Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Are you guys looking for Badass type Manga/Manhua where MC is Op then I got you? Here I have 45 different manga where MC is just OP. These Manga/Manhua are my personal favorite and I read them on weekly bases as soon as their new Chapter is released.

You Guys Should check these manga/manhuas. If you guys are into Manga in which MC is OP and the storyline is good enough to read then I take the responsibility that you guys will not get bored if you pick any of these manga/manhua.

You can find most of these mangas at, and So, without any further due let’s get straight to the list of Manga/Manhua.

1. Limit Breaker

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

The story follows Kim Kibong, who gets trapped in the tutorial ground for almost 3000 years due to an unknown error. ANd in the real world, almost 10 years have passed. And it is overrun by a dungeon break from where different monsters appeared.

But things started taking a different turn after Kim Kibongs appearance. His mother was attacked by a monster; his father and sister died 10 years ago.

In the first dungeon break.
So, he decided to annihilate this thing from the root. Thus begins a new story. Check out this Manga to know more about Kim Kibong.

2. Murim Login

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

At first glance, I was not much interested in this Manga but as I kept reading a few chapters I got obsessed with this Manga. And I lost track of time.

The story follows Jin Tae-Kyung who lives his life as an F-rank player. And bought a capsule that let you login into a game. But instead of the game, he logged into the world of Murim. And thus his world changed for good.

THe Murim world offered him various challenges which made his real-life hunting life very easy. Clearing A-rank mission was peace of Cake for him now. But the world of Murim is not easy and he has to give his best so that he doesn’t die in the world of Murim so that he can live a life of leisure in the real world.

Check out this amazing Manga and let me know your views in the comment section down below.

3. Arcane Sniper

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Arcane Sniper is a hyper-realistic fantasy game. And the story follows Sergeant First Class Ha, who is a crazy sniper freak, Who always hits a bullseye during the military test and expeditions.
An excellent sniper but he met with a tragedy and lost both his legs. And thus went into depression.

But his life took a sharp turn as he found out about a Virtual Reality Game. He was the most excited player to play this game as he can use his legs now.

And coincidentally he got a musketer class but it has many major problems. But the question is can he overcome all these challenges, can live his life with his precious sniping skills once again and can he fulfill his dreams and make his family happy.

Answer all these questions you will find by reading this amazing Manga.

4. The Return Of The Disaster-Class Hero

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

In the world full of Reincarnation MAnga I was looking for something different where the Main Character is OP and gets betrayal but didn’t.t die but instead makes a comeback by becoming more OP than before and then taking his revenge.

So in search of this type of Manga I stumbled across The Return Of the Disaster- Class Hero. Where Hero is one of 13 Chosen Players but except him, all other 12 heroes were blessed with Power of Gods but still he outnumbered them in terms of killing demons. He used to kill more demons than the other 12 in total and thus came a betrayal because of jealousy.

But he struggled into that infinite dungeon and returned back to take his revenge. Follow him on his journey of destroying every single Hero. And let me know what you think about this Magna in the comment down below.

5. Reincarnation of The Suicidal Battler God

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Next up on the list of Manga/Manhua recommendations is “Reincarnation of The Suicidal Battler God”.

This is the story of a solo human who fought against the Demon King till his Last Breath. This is the story of Zephyr who has been fighting against demons for a long time but ultimately he was defeated.

But he was given another chance even though they insulted him and humanity even though he is disgusted. He took the chance.

And thus begins a new chapter of Zephyr’s life. Will he be able to turn the tide this time around or will he meet an even worse ending than before as Demon God seeks to revenge himself?
Check out this Amazing manga and let me know your thoughts on it.

6. Return of The Mount Hua Sect

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

If you are one of the many who loves to read Manga that contains martial Art then this one is for you. This is the story of Chung Myung, The 13th Disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, And one of the 3 Greatest Swordsmen.

He with all his sect defeated Chun Ma, who was called Demon as he brought immeasurable damage to the world. And after this deadly battle, Chung Myung was able to defeat Chun Ma with his last breath. But it cost so much to Mount Hua Sect. As they lost all their Elites and their teacher.

And 100 years later Chung Myung found himself in the body of Begger. But when he found out about the condition of Mount Hua Sect he was totally disappointed. So can he restore the Mount Hua Sect to its former Glory and what future threats are lurking around him? Find answers to all these questions in this Manga.

