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Hello there, are you guys looking to, must watch anime movies? If yes, then I have selected 11 movies for you to check out. So let straight into the list.

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1. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

The story of this anime movie goes like this Cowboy Bebop crew is traveling the stars. In between, they learned about the highest bounty they ever saw. The hugely powerful chemical weapon is owned by someone, as all ways, authorities are panicking and want to stop it by any means. So the war to take down the most dangerous villain begins. And the Cowboy Bebop crew is yet again forced to face one hell of a madman, with nothing but a single and last hope to succeed on the mission.

Join the adventure to know the outcome of the battle will they succeed or will they lose and lose what will be the consequence.

2. Dragon Ball Z Movie 15: Resurrection ‘F’

This movie of Dragon Ball Z takes place when Freza arrives at Earth after escaping from hell as Sorbet and Tagoma from his army revive him with the dragon ball.

He plans on taking earth once again and beat the Saiyans. A fierce battle takes place between him and Saiyans. What’s next check out the movie and I bet you will love it if you are a Dragon Ball Fan.

3. Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

The story goes like this after the second impact, and what remains in Japan is only Tokyo-3, a giant creature is on the move and is attacking a city and he is goal is to eradicate all of humankind from this planet and these monsters are referred to as Angles. Shinji Ikari, who has not seen his father for more than 8 years out of nowhere revives a call and is told that he should urgently come to the NERV Headquarters, which is the organization that oversees and deal with the destruction of the Angles through the use of giant mechs which they call as Evas.

And now Shinji is given an objective that he has to full fill where his role is to pilot the Eva Unit 01 while teaming up with Ayanami Rei of  Eva Unit 00.

Check out when you can watch the new Evangelion movie.

4. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Do time travel fascinates you then this one is for you because the protagonist of this movie got some cool power and as the name suggests the power is non-other than traveling through time.

Konno Makoto is a normal school girl. One of the extraordinary things that happen to her completely changes her life she got the power to travel through time. Initially, she uses this power to change a few things here and there in her past so that she could make her life more comfortable and enjoy her life. Bit this happiness did not last long as soon she discovers the consequence of changing her past. 

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Join this amazing adventure of time travel and tells us what you think about it in the comments down below. Learn more about the new anime movie of Last Evlion

5. Your Name

Although, I’m not a big fan of romantic anime I have to say this one I have watched twice and I can still watch it once again. A unique storyline and the way in which it is present are just amazing.

The story goes like this Mitsuha Miuamizu, is a normal high school girl, and she wants to live a life of a boy in Tokyo. Meanwhile, in the city, there is a boy named Taki Tachibana who lives a busy life as a high school student and working a part-time job and his dream is to become an architect. 

And one certain a phenomenal thing happens and they both find out that they are no longer in their body Mitsuha awakens in a room that is not her and soon she starts living this boy’s life as she has dreamed. And this boy is none other than Taki. With this Taki finds himself in the body of Mitsuha who lives a pretty sweet and peaceful life in the countryside. To discover the truth behind this strange phenomenon that has happened to them they started seeking answers and soon discovers a horrific truth. Will they over that disaster and will they Abel to meet each other in real life. 

Watch to know what’s the truth. I will highly recommend this movie. Japanese Name for this is Kimi no Na wa which means Your name.

6. Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth is collected of 3 short stories and these three titles are named as –

  1. Hidamari no Choushoku or Sunny Breakfast,
  2. Chiisana Fashion Show or A Small Fashion Show, and
  3.  Shanghai Koi or Shanghai Love

 And all these 3 stories take place in 3 different cities of China whereas the theme on which this movie is based are food, clothing, and shelter.

The first story “Hidamari no Choushoku” follows a young fellow who works in Beijing and his grandmother in his hometown. “Chiisana Fashion Show” revolves around sisters who are living in Guangzhou. And lastly “Shanghai Koi” takes place in 1990 and the city at the center this time is Shanghai and it also is said that is a homepage to Byousoku 5 Centimeter or can be called 5 Centimeters Per Second.

7. In this corner of this world

This movie timeline revolves around World War II  and follows Suzu, who is an innocent young woman from Japan she is a very talented illustrator who lives in Hiroshima and Kure. She used to work for a small business when an unknown guy proposed to her when she is just 18 years old. But the man claims that he knows her.

