Jobs For Gamers Without Degree

I’m here with a piece of article for my fellow gamers and the one who is looking into making his career in gaming without any degree.
Here are a few options that I can suggest that you can consider looking into.

  • Gaming Manager
  • Fish And Game Warden
  • Game Tester
  • Associate Producer
  • Associate Game Artist
  • Game Journalist

Now let’s look into all of these in a little brief. So, these points make sense to you.

Gaming Manager

(On An Average Salary: $62,820)

The basic thing a Gaming Manager does is that he oversees operations that are being conducted in the Casinos other similar centers.
Though in the beginning, you will not get this job you have to make your way up to here.
But you can make it there eventually so why not try it.
Most Gaming Managers usually begin their journey as dealers or runners.
I would suggest Gaming as a career option if you are looking for one without a degree.

For this position you need experience and you have to build by working on the other similar and smaller position as mentioned above.

How To Become A Gaming Manager

Well, usually an associate degree is required as a minimum qualification. But we are talking about how to get a job without a degree so I will tell you how you can get this job without a degree.

Some of the casinos ask for little like a high school diploma or GED and if you have this then you are good to go. Though it all depends upon their policies.
All you need to do is look for it if you are passionate about it.
Other than this gaming managers usually should have a license by the state. Which one can obtain through the state casino control board or gaming commission. You will also have to go through a drug test and a background check to obtain this license.

But the most important thing you should have is experience that could cover something that you are missing though it totally depends on them.
For instance, many gaming managers have worked in casinos for many years, others have experience in marketing and customer service. So, if you have the experience for this job then you are good to go.

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For more information, you can check out

Fish and Game Warden

(On An Average Salary: $47,830)

If you are not into Gaming Manager then you can look for a career as a fish and game warden.
These are the employees of the government whose job is to patrol the area where people hunt and fish. Quite a job if you ask me. There are up to 8,000 fish and game wardens that are posted all over the US.
Education Qualification for Game Wardens is different according to the state so you have to check what your state is asking for. Some positions ask for only a high school diploma whereas some ask for degrees.

Requirement For The Position:

Age: At least 21.
Physical stamina and skill: You must have some stamina and some skills that you are good at.
Exams: And the last thing that you need for this job is that you have to pass your state’s standardized game-warden exam.
For more information check out:

Game Tester

(On An Average Salary: $37,861)

How about this? What if someone pays you for playing and checking out their new game?
All these years your parents told you that these games are a waste of time and will give you nothing. Well, how about making money from it and making it your career.
Entry-level game testers are paid at least $25,000 per year and as for experience they get on an average $66,574.
And the best thing is that this industry is growing every single year.

How to become a game tester:

Like everything in this list, the requirement varies from place to place. You can get on-field without any specific degree. A survey conducted by Game Developer Magazine, it revealed that testers who had a GED or a high school diploma earned more than those who had a college degree.

Skills required:

Here are some skills that you should have before you start pursuing this as a career.
Keen observation to detect problems in the game
Clearly communicate the problems to the website designers
And of the other things a game tester should have is patience, persistence, stamina, and above all passion for video games.

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Associate Producer

(On An Average Salary: $43,000)

Every great team needs a person that could guide them and show them the vision of what they have to do, so they can work effectively and quickly. And that person is an Associate Producer.

You might be asking where the actual need of an Associate Producer is. Well as I have already told they come in need when the game is huge and are in hundreds in numbers. And every single one of them work on a single game. Now that is where Associate Producer’s roles come in.
Associate Producer basic role is to scheduling, arranging meeting for basic discussion, other than this his work is to coordinating contract workers and game freelancers, and most importantly Associate Producer is the one who help the Producer manage the team on the daily basis. And according to size of the game member number of APs also varies in team.

And because this is an entry-level job most of the jobs in AP don’t require any degree. Some company’s might ask for specific training, such as Scrum Master certification. Whereas others might ask for your experience which you can gain from working at indie game projects, or working at some project that might be from a different industry. But these all depend on the company and their policies.
For broad opportunities you should get a degree as most associate producer jobs require a degree.
So you have to check it before pursuing it as a career.

Associate Game Artist

(On An Average Salary:: $42,000)

If you have good art or any skills related to art then you might pursue it . Associate Game Artist. There are more than a dozen different art professionals in the game industry.- which does make sense as in a single game you come across many different things. If the game is a story game then it has more art than a FPS game. Everything from vehicles, character , trees, landscape or whatsoever you come across a game these all are made by Game artists.

This job has more employees than any other gaming sector job.
You have that thing for art and gaming and you should look into this industry more.
And as it is said with high demand comes more opportunities and you can grab one of these opportunities if you’re into this as most of these jobs are given based on merits.

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In simple words if you have the art and portfolio then you have the job. Nobody see that whether you have a degree or not all they want is skill.
Here are some that you should have in order to get this job more easily.

  • Maya
  • Game Engine
  • Unity
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • VFX
  • FX
  • Character Design
  • Photoshop
  • Zbrush
  • Texture
  • Unreal Engine
  • Asset Creation
  • IOS
  • Video Games

You need not have every skill mentioned above but having some experience above mentioned software might give you an upper hand as compared to others.

For more information you can check out:
They have covered about this topic in brief.

Game Journalist

(On An Average Salary: $46,000)

Now let’s talk about Game Journalists. If you are the one who loves to be updated and want to be in the gaming sector then you can consider this as a career option.

Over the years this industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry , nowadays every news agency and cultural website publish idea regarding games and reviews about new games that have been released.
Whatever topic they write on, be it about esports, about new games, sales and business , or the drama or controversy that is going on in the industry. They cover it all.
So if you’re into it you should check it out.

Skill or thing you need to learn before getting started

  • Learn about journalism
  • Practice writing
  • Attend events
  • Build a network
  • Create a portfolio
  • Apply for positions

So, these are the jobs that you might consider looking into if you want to get a job in the gaming industry.

You can check out:

For more information on this topic

Note: These are a few suggestions that I know about. However there are many more options that might suits you, you just have to look for them.

Before leaving I would like to suggest few more option as a bonus tips hope you like

Other than you can look into other thing as career :

  • Start a gaming blog
  • Build your indie games
  • Participate in game jams
  • Make in-game apps

Well I will not discuss these topics right here as these topics are quite well known to everyone.
Feel free to comment your opinion. I just love to read them.

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