7. The Game That I Came From

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Yet another amazing Manga that I somehow came across. This is the story of a player who somehow came back in time he thought that he had Maxed his player level and got the worst power of all time but instead it was THe Amazing power of all time.

It brought Ling Ce back in time and redo the things correctly from the beginning so that he doesn’t live the same life as he used to live.

He went back in time to the date when the game was first released. So, now he has everything he knowledge, time, and people to take care of, but the thing that he doesn’t have right now is money. Can he get out of the Slum and take care of the loans? And can he succeed in getting what he wants to get in this life?

8. Solo Max-Level Newbie

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Yet another game became reality-type Manga. This is the story of Jinhuk who is a Nutuber, and he was the only person who saw the ending of the popular game Tower of Trails.

But soon the popularity of the game started decreasing and it became difficult for him to continue making living as a gaming Nutuber.

So he decided to quit the game as he already has seen the ending. But everything changed when the Tower Of Trail became reality.

The world changed completely, and players who have played this game before started acting accordingly. And thus a new journey begins in Jinhuk’s life.

9. The Player That Can’t Level Up

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the story of Kim GiGyu, and as the name suggests he is the player that Can’t Level. He is a player who was Awakened at the age of 18. And after his awakening, he thought his life come back on track but to his disappointment, he can’t level up and can’t even clear climb up.

And thus 5 years have passed since then. But now all of sudden his life took a drastic change and what that might be you asked he finds a sword that can talk and only his sword but his other gears too. And these swords and gears can be leveled up.

Can he level up now? Can he climb the tower now? Find out all the answers to these problems in the Manga. And let me know in the comment if you find it interesting.

10. Poison Dragon: The Legend Of An Asura

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

The story takes place in the martial world and the protagonist’s clan, as well as his family, were massacred by Poison Clan and other big clans in the conspiracy.

And the main weapon that was used to massacre the whole clan was Poison. Protagonist Jin Ja-Kang was the sole survivor of his clan but he had the worst luck as his mother died in front of him and he was captured and was infused with various different and life-threatening poisons for many years.
Ultimately he becomes immune to poison and thus begins the story of Jin Ja-Kang and his road to take revenge.

Check out this amazing Manga. And let me know in the comment what do you think of this?

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11. My Path to Killing God In Another World

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the story of a simp who used to do the work of a girl and followed her into a game but misfortune struck him while he was logging in the gaming and he was sent somewhere else which look like a game but a totally different world instead of beginner village he was sent random place to face an unidentified enemy who crushed him like a fly.


After this, his new story begins in an unknown unidentified place.
Follow this manga to know more about what this simp has to face in the future.

12. The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Yet another amazing Manga that has Magic. This one is yet another Manga/Manhua that would definitely recommend to you if you are into magic-type manga.

This is the story of Diablo Volfir who was considered the strongest magician in the past and stood against the Gods when he discovered the truth.

But he lost against them and was sealed for 66666 years and now his seal was weakened is now born into a noble family.
So what will he do will he reach for the power of his previous life or even surpass his previous self. Go and find out for yourself and let me know in the comment down below what you think of this manga.

13. Maxed Out Leveling

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Next on the list of Manga/Manhua recommendations is Maxed Out Leveling.
This is the story of a Hero Jianhu, who has maxed out all the stats that he can. He was Murim’s famous and strongest, Cha Shin Hyeon.

He was forcefully abducted and was sent to Murim world to face challenges. But no one expected that he would really clear all the Murim challenges. Thus he was sent back to earth but why has the earth changed so much? And what will he do? Does he have a family to whom he can go back? Find all the answers to this question in the Manga.

14. The Max Level Hero Return

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Don’t confuse these with Manga as they are totally two different Manga.
The story follows a weak prince who went into a coma to attack his stepmom but this was a blessing in disguise he was sent to the realm of the hero of the past and was trained by all of them and now he has gained back his sense after his training.

And thus begins the new journey of Prince Davey Begins. What will be his course of action will he give up on his empire or does he have other plans to work on? You will only find answers to these questions in the Manga. So go check it out.

15. Return Of the 8th Class Magician

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the Story of a magician who reached the 8th circle of Magic and helped his best friend to conquer the whole continent but in return what he received was betrayal from his best friend Regnar.

And the reason that he gave was that he was too powerful and that everyone feared him. So he has to die now.

