As the new patch is almost there, wild rift brings all kinds of fun stuff in the update. Here is a quick recap of ting s what you can expect.

First, let’s check out the champions that wild rift is bringing.

Kayle And Morgana

Wild Rift Patch 2.6

Kayle, the righteous, and the Morgana, the fallen will be joining the wild rift. You can see them in the next update. These two are just like a typical sister.

Sibling Rivalry you can say.

You can obtain one of the champions free from event that will begin after the update.

Next on Update is Dr.Mundo


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

The very first Visual and gameplay updates coming to Wild Rift and is of Dr.Mundo.

So which means you can take this mad doctor and enjoy it and roam with it anywhere you would love to take him.

With this, we come to the section of the item and new item that would we be joining wild rift.


Sheild Items

Here is a piece of good news for those players whose main champion is mage or assassins cause Banshee’s Veil and Edge of Night are the two new items you can use to protect from that annyoyning Crowd Controlling ability.

Finally, these two-item made their way to the wild rift from the league of legends.

Support Item

It looks like the wild rift team made supporter the centre of the update as other items for support is getting its place in the wild rift.

These items are Hextech and Megadrive and Ixtali Seedjar.

Now let’s see what is wild rift team have for champ selection.


As I’m a wild rift player myself. This particular update is huge in itself.

Now instead of banning 3 characters in ranked games, you can ban 5 characters. And I think it is huge as there are lots of characters it is also important to do so.

Now let’s talk about some rank rewards.

New Rank Rewards

Every player above gold will receive a Glorious Orianna skin and skin border display.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

Intesntional Losing Detection

As a player, I know how much frustrating this is when a player intentional feed or help the enemy. So in order to reduce this wild rift has changed things in this update.

Update For New players

Things will get exciting for new players this time around. New players will have a newly expanded mission which is themed around jinx!


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

Here comes the section for which most players look forward to:

Lots of lots of skin are coming to this update and in this list, my favourite champion skin is there. Tell your Main champion name in the comment and if your champions skin is available there this update?

Without losing a single second let’s get straight to it.


  • Crystal Rose Lux (Legendary)
  • Crystal Rose Sona
  • Crystal Rose Ezreal (Legendary)
  • Crystal Rose Jarvan IV


  • PROJECT: Akali
  • PROJECT: Fiora
  • PROJECT: Jhin
  • PROJECT: Katarina
  • PROJECT: Vayne (Legendary)


  • Blade Mistress Morgana
  • Viridian Kayle
  • Corporate Mundo (Legendary)
  • Mecha Rengar
  • Mecha Kha’Zix
  • Winter Wonder Lulu
  • Dunkmaster Darius (Legendary)

And we are the last section of this patch is bringing us


Wild Pass

It goes without saying that this update wild pass will come with brand new items, gifts and poro for free pass users.

And the skin that Wild Rift is offering us this time Hexplorer Shyyana.


Wild Rift Patch 2.6

And Finally and the last thing that will be coming in this update is URF Mode.

URF stands for Ultra Rapid Fire in this mode champion will be given unlimited Mana and greatly reduced ability cooldowns which mean unlimited action. I personally can’t wait to try out this mode. So prepare your Thumb for the battle.

And I will see you next news or blog.

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I have a piece of news that will make One Piece Fan really Happy. And what news it is. Well, it is about the new Movie One Piece.

The title Of the Movie is ONE PIECE FILM RED and every one-piece fan will understand from the title who is going to be the center of attraction of this movie. According to leaks, the movie will be released on 6th Aug 2022.

As the Wano Arc is at its climax moment. Eiichiro Oda gave the fan an even big surprise by sharing the poster and today the trailer of the Movie.

Below you can check out the trailer:

At the end of the trailer, it is clear that the moment for which fans were waiting for 20 yrs is almost there.

Here is the official tweet check this out:

Tell in the comment are excited about the movie or not. If you have any theory that you want to share please do it. I would love to read your theory.

And if you are new and don’t know what is One Piece then I will give you a quick summary:

The story of One Piece follows a young boy named Monkey D.Luffy who wants to become a Pirate King as he was influenced by a Pirate named Shanks when he was a child. He sets out on a journey to become the King of the Pirate by making his own crew of 10 people. He in his way makes many friends and have lots of adventure. At present, the story is taking place in a land called Wano who is the land of samurai. And fluffy is there to defeat one of the Emperor of the Sea.

