Douluo Dalo (Soul Land) Anime Episode 166

As the new episode of Soul Land was released, I was looking forward to how things will go for Fatty and Rong Rong. As they were caught in the illusion. And in what matter this illusion is different from the one where tang san was caught.

Firstly I was confused afterward I caught up and now I think it was quite a good illusion and the way they break it is acceptable from my side. One thing that I can’t accept that how easily tang-san and his friends are defeating these guardians of the Island. Anime seriously lack this concept of power level even though they are level 75 and level 77. All it took was one hit from fatty and all seven ability of Rongrong to beat Sea Ghost Dauluo. I mean is it a joke seriously.

What you think about this tell me your views on this matter. And it is taking way too long to just finish their training season. I mean these people could have just skipped this training.

And in the next part of this anime Tang-san and Xiao Wu fought against the Ghost Douluo and I men seriously as things escalated to me it seems that Tang- san was taking his exam and he failed. And in the first place, these all tasks that were given to Tang-san and his friends are nearly impossible so these outcomes should be acceptable.

I’m hiped for the moment when these monsters return to their land show their result of training to others and beat the hell out of Bibidong.

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Tell me what you think of this training session and if you have any theory for future events then let me know I would be very much interested in knowing though if you are reading its manga then it is a totally different matter.

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