Chainsaw Episode

Where should I begin…Hmm, let’s talk from the previous episode which is 8 episodes. I loved the plot twist that was completely unexpected. The previous night they were enjoying each other’s company and were having some good and ecchi moments. ( I don’t know if anime has skipped any chapter of manga or not so not considering that).

And who could have imagined that this tragedy will occur the next day? But I totally loved this unexpected turn of events. This only makes anime even better in my opinion.

Now let’s talk about Episode 9. In this episode, I realized this thing which anime was trying us from the beginning. But I kept on overlooking, You can guess.

The thing that I realized was that all characters in this anime are psycho and the ones who are not they die like Himeno and that other guy I don’t remember his name or they will soon go crazy or have gone crazy already( I will talk about this later in more detail).

You might ask me what made me think that way. Well, these are the lines that made me realize this. Tell me if I’m wrong or if you also haven’t noticed this fact yet.

Now lets about some epic and badass moments that this episode has provided us. But before that, I want to talk about something which makes me excited. It is a training session you know why because after this we went to see some quick powerup. And some badass seen which make say WAKU WAKU.

And the training session becomes more interesting when the teacher is also psycho just like his students. If you ask me what I like about him then that he has the ability to give lesson which is quick to learn and student will never forget for their life. For example, the first lesson they learned is this and will never forget this.

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Now let’s talk about some badass moments that this episode has provided us. The first one is this.

If someone wants to be my master then this should be his level at least this is what he should be thinking but he is psycho and can’t think like this lol. This moment right here caught me off guard I never thought he will just pierce right through them.

I thought this will be a normal teacher and student class but till then I haven’t realized the fact that all characters are psycho in this anime. And another shock came right after this.

Lastly, I would like to talk about Aki-Kun. As I was saying above in this anime if someone is psycho he can survive if not they will die or will soon go psycho. And I think Aki’s that switch has been turned on now. I really think.

The next thing that he will do is insane and that gone be badass. And after seeing that eye I have some bad feelings about it. Do you have any guess what could it be and what could be his power? Right now I can’t think of anything.

What do you think about this episode tell me in the comment section? I would love to read your opinion.

With this, I would like to conclude this Animetalk and I will meet you with AnimeTalk of One Piece. Till then you can check out my previous review of One Piece.

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