One Piece Anime Episode 1104 Discussion

Recently, one piece’s 1104 episode was dropped and I would like to talk about this episode(One Piece Anime Episode 1104 Discussion) in little bit depth. Not to long talk enough to feel like I talked about this episode with you guys.

First of all lets talk about Zoro’s fight. I dont why Luffy and Zoro one shot CP0 maybe it is a unwritten rule of anime that powerful dude will not one shot any main character anime something like that.

I mean they are fcking at the top of the predator’s list. And I can’t except the Luci and Kaku have grown as much as Luffy and Zoro. And I think you will agree with me on this one.

They both went through countless challenges after their last last battle be it cake island or be it training session or be it recent battle of Wano.

Even though they have powered up they should be on level of luffy and zoro of Dressrosa. Do you agree with on this? And we have seen Luffy getting one shot by Kaido.

Now, lets talk about Kuma a little bit. It really confuses me what are his intention and why did he turned himself into a cyborg. Totally excited to see his memories that bonney have discovered.

And why the hell he ran and want to climb that freaking wall. If you have any prediction fell free to share with me. But please don’t give spoilers. One thing that I can come up with is that maybe he is threatened by world government one way or other.

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Or maybe not world government but by Inu-sama. What do you think what is the probability of this happening.

I also feel like the story is being dragged so that Kizaru reaches the Egg head or will atleast CP0 will buy time for him to catch up and then the main even will begin. But it really feels like it is being dragged at this point.

Cause they have fcking power house with them not 2 but 3 power house who are loitering from here and there. It should have been a piece of cake for them. In my opinion what do you think let me know.

And last thing that I want to talk is Stussy who seems to have a vampire power. And why I think she betrayed CP0 and world government is maybe she is the backup Vegapunk called for this is just my intuition not sure though.

Maybe there might be some other story behind her betrayal. What do you think? Why she betrayed CP0. And I am not just saying this from out of the air. I saying this because while calling for backup when punk 1-2 were fighting saying that we should not call for her because she is in hiding somewhere on this island.

I think that line is said to mislead us as we know that Stussy previously was the member of Punk though we are not clear about why she left or betrayed punk. So this is my guess that Stussy is Punk’s backup.

And with this I would like to end this Blog right here, I will meet you guys in next Blog. Till then you can check out my other Blogs here is one recommendation for you –

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