Animes With Sword Fighting

Looking for some animes with amazing sword fights? Then you are at the right place. As I have selected 30 such types of animes. On average, this list has anime with a rating of 7.5. So, be assured that the anime names in this list will be some big ones.

The rating of these anime has been taken from So if you like you can crosscheck the rating. I have selected a total of 30 different anime. So, now let’s get straight at the list. Hope you like it and if you do. Then leave your valuable comment. This motivates me to write more such content.

Another quick note these animes are randomly placed not in any ascending or descending order.

Hakuouki (7.37)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The story of Hakuouki follows Yukimura Chizuru, a girl looking for her father as he went missing. And this is the adventure story of things she encounters while in search of him. Chizuru is a daughter of a doctor who works in Edo.

One day her father took a volunteer doctor job in Kyoto and moved there without taking her. And since then his contact is lost from her. As time passes by Chizuru started worrying about if she will lose her bond with her father forever so she decides to find his wear about by going to Kyoto.

And on her way to Kyoto she is caught in a conflict between the Oni and the Shinsengumi. Thereafter Shinsengumi takes her in custody and eventually, they discover that she daughter of the doctor they are looking for thus they join her in her journey of finding her and act as her protector. Can she find wear about her father?

Mushibugyou (7.31)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Action anime with sword fighting and martial are my favorite category of anime. I would watch any anime which have these things in it. That much psycho I’m for these types of anime. And Mushibugyou is one of them.

The story takes place in the Edo-era of Japan in the early 1700s. This time around it is under the eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune. Who came up with the I idea to interact with its citizen so that he can change things and make the life of his people better.

And when people’s opinions came across the shogun he creates a new magistrate unit—Mushibugyou. This is a group full of elite martial artists. And each of them has its unique martial art and fighting technique. Hopefully, you love it.

One Piece (8.67)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Another anime with sword fighting though it is not a prominent fighting style the second main character is the user of it and it has a fair amount of sword fight in the whole series. And most probably you might have watched or heard about it.

One Piece follows a character name Monkey D.Luffy who sails to sea in order to become the Pirate King. He with his crew member who he has to recruit through various ways explores all the adventures that this world has to offer and eventually comes across the ultimate truth that is been hidden from the world. So can our protagonist achieve his dream or will he meet his end just like many others? To find out his story check out this anime.

Black Clover(8.13)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Yet another anime full of sword fighting. The story of Black Clover follows an orphan boy Asta who dreams to become Magic Emperor. But he is not the only one who is seeking this position his childhood friend Yuno who is also an orphan and his rival also want this position.

Thus they are in fierce competition. But the problem is that Asta doesn’t even have a single ounce of magic whereas Yuno is blessed with the 4 clover leaf magic which was the magic of the first Magic Emperor.

So, how will our protagonist Asta will compete with Yuno? Or you can say does he even have a chance to take the first step which is to become a magic knight? Well, you have to find out by watching this anime.

Skeleton Knight In Another World (7.20)

Animes With Sword Fighting

This is one of the new-generation anime that I would suggest you watch. I have written a review about this anime you can check it out before watching this anime. Skeleton Knight Review.

The story has the same concept that is of overlord. The story goes like this a top gamer finds himself in the game that he used to play. With his character. To add more to it all the skills that he had are still there and he totally OP.

But there is a problem that he has skin skeleton skin which is permanent. And thus he sets out on a journey to remove this curse or skin. While meeting various In-game Characters. So what is the future hold for him? Check out the anime to know more.

Buuchigire! (6.01)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The story of Buuchigire takes place in an era when samurai ruled Japan. And during this time all the Shinsengumi were annihilated by a single unknown entity and left behind one survivor.

And now to protect Kyoto new 8 Shinsengumi captains were placed but due to their previous line of work they are not quite suitable and compatible with each other and with jobs. So how will the local feudal lord, Katamori Matsudaira and Toudou overcome this problem and create a whole new Shinsengumi? Check out the anime to find out.

Strike The Blood (7.05)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Strike The Blood tells the story of the Fourth Primogenitor. The Fourth Primogenitor is known to be the strongest vampire that only should have existed in Legend. He is accompanied by twelve Kenjuu who were experts in spreading calamity.

