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A lot of all things happen over these two episodes. In 1048there was all Yamato’s flashback which was kind of touching but that is all to it so that is why I didn’t write any article on that one. So today let’s discuss both episodes. But before that.

how are you all doing hope you guys are having a great time and enjoying One Piece as always.

First, let’s begin with Yamato’s flashback. It is kind of sad how can someone torment this cute-looking innocent kid and still she has that kind of character even after treating like trash by her dad.

But this is the character that makes Kaido one of the best antagonists. Just like Dofy who was corrupted to the core, not like some weak-ass villain who is become a villain because of his situation.

Do you agree with me let me know in the comment?

Now let’s move on to episode 1049. Here is one thing that I notice let me share it with you this is one of the best things that I find about ODA’s writing. He develops character properly for example when Momo grew in size even though his body grows his mind remain the same and which made it more realistic for similar to the viewer. Not like some half-baked plot where one power-up decides everything.

And lastly, I wanna talk about the fight between Yamato and Kaido. I think I’m delighted with the fight it was not a queer between a father and his child instead it was indeed between two people who were fighting seriously for their own goal. Are you satisfied with their fight or do you find there would be more to it?

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And did you notice it too? The animation of the last scene was of better quality than the rest of the episode. Personally, I like it. It was neatly done hope this climax battle is delivered in that quality only. For that, we have to wait for next week. And so I would also like to take my leave and I will meet you, people, in the next episode.

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