So this was my summary without giving out too much of the spoiler.

Few other information about One PIece:

  • Total Chapter In Manag:1000+
  • Total Anime Episode: Almost 1000
  • Writer: Eiichiro Oda
  • It been almost 20 years since first anime was relased

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Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order

On Tuesday on the occasion of Netflix Festival Japan 2021. Netflix announced a two-part spin-off movie for Seven Deadly Sin( Nanatsu no Taizai ) written by Nakaba Suzuki. With this announced main staff members were revealed as well as the trailer.

You can check the trailer by clicking on the video down below:

This story is written by the writer of Seven Deadly Sins himself and the spin-off movie will revolve around Son Meliodas whose name is Tristan. The name of the movie is subtitled Grudge of Edinburgh ( Ensa no Edinburg ). And according to Netflix first part will premiere worldwide exclusively on Netflix in 2022

Here is the name of the Staff member

  • Name of Chief Director: Noriyuki Abe (Nanatsu no Taizai Movie: Tenkuu no Torawarebito)
  • Name of Director: Bob Shirahata (Aguu: Tensai Ningyou)
  • Name of Scriptwriter: Rintarou Ikeda (Nanatsu no Taizai Movie 2: Hikari ni Norowareshi Mono-tachi)
  • Name of Studio: Alfred Imageworks, Marvy Jack

Let’s know more about the Manga.

The Manga was first serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine in October 2012 and ended its journey of 7 years and 6 Months last march, whereas Kodansha published the 41th and the final volume of the Manga last May. With this Seven Deadly Sins have accumulated a total of 37 million copies in print.

Seven Deadly Sins Watch order

Here is a few more information about Seven Deadly Sins and its anime series.

In Fall 2014 A-1 pictures adapted the manga and published 24 episodes in total in the First Season. After that 4 episodes of Seisen no Shirushi( Signs of Holy War ) in the year 2016. The 2nd season, Imashime no Fukkatsu(Fukkatsu (Revival of the Commandments) was aired in Winter 2018.

the Movie of Seven Deadly Sin(Prisoners of the Sky) was premiered in Japan in August 2018. After that in Fall 2019, Kamigami no Gekirin (Wrath of the Gods), the 3rd Season was aired. And lastly the 4th season, Fundo no Shinpan, premiered in 24 episodes in Winter 2021. , Hikari ni Norowareshi Mono-tachi, opened in Japan on July 2 (pictured right) which is the last Movie of the Seven Deadly Sins Franchise.

More Manga from Suzuki writer of Seven Deadly Sins:

Right after concluding the main series of Seven Deadly Sins, Suzuki launched his new Manga whose title is Mokushiroku no Yonkishi (Four Knights of the Apocalypse)it is a sequel in Weekly Shounen Magazine on January 27, which is approximately 10 months after the main series.

The 3rd volume of the Manga was published by Kodansha on September 17, and the 4th Volume is scheduled for November 17, Kodansha Us is also semipublishing the manga with the Japanese release of the Manga.

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According to sources Golden Globes, 202 will take place on January 9, regardless of telecom cast partner.

On Friday HFPA( Hollywood Foreign Press Association) announced that they will conduct the 79th annual Golden Globe Awards on 9 January 2022 despite the fact that NBC not televising the event and even further added that whether or not any channel will air the event. They didn’t specify any of the telecast plans.

And as for the nomanies they will be revealed on December 13. And the last date for movies and television submission entry forms is 15 November.

With that, they previously sent out the letter to each studio and giving them all the details about eligibility and other factors for the 79th Golden Globes. It is also not clear that HFPA will actually host an event for giving out the awards.

On May 10 NBC announced that they will not air the 2022 Golden Globe Awards because HFPA did not set a timeline for change following the controversy of its lack of diversity. In May this year, the HFPA had approved a plan for reform that would also include increasing its number of people of color, with that they also made the new restrictions on gifts that members could receive.