But he had a Magic Spell that he used to travel back in time. So, what do you think he wants. YESSS you guessed right he wants revenge. So, what will he do in order to gain it? Check out the Mang to know more about it.

16. Reformation Of The Deathbeat Nobel

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Well, we can somehow relate to this manga as at some point in life we were a Deadbeat. This is a story of a Nobel who was so damn lazy that he was famous for that all over the empire. But things changed when an old man appeared in his dream.

There is a little we know about this old man. He used to swing his sword daily for almost 20-30 years and he swung that sword till he died. But his old man changed his life. This deadbeat noble started swinging a sword. And that is where his life started changing.

What is the story of this old man and what the future holds for “Irene Perreira”. Check Out this amazing manga and let me know in the comment down below your thoughts on this.

17. Worn And Torn Newbie

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Worn and Torn Newbie is a story of a boy who dedicated most of his life to a game. But until the end, he struggled through this life and the game didn’t even help him. But took a sharp turn as he was sent back in time when the game was first launched.

Will the game pay him back this time and will the game make him achieve what he wanted in real life. Check out this manga to know all about him.

18. Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Check this manga Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight. There are many mangas where the main character uses a sword as his main weapon but there are very few where the main character’s weapon of choice is the spear.

So, this one is one of the few out there. This is the story of an undefeated spear knight who dedicated his whole life to the empire but in the end, he was betrayed by everyone and was assassinated when he was weak and helpless.

But his spear is no ordinary spear. That spear allows him to travel back in time and work on his mistake once again so that he doesn’t regret his decision anymore

And thus he started his journey from the Duchy household.

19. Max Level Return

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is a story of the massive abduction of people who were forced to play and kill the Demon King and after doing so one can return back to their main world.

But Yoom Sang-Hyuk the solo survivor failed to do so and now has to send back to earth but the mission is valid to date and dungeons started appearing all over the globe.

Clearing the dungeon gives one item and Yoon possesses all of them. Can he kill the demon kill now? Find out what these 120 million people do who were abducted once.

20. Nano Machine

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

In the beginning, this Manga created a hell of confusion. And I mean it you will know when you read it. But as the story moves on and you forget about 1st two chapters then the whole story makes sense.

This is the story of Yeo- Woo who was chased by an assassin but was helped by his future grandson or whatever he was. He gave him the power called Nano Machine which gives users a whole lot of superhuman abilities you will find what those are once you read it.

And due to it, he was able to stand out and started his journey of becoming crown prince of the empire. But his path is full of unknown difficulties.

He has to make a path by facing his brothers. He has to remove the six major clans and make his subordinates take their place.

This journey of his is full of adventure join him on his journey. And let me know what you think about this manga.

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21. Return Of The Frozen Players

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Yet another amazing Manga that I would like to recommend to you guys. Manga is full of action, and adventure.

This is the story of Seo Jun-ho who with his friend set out on a journey to defeat the Ice Queen who appeared after 5 years after dungeons started appearing all over the world. He somehow defeat the queen but it had cost him too much as he and his friends were frozen and there was no hope for them to revive.

But one day Seo Jun somehow appeared out of the Ice after 25 years. But the world has changed a lot since they will be able to keep up with the ranker and can he face the threats that are lurking around him? Get all the answers to these questions in the Manga.

22. Leveling Up With Gods

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Are you into some overpowered type of Manga? Then here’s one for you. The story follows Kim YuWon who with his comrades was trying to defeat inner circle Gods but failed to do so. Thus one of his friends gave a sacrifice and send him to pass when he started climbing up the tower.

With all the knowledge that he received from his friend, he starts his journey of solo climbing the tower by totally destroying the records set up by the previous players.

Can he make it to the top and kill the Gods this time around and what are the challenges that he will face. And to what extent he will be overpowered? Get all these answers by reading this amazing Manga.

23. The Great Mage Return After 4000 Years

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the story of Lucas Trumen who was prisoned by Demi-Gods and was imprisoned somewhere for 4000 years. But he somehow finds an opening because of a student called Frey Blake. And as that student commits suicide Lukas Takeover his body. And thus Great Mage Returned after 4000 years.

Demi-Gods are planning on taking over the whole world and are planning to deceive god. By using smoking of material by which they can freely interfere in the Human World without God noticing them.

