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Have you watched episode 1105? Nothing major happened, but a little bit of everything was happening all over the world. Be it the appearance of Edward Weevil and his disappearance, or the appearance of one of the Five Elders.

But first of all, I would like to mention that the prediction I made in the previous anime discussion about Stussy was true. If you have not read the previous discussion and are interested in reading it, I have linked it.

One Piece Anime Episode 1105 Discussion


In the same way I predicted Stussy’s identity. I have a few predictions. Well, it might not be that big of a prediction as most of you have also predicted it, but I think it is worth mentioning why one of the Five Elders appeared just to kill Vegapunk.

It is a simple prediction because Vegapunk has higher authority over the Seraphim, and to make the match even or to create more critical moments in the anime, Oda thought of adding one of the Elders to this fight beside Kizaru.

Who VS Who

Here is the passage with the grammatical errors corrected:

Well, it would be hard to predict who would be against whom because I don’t think Lucci and Kaku are near the level of Zoro and Sanji. Most probably, I think they would be against Jinbe, Brook, or Franky.

I think most of the other Straw Hat crew would be placed against the Seraphim, though they might get some help from Punk 1, Punk 2, and Stussy.

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So, here is what I think would happen most probably. Jinbe would be against his Seraphim avatar. Sanji would most likely take on the Seraphim of (King or Law, I’m totally confused about whose avatar it is). It would not be a great fight because I think Sanji’s level is higher than that.

Kuma’s avatar would most likely face Franky. The reason I chose them against each other is due to their size; there’s no specific reason behind it. Boa Hancock would be against Brook or Robin, though it would be difficult for her to face one of them solo. Maybe Nami would face her with Robin.

Usopp is totally useless. As more and more episodes of One Piece are released, Usopp is becoming more and more irrelevant day by day. What do you think about Usopp and his role?

For the rest, I’m not sure. Maybe Stussy would be against Kaku as he will take revenge on her or something like that. I’m not sure.

It would be interesting to see if Luffy is stronger than Kizaru or not yet. Why I’m saying this is because it will really help to understand the power balance of the current One Piece world.

Who Is The Strongest

If the current Luffy before the fight with Kizaru is stronger than Kizaru, then most probably he would be lower than Akainu. Though you might disagree with me, saying he defeated Kaido, so he should probably be stronger if not on the same level as Akainu.

I don’t know why, but I feel like Kaido lost to Luffy for a reason, or maybe he didn’t push himself for a reason or something like that. Because if he really beat Kaido fair and square, then I think only a handful would be stronger than him.

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Maybe Shanks, Imu-sama, and Dragon are a few individuals who are stronger than Luffy, or maybe there is no one stronger than Luffy in the current New World. Which would make the anime boring, and that is most probably not to happen. What do you think about this opinion of mine?

How much do you agree with me on this?

But if Kaido lost to him on purpose and he is somewhat similar in level to Kizaru, then Akainu is stronger than Luffy. Then adding Blackbeard to the list would make them people who are stronger than him.

Which will make revenge sweeter and more entertaining, don’t you think so?


I really want to talk about Usopp before concluding this blog. As I have previously mentioned, as time passes, Usopp’s role in the anime is that of a crybaby. In the previous three arcs, he has contributed nothing to the team and needs a serious power-up if he wants to stay useful and relevant to his teammates.

He is totally being carried by his team; even Nami is contributing more than Usopp, be it in fighting or in navigation. All Usopp does is run, panic, and cry.

What do you think? Is the current Usopp good enough, or does he need a serious power-up and character remodeling? Why do I say character remodeling? Because as time passes, one has to change accordingly.

It used to look good when he was a nobody and started running from fights. But now, even if he keeps his appearance as someone scared of fights and goes into full panic mode when he sees a fight, as a Straw Hat crew member, he should have the ability to confront the enemy when his team needs him the most. Wouldn’t you agree?

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I think it would look totally overpowered. It would be the same case as when we watch a new enemy who looks dumb and scared but has the ability to take most of the strong people down. I think this type of Usopp would be amazing to watch, not the current one.

What do you think? Let me know. And with this, I would like to end this blog right here. I would really appreciate your comment if you post one.

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