NBC made a comment on this and said that it believes the HFPA is committed to meaningful reforms, and they also added that the organization needs time to do it right. But the executives were concerned that the HFPA did not set up a timeline for. these changes, nor did they display movement towards rethinking membership goals

Though NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes. But they will hopefully air the 2023 Golden Globes they said.

Previously two anime Movies were nominated for the award-

Best Foreign Language Film- Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises was nominated at the 71st Golden Globes

Best Motion Picture- Mamoru Hosoda’s Mirai was nominated for the 76th Golden Globes

In the year 2014 Golden Globes changed its rules to stipulate that foreign animated films have to compete in the Best Animated Feature category, and they will no longer be able to participate in the Best Foreign Language Film Category.

Few more updates were made on the rule of HFPA in May. So that Non-English language movies/films and animate films/movies can compete for the top 2 awards in the Best Motion Pictures that is

  • Drama and Best Motion Picture
  • Musical or Comedy

And 9 January is also the date for the Critics Choice Awards ceremony. The CW will broadcast in the United States.

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On Tuesday American anime production giant Aniplex made an announcement regarding the movie release of Wandering: Agateram, the first film in the Fate/Grand Order The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot (Fate/Grand Order Shinsei Entaku Ryōiki Camelot) film project, on Blu-ray Disc. In NA (North America) it will be released this December 14.

The Character Designer Mieko Hosoi also illustrates the release’s rigid box. Apart from that Aniplex is also planning to release a digital copy of the movie.

Aniplex Is All Set To Release First  Fate/Grand Order: Camelot Film In The USA- Animeology

Here is the movie trailer:

Now let’s talk about what you can expect in Blu-ray Disc. Well according to the source it will include English Dub, featuring Griffin Burns, Xander Mobus, Erica Mendez, and Erika Harlacher. These four will be returning from previous Fate/Grand Order anime with their respective character and that is :

  • Ritwika Fujimaru- Griffin Burns
  • Romani Archaman- Xander Mobus
  • Maah Kyrielight- Erica Mendez
  • Leonardo Da Vinci- Erika Harlacher

With that being said new dub cast members were also added such as

  • Max Mittelman who will be playing the role of Bedivere,
  • J.P Karliak with the role of Gawain,
  • Erica Lindbeck as Mordred,
  • Kyle Hebert will be playing role of Lancelot,
  • And Kari Wahlgren will be dubbing The Lion King.

It is quite interesting to know that Wahlgren has dubbed the alternate version of the character names as Saber in the previous series of Fate that is Fate/Stay Night.

With that let’s talk about the direction of the movie. The one who is in charge of this movie is Tony Oliver. And Bang Zoom! Entertainment is producing the movie.

Now let’s talk in brief about the Fate Series

The movies of Fate/Grand Order which are- The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot films, Paladin: Agateram, and Wandering: Agateram adapts the “Dai Roku Tokuiten Shinsei Entaku Ryōiki: Camelot” which is the Order VI: The Sacred Round Table Realm: Camelot from the game.

In Japan the Movie opened in December 2020, it was delayed from its earlier release in August 2020 due to Coronavirus ( COVID-19). And the second movie of the series was set to release on May 8 but again due to the  COVID-19. It was delayed for a week and was released on May 15.

Here are few other important pieces of information regarding the Series:

  • Kei Suezawa- Directed First Movie
  • Kazuto Arai- Directed the second Movie
  • Production I.G is the company that produced the film project. 
  • Whereas first film was animated by Signal.MD. and the second film was animated by Production I.G

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Here is good news for Fairy Tail fans as they could get an Anime Sequel soon that is of the 100-year quest.

On Saturday “The live-streamed of Hiro Mashima’s Fan Meeting ended with an important announcement that Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest sequel manga is soon will get an Anime adaptation.

Here is a small clip-on what you can expect from the manga.

Ueda the manga writer of the Fairy Tail drew the following illustration in celebration of the news:

Here is how Kodansha Comics describes the 100-year quest story.

Natsu and his friends as well as the whole Fairy Tail guild are back on their feet and are ready for action and lots of adventure. And now they are looking to tackle a difficult challenge that no one dares to take on which is the 100-year quest. Viewers can expect a mysterious town, a ghastly new enemy, a baffling spirit, and a new continent to explore overall a whole new adventure. As when you’re with your real friends, where ever you go it is a new adventure.

