Esports Companies In India

Best Esports Companies In India

Are you guys looking for Best Esports Companies In India that you might join? Or You guys are aspiring to join then I got you I have prepared a list of 13 companies for you few of these companies may be disbanded or acquired by some other organization and might be of a different name by the time you read this article. So now let us begin.

Total Gaming Esports


Total Gaming Esports was formed by one of the famous Indian Youtuber Ajay( people also call him ajjubhai). He live streams the game Free Fire on his gaming channel. His gaming channel Total Gaming has around 20 million subscribers and his channel is still growing at a good pace.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Ajju Bhai ( Team Owne& Content Creator)
  • IGL- TG FozyAjay
  • Flanker- TG Vasiyo
  • Support/Sniper- TG Bala
  • Rusher- TG Golden

And the game in which this actively participates is free fire. TGE is one of the best esports companies in free fire game.

GXR Celtz


This Indian esports organization Celtz was formed in 2019 and after that company was acquired by Nigman Galaxy. Which is UAE is a based esports organization and has many esports organizations in various games such as DOTA 2, PUBGM, CS: GO. But now the team is active and is participating in BGMI under the name GXR Celtz.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • FULL NAME- GXR Celtz
  • NICKNAME- Celtz
  • FOUNDED- 2020
  • TEAM OWNER(S)-Paul Roy
  • IGL, Support- Yogesh Yadav
  • Assaulter- MJ Harshit Mahajan
  • Assaulter- Attanki Randeep Singh Bhullar
  • Assaulter-Ultron Hemanth Sethi
  • Support- AshGamer Anshdeep Singh

BL4ZE Esports


BL4ZE Esports is an Indian-based esports startup that laid its foundation in 2019. The game in which they were active was CS: GO. Arnav Chand was the CEO of the organization. But due to the player leaving the CS: GO and started pursuing their career in Valorant the organization finally disbanded on 28/04/2021. With Marzil leaving.

The team accumulated a total of $30,340.45.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Founder-Arnav Chand
  • Game- Global Offensive
  • Disbanded- 2021-04-28

TSM Entity


TSM ENTITY was an Indian PUBG Mobile esports team. Which came into existence with the collab of TSM and Entity. TSM Entity is considered as one of the biggest and best PUBG Mobile teams. TSM Entity has participated in many big tournaments had won some of them.

TSM Entity was one of the best esports companies in India.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Founded- 2018
  • Team Owner- Sid Joshi
  • Prominent/ Main Player- Jonathan, ClutchGod, Ghatak
  • Disbanded- 2021

Team Brutality


Team Brutality is the biggest and most successful esports organization of India as it has a team with various games such as CS: GO, Tekken, NFS(Need For Speed), Track Mania Series, Forza Motor Sports, and many other games.

Team Brutality was formed by people who were very knowledgeable and experienced in CS: GO, the year 2010 was the first time when they were recognized by others.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Co-founder- Ankit Venom Panth, Aakash More
  • Creative Director- Apurva More
  • Active Game- CS: GO, NFS, Tekken, etc

Orange Rock


OREsports is a highly active PUBG Mobile team. Which is owned by Pole To Win International.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Manger- Bharat “Ribbiz” Reddy
  • In-game Leader- Ammar “Destro” Khan
  • Rifler- Arshpreet “Gill” Gill Singh
  • Entry fragger and assaulter- Joe “Anto” Michael Anto
  • Rifler- Arth “Vexe” Trivedi
  • Entry fragger- Aditya “Aditya” Mathe



Team Soul is one of the beloved esports teams of India. So it automatically goes in the list of best esports companies in India. You might not agree with me. But it is OK as everyone has their own opinion.