Can Lukas stop them and can he beat the Demi-Gods if he can then how? Read this Manga to know more.

24. Demonic Emperor

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the story of a Demonic Emperor who was feared by everyone to the extent no one dared to stand against him.

But he was betrayed by his only disciple whom he considered one of his own. Thus dying by his hands. But fate has something else for him his soul escaped and acquired the body of a boy who was dead.

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From there on begin his journey of taking revenge on all those who stood against him especially his disciple who betrayed him.

Follow this vicious demon king who can take anyone down how so ever strong they are.
Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section down below.

25. Mercenary Enrollment

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the only Manga that is based on Modern World it unique and can hook the reader. This Manga follows Yu Ijin who was the sole survivor o the accident which took away his memory as well as his family from him.

And thus he leads a life that is unknown to many. He became a Mercenary and that was to be a no.1 mercenary. But after 10 years he regained his memory he escaped from that hell as his memory started gathering back he remembered he has his grandfather and sister.

Thus began his new life but violence, and crime is everywhere can he live a normal life as a high schooler? Will his past hunt him down or not? Get all these answers in the manga and let me know what you think about this manga.

26. Solo Leveling

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

If you are into Manga then you must have heard about this Manga. This manga is just amazing and I really mean it. I have recommended this Manga many times before but for the ones who are new here I have suggested it once again.

The Story follows Sung Jin-Woo who is considered the weakest of weakest among the Hunter. Hunter came into existence when Gates started appearing all over the world. Hunter has to clear these gates or dungeons.

So, Sung Jin-Woo was also clearing a dungeon with his party but one day he and his party went into a strange dungeon and that is where things took a sharp turn all the members of the Sung Jin-Woo’s party died and he sacrificed himself in order to help 2 member escape.

But instead of dying, he got the power of shadows which allows him to form a shadow soldier and many other things. Join Jin in this amazing Solo Leveling Up journey and defeat the Monarchs of other worlds.

And the best thing is you don’t have to wait for a new chapter every other week as the manga is already completed.

27. Volcanic Age

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

You might consider reading this one too yet another amazing manga that I would like to recommend to you guys.

The story takes place in the Murim world and mainly focuses on the conflicts between the orthodox, Unortodax Sect, and Demonic Sect. And after the war Joo who was just a side character in the war and regretted his life and want to change it if possible.

But there is nothing that he can do about it but on his death beat, he was given a second chance to change what need to be changed in the past, and thus he was sent back to his young self around 13-year-old.

So, what will he do now? Can he really change the future and can he stop the demonic sects from creating Havoc in the Murim world?

28. Dungeon Reset

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

How will you feel if you are stuck in a room forever and that is when you were kidnapped by someone.

A similar thing happened to the protagonist of this story he was brought into the world of dungeons where one has to clear the dungeon in order to escape this hell. But it is not easy as they have to kill the dungeon monster and boss in order to do so. And during that time our protagonist sacrificed himself to save his friends. And thus fell into a hole full of spikes.

But he did not die and was considered as an error from thereon. And now he can’t die he will be reset back when the dungeon is cleared. So, what will he do from now on? Know all these by reading this amazing Manga.

29. Survival Story Of a Sword King in A Fantasy World

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is a story of an ordinary soldier who was on his way home when he was abducted and forced to live in a fantasy world. But due to an error, he was stuck in the tutorial section for almost 2 decades.

And when he was finally out he was already an overpowered character.

Ryu Han-Bin is the protagonist of this Manga. Started to live his normal life in this fantasy world without any goal. But he always gets wrapped in one or the other things.

Also into the things which were out of his hand ultimately he was forced to face the heroes of this world who were framing against God.

So, can he stop them to do so? And can he go back to his original world? Find out by reading this amazing manga.

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30. Legend Of The North Blade

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is the story of a boy named Jin Kwan- Ho who was the last member of the Northern Blade Sect and the son of the sect leader.

He was betrayed by his comrade and by the whole o the world as he fought against the Silent Knight all his life and yet they treated him like that and forced him to kill himself in front of his son.

The boy help capacitive in the Northern Sect but he never gave up and he kept struggling and reading everything was in this broken sect. Join Jin in his journey by reading this Manga.

31. The Sword Of Glory

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Look for some dark-themed manga then this might be for you. As the story is about a father and his the Story might confuse you as sometime it focuses on the father’s point of view and sometimes it focuses on the son’s point of view.

