25 Best Adventure Anime

Hey, guys hope you guys are doing great. Are you looking for 25 Best Adventure Anime if you are here for some adventure-type anime then you are in right place.

I have not only selected 25 anime that has a good storyline but also those anime that are not that famous in the mainstream.

And if you are new to the anime world then you most probably didn’t watch these anime. And you must watch them.

If you guys want to list on any other genre then you are free to comment. I will make sure that I make one blog for you.

So now, let us get straight to the list of anime for which you guys are here.

25 Best Adventure Anime

Fairy Tail

25 Best Adventure Anime

Well, I will highly recommend this one to you.  The story follows Natsu who is a fire elemental magic-user. And the anime begins by following a 16-year-old girl called Lucy. She wants to become a full-fledged mage. And to achieve her dream she wants to join a famous guild. But was in serious trouble as she couldn’t figure out which one to join.

While she was traveling from here and there she met Natsu Dragneel. Who is from a very famous guild called Fairy Tail? But to her surprise neither Natsu nor Fairy Tail is normal.

Her very first encounter with Natsu as well as his guild member was a wild one. And from this point on begins a new journey for Lucy, Happy, and Natsu.

By the way, Happy is a magical cat that follows Natsu everywhere. This anime is a TV series and is just on another level. It’s my wish that anime makers make more TV series like this but nowadays there are fewer and fewer TV series and more and more ecchi anime or anime with few seasons.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 

25 Best Adventure Anime

This anime has 2 seasons and if you are into an anime where Mc is betrayed and take revenge then this might be one for you.

So, the story follows a 17-year-old Hajime Nagumo who is your average otaku. He used to live his normal student life just like the rest of us. But the life of his and his classmate turns upside down when they all were summoned into a fantasy world as a hero. And their mission was to clear dungeons that were said to be impossible to conquer.

And thus he and his party started clearing the dungeon. But due to jealousy one of his teammates betrayed him and push him into the labyrinth. 

And thus begin the new journey of Hajime to survive the deepest part of the dungeon and take his revenge. So, how will make this possible? Watch the anime to know more.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

25 Best Adventure Anime

This is an isekai-type anime. For those who don’t know what isekai means, it means anime or manga in which the main character is summoned to another world.

The story follows Naofumi who is one of the 4 heroes who was summoned into a fantasy world. But unlike other heroes, he had not wonderful abilities. As the power he has is of the shield. But even before he can fight any monster he was schemed by the princess of the country and was convicted in charge of raping her.

And thus now the Naofumi has to prove himself that he is not guilty. But as well as to fight the monster. As the other hero is useless and keeps lurking around.

There are 2 seasons of this anime but season 2 is literally shit. But well that is my opinion watch yourself and find out how is the anime.

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 

25 Best Adventure Anime

Yet anothre isekai type manga. And the story follows a 37-year-old man who was just living his boring life. But things changed when one day on his way back home he was killed in action to save his colleague.

And he was thus born into a fantasy world as a slime. But wait before you start making assumptions in your mind that it would be a boring anime. I highly recommend this anime. 

He is not your ordinary slime but he has an extraordinary ability to change the shape and ability of things that he eats.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood

25 Best Adventure Anime

This anime is one of the Netflix-adapted anime. The story follows a courageous Dragon Night who is on a mission to stop a deadly demon from descending on earth in an epic fantasy using his Dragon Power.

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Will he be able to stop this Demon from descending? Follow him on his adventure to know.


25 Best Adventure Anime

Another Netflix adapted series and this series is based on a famous game. League of Legends.  And include the following characters from the game: Vi, Jinx, Jayce, and Catrina.

The story takes the palace in utopian Piltover and Zaun in the oppressed underground. The story is about how two legends of the League of Legends were born and how the power that controls this world separated them.

Dr. Stone

25 Best Adventure Anime

Another amazing anime with a unique story. I will highly recommend you to watch this if you haven’t watched it. You might learn science just kidding.

This is a story of a Senku a prodigy who has everything that a student wishes he had. A sharp mind, presence of mind, and most important he is an expert in science. But the world came to halt as every human was petrified. 

But one day somehow Senku came back to life and realise its been thousands of years since then.  Now has a dream to revive modern word in the stone age. But will this be easy as many humans don’t want to live in the modern world and would prefer to live in the stone age? An age where power controls everything, not money and the mind.

Join Senku in his journey of reviving the modern world and solving the mystery of how the world of petrified.

Goblin Slayer

25 Best Adventure Anime

What will you do if you were an adventurer? Will you take on the strong enemy or will you prefer killing goblins? And by any chance, you underestimate goblins you will regret the same thing that happen to the young priestess and her party who were annihilated by goblins.