Soul used to be a different esports team. But later on, Soul and 8bit merge into one and become one big organization named “S8UL”. Team Soul is one the most successful PUBG Mobile Team as they have won many tournaments.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • In-game leader/support assaulterSouLMaVi
  • Entry fragger/filterSouLRegaLToS
  • FlankerSouLScOut
  • SupportSouLVipeR
  • Mentor/supportSouLmorTal

Global Esports


Global Esports is another big name among the best esports companies in India. This organization is highly active in many games such as CS: GO, DOTA2, Fortnite, PUBG, etc.

Global Esports owns a total of 12 teams across the globe with 9 titles. And have won more than 40+ Victories.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • General Manager – Dr Rushindra Sinha
  • Assistant General Manager – Mohit Israney
  • Coach – Vasu Chaturvedi
  • Community Lead – Ashwath Ravee
  • Team Manager – Rahul Hinduja
  • Active In Games- CS:GO, DOTA 2, Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, OverWatch, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends , etc



GodLike is an Indian Esports Startup. Which is owned by Kronten he also stream on Youtube under the name Kronten Gaming. It came into existence after the booming gaming community in India.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • CEO- Kronten
  • Formed On- 2018
  • Owner- Chetan Chandgude
  • Co-Owner- Amar Chandgude
  • Management Head- KiLLeR BaBa Swapnil Kakkar
  • Community Manager- Abhijit Abhijit



Samurai Esports is one of the new esports organizations and is currently active in Valorant Roster. And as per the source, they formed a strong and experienced team from ex CS: GO, players, as there is not much difference between CS: GO and Valorant.

And the Valorant Roaster of the Samurai Esports is said to be completely acquired by another Esports Organization named Esports XO.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Founder- Samurai(aka Atif Kazi)
  • Founded On- 9 Dec 2020
  • Sponsor- Computech Thane
  • LineUp- Simar’Psy’Sethi, Karan’ Excali’ Mhaswadkar.

Velocity Esports


Velocity Gaming first came into existence in the year 2017. And in the year 2019, they were officially registered as the Indian Esports Organization. They were a big name in the Indian PUBG Mobile community and have contributed too much to the community they have approx. 50k member on discord.

After that, they got into PC gaming and joined Valorant Roaster by successfully signing up the Team Vertigo, who was the Winner of AMD Valorant Cup and Global Esports SEA Launch Tournament.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

Founder- Manoj Kasyap aka Sentinal

Team Valorant Member-

  • rite2ace- Tejas Sawant
  • Amaterasu- Anuj Sharma
  • Antidote- Sabyasachi Bose
  • Excali- Karan Mhaswadkar
  • Vibhor Vaid
  • Sponsors- Hyve, Zotac



Fnatic is a Big Player in Esports Community all around the world. It has 3 registered offices all around the world that is England, Australia, and Netherland.

Fnatic India was formed by the acquisition of Team of Xspark, and is highly active in the PUBG Mobile division.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • Founder- Sam Mathews
  • Founded On- 2004
  • Sponsor: Parimatch, Loco, BMW, HelloKitty, OnePlus, Rivalry, Chillblast, Monster Energy, DXRacer, Strafe Esports, Fnatic Gear, AM
  • CEO: Netherlands Wouter Sleijffers
  • Manager: Nimish “Nemo” Raut

Team Vitality


Team Vitality is one of the top esports teams in the European circuit. And the company has a Major Announcement regarding and made it clear that they will be setting up their base in Mumbai. And as well they have teamed up with an Indian Youtuber Nischay Malhan for a content creation partnership.

Now let’s check out the team and company details-

  • The team is lead by – Arav Narang aka MonK
  • Other Members- Armaan Dharni aka Moonscope, Priyank Borajdar aka DEATH, Akshan Madhani aka Argon, and man more.

Enigma gaming

Enigma Gaming was founded in September 2020 by Aryaman Wasan and JP Renaud.

Best Esports Companies In India

Active in

  • BGMI
  • Valorant
  • Free Fire

They have some famous Youtube Channel such as:

  • Antidot
  • Rexy

These were my list of 13 Indian ESports Organizations/Companies that were or are coming onto India.

Hope you like it and do comment your view in the comments down below.

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