The story begins with people beginning slaughtered and making it clear that this is the Era of Warrior and power is everything. One certain blacksmith who made a sword for his son was killed by a warrior infront of his grandson.

And thus grandson decides he will become a warrior and fight him. But soon he was captured due to some circumstance. And at the same time, his father is returning from the battlefield and was looking for his family but found out that his father is killed and his child is sold on the slave market.

Now in order to find him to what extent will he go. Follow him on this journey of his.

32. Tales Of Demon And God

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is one of those Chinese Manga that is worth reading. And I really mean it most of the Chinese manga that I read are so trash and the amount of talking that is done in it is just absurd with that low quality of graphics.

But mark my words you will not regret it you keep up with all this and read up to 50 chapters that are where things started looking good in this manga,

And the story follows Nie Li, who has come back in time to his younger self after he was killed by the Supreme One. So, this time around he decides he will do whatever it takes to kill him while correcting all the mistakes that he made in his previous life.

Can he achieve his goals and can he save this world o his from various enemies that have god-like powers? Get answers to all these questions in the Manga.

33. One Piece

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

One Piece is one of the Big Names in the anime industry. And same goes for its Manga. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy who dreams to become a Pirate king One day. He alongside his Nakama has set his foot in the world of pirates with lots of dreams and adventure.

Check out this amazing with lots of mystery, adventure, action, and various other emotional elements let me know in the comment section below what you think about his manga.

This manga is the longest manga with more than 1000+ chapters and the ending is still not near.
And the anime episode is also above 1000+. Watch it or read it it is up o you

34. The Beginning After The End

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

You might be thinking all the Manga in this list are almost based on betrayal but what can I do these are the type o Manga that provides the best of the best type of action type manga.

That type of thing happens to the protagonist of t his Manga but the thing is he doesn’t seek revenge as he was reincarnated into the new world.

The story follows King Grey who betrayed and was killed/ Later he was reborn in the world of Magic. And thus begin his new journey in this Fantasy World.
Will he repeat the mistake that he made in this life or will he live a totally different life? Find out by reading this amazing manga.

35. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Two seasons of this Manga are available. But if you want to read the manga then it is also quite good to read.

The story follows a man who likes a very miserable life and had no one in his life to care for him. And one certain day while trying to save his coworker he was stabbed by a robber and died.

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He was reincarnated in a fantasy world as slime. But he was not any ordinary slime he has quite a power he can take the ability of others can transform them and whatnot. Find out more about his power and adventure by reading this manga.

36. Mushoku Tensei – Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This is a story of a NEET otaku who was house stuck bullied by others and that to be an extreme level. And one day back at his home he stuck a truck and was sent straight to a world full of magical power.

And thus now he decides not to repeat the same thing that he did in his previous life. And now he lives by the name called Rudeus Greyrat. Join him on his journey and how will he lead his life.

37. Onepunch-Man

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

This Manga has also its anime version. But I guarantee you that the manga of One-Punch Man is no less than its anime. Art by ONE is amazing it doesn’t even seem like we are reading manga. It more or less feels like we are watching a black and white anime. The art of this manga is on another level.

Well, apart from art its storyline is just amazing. The story follows Saitama who used to us a normal human beginning with no motivation for life But then he decided that he will change his life and live as a Hero for Fun and thus he worked out. Thus becoming insanely powerful.

No one comes near to him in the level of power he just smashes his enemy with a single punch.

But he struggles to become famous as during his moment no one is there to witness, or someone takes credit for his work, or it seems nearly impossible for a C rank hero to do that kind of work.

Can he become a famous Hero despite begin Booed by people who he fights? What are the other threats lurking around the world? Join him in his adventure of smashing enemies with a single punch.

38. I Am The Sorcerer King

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Next up on the list is the Sorcerer King. Manga is already complete and it is totally worth it to read. TIll the end, MC is OP and does things differently.

The story goes like this 10 years ago, monsters started appearing and were attacking the earth there mission was to eradicate all mankind.

Nobody knew who was behind this, but a miracle happens and mankind also evolved and a new generation of awakened people started emerging. They would hunt these monsters and protect mankind from various species.