But a young man rescued her from this hell. As this man’s life goal is to eliminate all the goblins he knows how fierce these creatures are. 

Violet Evergarden

25 Best Adventure Anime

The story follows a female protagonist who is in search of the meaning behind the words of her creator. This is the story of Violet who is a robot designed to fight on the battlefield. As her role is done she has nothing to do except for looking for the meaning behind the words of her owner which she can’t forget even if she tries. The great war between North and South ended after four years. 

In search of meaning, she travels across the continent meeting new people and getting new experiences. Follow her on this mysterious journey of her which is full of surprise.

100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 

25 Best Adventure Anime

This is the story of Yotsuke Yuusuke a normal high school student who is an introvert. One certain day he was summoned into an unknown place where he meet a begin who called himself Game Master. And was teleported to a parallel world of earth. And is given a mission that he has to complete if not he will die.

But the role which he get was of a farmer can he complete this mission. But to his surprise, he is not only in this world his classmate is also here.

What is going on and what will the consequence of his action be. Watch this anime to know everything.

Yakusoku no Neverland

25 Best Adventure Anime

Here is an anime if you want a genre change that has adventure as well as horror at the same time.

The story begins in Grace Field which is home to all the orphans. Without any parents or family. But with all the kids at the orphan and a kind caretaker there Mama this orphanage is a Big Happy family. 

Their daily life was like a normal children’s lots of study in the morning but in the evening it’s a fun time. But this family has to follow one rule never go past the orphanage. And they had no means to do so as they were happy and used to get picked by someone till the age of 12. 

But in every group there are some who don’t want to break the rule in this story two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman were the ones. But to their surprise, the truth that they found out was horrifying for a child. They were a food stock for a demon and the orphanage was livestock.

But now the question can they convince other and escape from this hell? What dangers do these children face? Find out by watching this anime.

Bungou Stray Dogs

25 Best Adventure Anime

Bungou Stray Dogs is a battle-action story that revolves around the league of literary figures who have supernatural power. For instance, in their real life, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke wrote a few stories which inspired the Aoi Bungaku Series anime’s Jigoku Hen (Hell Screen) arc and Kurosawa Akira’s Rashomon film.

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But in Bungou Stray Dogs he has the ability to transform his cloak into a monster-like entity. And while working together these writers solve many mysteries under the name of the Armed Detective Agency.

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Vinland Saga

25 Best Adventure Anime

Another mind-blowing anime is full of fantasy, action, and adventure. This anime got all. The theme of the anime is based on Vikings and if you are into Vikings then you will love it. 

The story follows Thorfinn a young lad who used to live a peaceful life until one day people came looking for his father one of the greatest Viking to kill him. Now Thorfinn is seeking revenge from the one who killed his father.


25 Best Adventure Anime

Well, this is a card game. But have an adventure in it.  This Yugioh series zero is another version of the Duel monster. This begins when Yugioh found his puzzle. Check out the anime to know more about this.


25 Best Adventure Anime

This one is a highly recommended one if you are looking for anime with comedy, action, sci-fi, and adventure. The story takes place in an era when aliens have overtaken the world. Even the samurai have been suppressed and are forbidden to use swords.

This anime follows a samurai called Gintoki who is a samurai with a very unique style. In the beginning, anime is full of comedy. Later on, anime takes a serious phase but comedy here and there. 

You should watch it and take my words you will love it. Anime is complete and its last movie was released this year. 


25 Best Adventure Anime

Up next on the list of Best Adventure Anime. It is one of the most amazing dark theme-based anime. The story takes place in ancient japan when the concept of demon and samurai were in the mainstream.

This is a story of a boy who was abandoned by his family on the day of his birth as he was possessed by demons or oni in the Japanese language. He was ordered to be killed on the very day of his birth by his father but escaped with other people’s help.  But he had no limbs no eye, was deaf, and even can’t talk.

From there on he was found by a person who gives prosthetic legs to war-injured people. He then began his journey by killing demons but it turned out that by killing a few specific demons he gets his limbs back.

Douluo Dalo

25 Best Adventure Anime

This is the only Chinese anime that I have added to this list and this is the only Chinese anime that I follow. I will highly recommend you this anime because it has everything that makes a story amazing.

Be it action, regression, adventure, great character development, and even the pace by which anime moves are good. But the only thing that I do not like is its anime duration it is always less than 20 min. And in that, they add intro, recap, ads and etc. It has more than 200 episodes so I don’t it will matter much in the beginning.

But apart from this everything is amazing. Now let’s take a look at its story. 