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And thus to stop them the government of Japan where these vampires exist dispatch an attack mage known as Sword Shaman together with Lion King. But due to some reason, this time around t an apprentice Sword Shaman girl was sent. Her name is Himegari Yukina she wields the strongest anti-primogenitor spirit spear. So what will she do after arriving at Demon District Itogami City?

Shaonian Ge Xing (6.87)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The theme of this anime revolves around Martial Arts. And what will happen when Martial artists from all across the world fight against each other? This anime is Chinese anime but you might enjoy it equally as Japanese dub anime.

The story of this anime goes like this after the mysterious death of Wangyou, Who was the MAster of Hanshui temple simultaneously news about Golden Coffin was spread across the world. And this news triggered a huge conflict in the World of Martial Artists. Watch the anime and follow the group of youths, Lei Wujie, Tang Lian, Sikong Qianluo, Xiao Sem, and Heavenly Maiden Rui on their adventure to discover the mystery behind the Golden Coffin.

Basilisk (7.55)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The story takes place in the year 1614AD. And there is a huge clash among the son of Hidetada Tokugawa. Each of them supports by two big ninja clans.

And thus they came up with the idea of a death match among ten representatives of the Ninja Clan. The prize will be a scroll and the annihilation of the other sect. So who is going to win this Blood War? And who is going to become the successor of the Shogun? Find out all the answers to these questions in the anime.

Bleach (7.89)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Did you ever wish to have an ability that allows you to see ghosts? Personally, I would not prefer to have such an ability I’m happy with everything I have. But the protagonist of this series can see undead/ghosts/spirits since his childhood. Even with that, he was living his normal life.

Until he came across Kuchiki Rukia who is a Shinigami. She was on a mission to kill an evil spirit called Hollow but was injured in action and that is when she came across Kurosaki Ichigo our protagonist. So what changes will take place when these two meet who are not supposed to meet each other?

Noragami (7.96)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Yet another fantastic anime series with lots of sword action. Noragami is the story of Yato Gami or a God whose name is Yato who has been the strip of his position as God. The story takes place in a realm where almost eight million Gods, and dead spirits. And the power of these Gods is determined by their followers. The god with the highest followers is the most powerful and vice-versa.

And among these gods is Yato an ancient warrior God who is on the verge of begin extent. You may ask how. If Yato Gami losses all his followers he will die. And thus this playful Yato game is trying his best to create new followers but due to his nature this seems to be impossible and that is when he meets a high school girl called Iki Hiyori.

Fate/Stay Night (8.19)

The story of Fate/Stay Night revolves around a war called The Holy Grail War. This war is a battle royal which is fought among seven magi. These Mag’s are Master who bears a seal and these seals allow them to summon servants they are not your normal servants but war heroes from their dimension and they will fight amongst each other to get The Ultimate Prize The holy Grail.

This Holy Grail can make any wish come true and thus with this begins the fifth Holy Grail war. Rin Toosaka is one of the seven magi who entered the competition with her servant Archer. And at the same time by mistake one of her classmates also gets involved in this war and summoned a servant name Saber. Thus they form a temporary alliance.

Brave 10 (6.76)

Animes With Sword Fighting

A young priestess named Isanami is forced to watch evil ninjas burn down her temple as well as her people right infront of her. She is left with no choice but to flee from there and seek help for her revenge. And thus she ran and ran and ran until she stumbled across a Ninja who is masterless his name is Saizou Kirigakure.

They both started traveling together to seek help from Saizou Kirigakure who lives in Ueda Castle. And when they finally met Isanami reveals her secret and thus he agrees to help her. And thus form a group called Brave 10. This group’s sole purpose is to find and annihilate those evil ninjas. Each of these Nija possesses tremendous power and technique.

Samurai 7 (7.45)

Animes With Sword Fighting

With a similar concept to Brave 10. Samurai 7 is the story where 7 samurai gather to stand against evil. And we viewers are blessed to watch this epic battle that is going fought between them.

The story of Samurai 7 takes place in a far distant future a planet that looks like earth or even can be called earth. There was a war going on between samurais who mechanized themselves. And eventually when the war ended peace thrived across the land. But complete peace is a myth.