Lee SungHoon is struggling as his mother fell ill and he doesn’t have money to treat her. This eventually leads Jim to do difficult jobs.
During this job, an incident occurred and eventually led to his awakening. And thus begin the new life as Lee SungHoon can he cure his mother’s disease and can he save the earth from the crisis that will emerge in the near future find out answers to all these questions by reading this amazing manga.

39. Kingdom

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

The kingdom is also another manga that I would like to recommend as it shows a little bit of Chinese history all well how brutal war could be. Not only for this reason but also the story of this Manga is amazing It has an anime adaptation but they cut many seen from it so I would recommend you to read the mana as it will give you full context of the story.

This is the story of the Chinese Era when china was divided into 5 warring states. And each and every state was fighting to conquer the whole region for themselves. And the protagonist of this Manga is Xin a commoner who dreams to become even great general under the heavens.

His dreams are big but his will is even bigger. He and his friend the King of the country have to same goal to unite the country of China and you might be asking how a commoner is a friend of a King know the answer by reading this Manga.

40. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Yet another Ranking type Manga that is totally action-packed with OP main character. This is the story of Yeon-woo who had a twin brother. And he went missing 5 years ago but one day he receive a pocket watch left behind by his brother which possesses all the information regarding what happened to him.

Rom that point in time begins a new story of a Ranker who is there not to climb the tower but to take revenge on the people who betrayed and killed him.

I know this list contains too much about betrayal but read this manga you wouldn’t regret it.

41. Tower Of God

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Here is an alert before I explain the story of this manga.

In my opinion, the story is pulled way too much, and Mc is portrayed as a simp for about half of the manga as he keeps following a girl who betrayed him again and again and again to the point that I stopped counting and stopped reading the manga.

But still, it is readable as the storyline is good and If you can ignore the thing that I mentioned above then go for it. The story follows Bam whose background story is unknown and everything about him is unknown the only thing that is known is that he is an irregular person who is from outside of the tower.

He followed a girl named Rachel who left him to climb the tower. But little does he know there is a greater purpose for him to begin in the tower. What changes will he bring to the tower how can he threaten the King Of Jahhad who is said to be the owner of the Tower Of God?

Find out about him and about the Tower of God in this Manga and let me know whether you agree with me or not?

42. Tokyo Manji Revengers

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

The first time I watched the anime this Manga I felt that it this going to be a hit. And my assumption was right. I was so hooked that I end up reading the manga.

And here is my honest thought on it. Overall the storyline is good character development is good, suspense creation is also good. But the only thing that I felt was wrong was the author on purpose extend the story as he could have ended one thing in one single go by letting the protagonist connect the dots one by one in a single instead of making it a lengthy process.

The story revolves around Takemichi who is a 26 years old unemployed virgin who lives his life full of regret. Working in the store he used to live his normal life. But one day while traveling to his home by train he was pushed onto a track to his surprise, he did not die instead, he was 13 years into the past during his High School years.

But the question is can he really change his life as he was given one chance by whosoever it is?

43. Omniscient Reader’S Viewpoint

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

How will feel if one day you went into the world of Manga that you loved to read?

Well, this thing happened to the protagonist of this manga. The whole of the world swallowed and people were in the manga that the protagonist was reading. Can he survive in this world as he was nothing but a bookworm in his school?

44. Sss-Class Suicide Hunter

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

Sss class suicide hunter is a story of a boy who got an ability by which he can’t die but instead will be teleported back in time. So, what will this boy do with this godly power of his?

Will he end this disaster that is upon the world or would he create havoc in this world with his power? Tell me your opinion about this manga in the comment section.

Here are my thoughts on this one- I had to drop this manga because there is no point watching someone who just dies and comes back every single time it is so boring. Even to train he has to die. To take revenge he has to die to escape someone he has to die. For every single thing, he has to die.

But the overall rating of other people is great so I thought you guys might like it. So, I mentioned this manga in the list.

45. The Blade Of Evolution

Best Manga/Manhua Recommendation FOR YOU

During a mission, our protagonist awakens an ability but his ability is trash. So, he couldn’t even do a single thing and the party members end up dying except for the protagonist.

The only good thing that happened to him in this dungeon was that he got a sword. Which lets him level up ad that? So, how will he use this sword of his?

With this, I would like to wrap up this list of Manga/Manhua recommendations. I hope you like it and comment down your views on this. I know I was not active recently but from now on I will be active and you can expect 2-3 these kinds of articles in weeks.

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