The story follows Tang-san who was one of the top students of a cult but to fulfill his dream he did a forbidden act and thus committed suicide. Now he is regressed into another world where people are familiar with magic, magical beast and etc.

Join him on his adventure to know what the future holds for him.

Kami no Tou

25 Best Adventure Anime

To be honest with you guys at the beginning I was excited about this anime and it did stand up to my expectation in anime. But few things in this anime I didn’t like. I will not point it out here as it will ruin your experience. Apart from that, you should watch it.

It has action, adventure, and mystery that should be in every story that makes any story more amazing.

The story of anime follows Bam who is irregular which means one who is from outside of the tower. And he came to the tower in order to meet the girl who helped him in his time of need.

So, he begins to climb the tower without giving any thought to other things. And in the process, he made many friends. Which made this journey more joyful. 

So, watch this anime to know what he is going to do and how will he find that girl.

UQ Holder!

25 Best Adventure Anime

Yet another Adventure Anime with magic. I don’t why but I’m more into anime with magic or other superhuman ability. Are you the same as I or I’m alone? Tell me in the comment about your opinion.

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It’s been a decade since the people of the earth came in contact with magic and since then the world has completely changed. It is completely different from our modern world. But the protagonist of this anime Touta is totally different he lives in seclusion from the outer world in a rural town. He has few people in his life such as a magic-using female teacher and his friends. But one day this simple yet happy life was disrupted and thus he goes on his new adventure.

Mahoutsukai no Yome

25 Best Adventure Anime

This is the story of Hatori Chise, don’t confuse him with one from Ninja Hatori. Her gender is different as well as her story is also different. She is only 16 but has almost her family and whatever she tries to do fails at it. 

But one day she encountered a magus and soon felt her hard stuck faith start moving in the right direction. But is it a mere illusion or it is really light for her liberation? As this magus looks more like a demon and less like a human. Find the answer in the anime,

The God of High School

25 Best Adventure Anime

You must watch this one I highly recommend you this anime. I’m desperately waiting for the second season of this anime.

The theme of this anime is a martial art with supernatural ability include. You will know what I mean when you will watch this anime. 

The story follows Jin Mori who is a high school student and is on his way to a fighting tournament. This is not your ordinary fighting tournament people can die this tournament and the future course of people’s lives can also change with the result of this tournament. 

You will know everything when you will watch the anime. So, just check it out.

Steins; Gate 

25 Best Adventure Anime

Here is another adventure anime but this time theme is based on science and the protagonist is a science freak. You will know why I said this about him when you will see him yourself.

This is a story of a group of science freak friends who lives in the district of Akihabara and have converted their microwave into a time machine somehow. I’m from a science background but I didn’t get a single clue what they said or I just didn’t bother to listen to them but a fact remains that the plot of this is amazing. 

Well, it is not all happy things happening in this anime. An organization called SERN is now behind them as they have to avoid them at all costs as they want this time machine for their own dirty plans. So, will they be successful or will the time machine fall into their hand? 


25 Best Adventure Anime

This anime takes top place in both best anime of all time and best anime in the dark segment. 

And take my words you agree with me when you will watch this anime. There is a Netflix adaptation of this anime series.

The story follows a man called Guts, who is called “The Black Swordsman” by others. In his early days, he has been through a lot but he never gave up and stood up against every challenge he face and the overcoming his hard days. 

And thereafter he joined a mercenaries group called,  the Band of the Hawk. And thus begins his life’s most happy as well as dark days. Find the meaning behind these words by watching this next-level anime.


25 Best Adventure Anime

This anime is full of energy, youthfulness, and whatnot. It got an amazing plot and character development, and most importantly it got magic.

The story follows Seth who is a young aspiring lad who is a sorcerer by profession and lives on Pompo Hill. And just like other wizards of this world he is infected and is one of the few lucky ones who survived the contact with Nemesis. Nemesis is a creature who has fallen from sky and contaminated the one who comes in contact with him.

Thus this young lad decides to remove this curse by destroying it and thus he goes on an adventure full of surprise. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.


25 Best Adventure Anime

Don’t get confused by the name God Eater this has nothing to do with real god. The story takes place in the year 2071 in Japan. The whole world is destroyed by mysterious monsters whom people called Aragami. 

But to fight these monsters an organization was set called Fenrir and thus by killing them, they made weapons from their cell called God Arcs, and the ones who kill these monsters were called God Eater.

Earlier there were mainly two types was weapons made out of these cells Blade and Gun type but a new generation of weapons came into existence from here anime begins.


With this first part of Best Adventure Anime is finished. Stay tuned for the second part. Let me know in the comment if you want to suggest to me an anime that I should watch. 

You can also suggest to me other adventure anime that you think I should add to this list.

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