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His name is Shūsaku and lives in Kure as a navy civilian, and he recalls that he saw Suzu 10 years ago, and explains his fantastic experiences. After this, they get married, and Suzu moves to Kure with him and joins his family. If this is not all sweet love story movies, dark days of the war against the US were approaching them.

Find out what the future holds for them. Comments down below your opinion.

8. When Maria Was There

The plot of this movie revolves around Anna, a young girl who lives in Sapporo, she often used to get in trouble with her classmates. And as she used to get Anxiety attacks, her doctor suggested that she consider moving somewhere more relaxing. Now as she has moved to the countryside she was separated from her family and finds herself lonely so she started spending her time walking around the area and sketching. One certain as she was drawing one strange abandoned house across the water, which can only be accessed during low tide. And that is where she first met Marnie.

She was the first woman of her age that she met and she gets quite along with her, but still, she thinks that there is something mysterious about her — She even tells Anna to keep her a secret from the town and not to tell anyone about her to anyone. And after some time she finds herself in trouble as she can’t properly recall or remember things and sometimes she even blacks out. Are these things related to Marnie and if so then How? Who is She and what’s her story? 

9. The Boy and the beast

This is the movie of two worlds which must not interest each other if they do nothing is left. And the story starts in the human realm that would be Tokyo’s Shibuya ward and another realm is called bakemono realm or Shibutenmachi. There used to be a little boy and lonely bakemono. And one day, the little boy gets into the world of bakemono, and there he becomes the disciples of Kumatetsu a bakemono, and later changed his name to Kyuuta.

The storyline is quite unique and amazing you should watch it.

10. Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Just like any other Japanese anime movie this movie will make you cry. Beautifully designed and displayed “Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light” story follows Horary, a little girl who gets lost in a beautiful jungle where apparitions reside. And is where she met with a young boy, Gin who wears a mask, he shows her way out of the forests and helps but soon she finds herself once again in the forest. Just to meet him and just like this time flies by and Hotaru grows into a beautiful girl but Gin didn’t grow and now they look of the same age. Now Hotaru and fall in love with each other but she can’t touch him if she does he will disappear…

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Check out this lovely movie and tells your opinion down below.


11. Spirited Away

What will you do if you found a deserted theme park, which is inhabited by spirits? These things happen to Chihiro Ogino’s family on whom this movie is focused. They found this deserted theme park on their way home. And out of their curiosity,, they started investigating this park, later they found out that this theme park is inhabited by a spirit who used to sleep in the daytime and wakes up at night just like any other ghost out there. One day parents of Chihiro who is the main character of this movie makes this spirit, by eating food from a restaurant. And so he turns them into pigs. To add more trouble to them a wide sea appeared between the spirit world and the human world and trapping Chihiro, who is the only human in the spirit world.

Watch this amazing movie about how she will save his parents and will his luck will be his side and will he get aid from some. Check out this movie and tells us about it.

12. Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

The story begins in the year 2022. 1 year from now… just kidding. The story takes place in the world of Virtual Reality which was turned upside down by a new invention by a Genius Game Developer, Akihiko Kayaba. And the set he developed was named as NerveGear, and it was the first full-dive Virtual Reality System in which players can play games while sleeping at night and transmit their conscious mind into a whole new world of Virtual Reality and with the release of this system, came a booming and endless possibilities for VRMMORPGs.

And this movie story takes place in 2026, as a new machine is developed called Augma to compete against NerveGear and similar products. It is a next-generation device, unlike other full-dive devices. But rather uses Augmented Reality to let players play the game. And unlike previous VR it is safe, user-friendly, and offers players to play games while they are in a conscious state of mind, it is a huge success right off the bat.

And like the most famous game of NerveGear which took place in Anicrad most famous game of this Augma is “Ordinal Scale” or you can call it OS in short,  this game was exclusively developed for Augma and is ARMMORPH. And Asuna and her friends were already playing this game except for Kirito and by the time he joins their party they discover Ordinary Scale is not just fun and games but much more than that…

What is next the watch to find out?

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