physical aspects have yet to reach Hashira’s level.

Hashira Power Level And Oni

It is a fact that there is a power level among Hasihra and the blind Hashira is strongest among them. Thereafter I think would be water Hashira, followed by Sanemi( wind Hashira) And Obanai ( Insect Hashira) .

And Tengen would be in between them if he was in his prime. After them would have been Tokito, Shinobu followed by love Hashira (Mitsuri).

And I don’t see Tanjiro and others at their level anytime soon even after this Arc, if there is any Arc, most probably I think this would be the last Arc looking at how preparation to take down all demons is high but if there is any Arc after this I think Tanjiro would be at the Hashira level that to be at the lower level Hashira.

And finally, I want to talk about the Remaining Oni. Looking at the trend of fight style and remaining Oni and remaining Demon Slayer this would be a many-to-1 fight most probably. Just like how it was happening in the past.

But this thing would be more dangerous and the stakes would be high as this might be an all-out war. Just thinking about the future fights is getting me excited. Especially the upper moon 1 and Muzan’s fight. These 2 gone be epic I think.

What are your views on these two topics that I have discussed today? Do you somewhat agree with me or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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