Here is how I would like to describe the anime to you. If you don’t know anything about anime.

The anime takes place in an imaginary world where magic is common and people use magic in their daily life. And the story of the anime follows a boy called Natsu who is a young boy with fire as his magic element. One certain day he meets a girl named Lucy who is in search of a guild which she could join. After meeting him she joins a guild named Fairy Tails and from there the story begins and centers Natsu, Happy( who is a cat that has wings), and Lucy.

Ueda launched the official sequel of the manga on July 25, 2018. And Mashima is the one who is providing the original story for the manga, whereas Ueda is drawing the manga.

The original series of Mashima’s Fairy Tail contains 3 anime seasons and the final season complete in 2018. Other than that anime has anime films, spinoff manga, several other original video anime projects.

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Announcement regarding the premiere of the final season was made on the official Website of Attack on Titan on Sunday. And Part 2 of Attack on Titan will premier with episode 76, on the NHK General channel in January 2022.

Apart from this special compilation version will be aired on Levi, Annie, Mikasa, and other characters.

And at the end of episode 75 team, MAPPA  announced that episode 76 would debut “this coming winter that is 2021” on the NHK general channel of Japan. But the website of Funimation says the episode release in “Winter 2022”.

AOT (Attack on Titan) premiered their first part on NHK on 7 December 2020. And for anime with English subtitles were streamed by Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Here is the name of staff members of AOT-

  • Director: Yuichiro Hayashi,
  • Series Composition: Hiroshi Seko,
  • Character Design: Tomohiro Kishi,
  • Color Design:Ayako Suenaga,
  • Director of Cinematography: Shigeki Asakawa,
  • Sound Director:Masafumi Mima,
  • Music: Hiroyuki Sawano, KOHTA YAMAMOTO.
  • Art Director: Kazuo Ogura,
  • Visual Development:Yusuke Tannawa,
  • 3DCG Director:Takahiro Uezono,
  • Editor: Masato Yoshitake.

Cast Member 

  • Eren Yeager: Yuki Kaji
  • Mikasa Ackerman:Yui Ishikawa
  • Armin Arlert:Marina Inoue
  • Historia Reiss:Shiori Mikami
  • Jean Kirstein: Kisho Taniyama
  • Reiner Braun:Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Hanji Zoe: Paku Romi
  • Levi Ackerman: Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Zeke: Takehito Koyasu
  • Connie Springer:Hiro Shimono
  • Sasha Blouse:Yu Kobayashi


Source- animenewsnetwork,

Official website of Takehiko Inoue’s new anime film( Slam Dunk basketball manga) posted a new video this Friday that is 13/08/2021. In this video name of many cast member was included and with that they also announced film’s fall 2022 opening.

Here is the Video you can check it out from video down below.

From the source it is confirmed that Inoue himself is directing the film at anime production giant Toei Animation, as well as writing the script. Here is name of listed staff member which includes –

  • Character designer/animation director – Yasuyuki Ebara
  • Technical directors- Katsuhiko Kitada , Naoki Miyahara, Toshio Ōhashi, and Yū Kamatani.
  • Sound Director- Yota Tsuruoka

And as for the title of film it is being is said that it is still to be determined.

This iconic sports manga was published by Inoue in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from the year (1990 to 1996). This epic manga made its viewers laugh and gave the thrill of the basketball at the same time. And I would like to add my own statement that there will be no other sports manga like this, I personally fell like more episodes of this anime should be released.

This Manga got its television anime in 1993, and from that point of time, it has received four anime film sequels. Now Crunchyroll is streaming the series.

Here is how anime is described:

Manga follows a boy named Hanamichi Sakuragi who is a delinquent and has a long history of getting dumped by girls. And after enrolling in Shohoku High School, he joins basketball clubs and where he met a girl named Haruko who loves the game of basketball, From there on he with full spirit plays Basketball. Viz Media has released a total of 31 volumes in the English Language.

What holds him check out this anime if you haven’t. Check out its trailer from down below.

Source: New Slam Dunk anime film’s website

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