There is always someone who destroyed other people’s happy life. And the same thing happens with the people of Kanna Village. They face threats such as starvation and abductions at the hands of fearsome mechanized bandits. Thus people of the village hired samurais to fight against these bandits. But the problem is that they have nothing to offer to them the only thing they can offer is food.

So, with all these problems few people decide to take on this challenge and went on a journey to find a few capable samurai who are willing to help them.

Claymore (7.75)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Youma are human flesh-eating demons who are roaming around the world. One of them entered Raki’s village and annihilate the whole village and when he thought he is dead he is saved by a woman called Clair. A silver-eyed warrior whose sole purpose in life is to exterminate these Youma.

Raki who has nowhere to go decides to follow Clair and started to learn her backstory. She is a part of a group called Claymore a group made up of half human half Youma. They are beings who fight against Youma. And as they cross each village and they are the closing distance between their destination he leans more about Clair and her peers.

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Shigurui (7.38)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Another amazing Anime with a sword fight. The story of Shigurui takes place in Edo Era, this time around people is enjoying their peace. But Lord Tokugawa has other planes. He decides to hold a tournament where marital artist fight against each other.

In past, they used to fight against each other using wooden swords. But this time around rules have changed and real swords are being used. Two disciples of Iwamoto Kogan are the main contestant in this fight one is blind and the other is armed and they will fight against each to determine the greatest one among them.

But only one can be champion and the winner will be declared the greatest disciple of Iwamoto Kogan.

Blade of the Immortal (6.82)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Hmm, I haven’t watched this anime myself but after reading the synopsis of this anime I think it might be a good one. Here is how the anime goes.

Swordsmen known as Hunder Mankiller in feudal Japan are roaming all around Japan. He got this name by killing hundreds of innocent humans. This is the story of Majin a cursed swordsman. Cursed you may ask how?

Well, he has a curse of immortality which was given to him by eight-hundred-year-old nun Yaobiuni, she places a bloodworm in his body which can heal any kind of wound. And struggling all through this curse he asked her to free him from this curse and she asked him to kill 1000 evil men.

And now he is roaming all around Japan when he came across a girl called Ri. She wants his help to take revenge on the people who killed her parents. Though Majin refused to help her she reluctantly pursues him and thus he eventually gives up and decides to protect her for 4 years.

Rurouni Kenshin (8.29)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The storyline of this anime takes viewers to the end of the Bakumatsu era. When there was a legendary assassin called Hitokiri Battousai. He was famous for his merciless killing and was unmatched throughout the country. But one day he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

And now it’s been 10 years since peace thrived throughout the country. But his name still makes veteran officers tremble in fear. And far from all this our protagonist Hitokiri Battousai is living his life in peace while traveling and now he has decided not to kill anymore. And help out the weak.

And while traveling he came across a dojo where a girl named Kaoru Kamiya was facing problems from a fake Hitokiri Battousai. And thus he decided to halt his travel a little and help her out. But the question is will this would allow him to keep his vow or he has to go back from his vow?

Kimetsu No Yaba (8.53)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Well, this anime got everything that an anime lover needs- sword fight(check), amazing storyline(check), mindblowing animation(check), and character development(check). Name it and this anime got it.

The story goes like this Kamado Tanjiro a young lad living in the countryside on a hill with his family peacefully. When a tragedy strikes him and his family. His family was slaughtered by a Demon. And fortunately, his sister survives but she has now turned into a demon.

Now our protagonist Kamado Tanjiro seeks revenge and wants to kill the demon who turned his sister into a demon and slaughter his family and also he wants to turn her sister back into a human. And thus he and his sister go on an adventure full of unknown threats. Can they survive and kill that demon?

Gintama (9.05)

Animes With Sword Fighting

This one is a highly recommended one if you are looking for anime with sword fight, comedy, action, sci-fi, and adventure. The story takes place in an era when aliens have overtaken the world. Even the samurai have been suppressed and are forbidden to use swords.

This anime follows a samurai called Gintoki who is a samurai with a very unique style. In the beginning, anime is full of comedy. Later on, anime takes a serious phase but comedy here and there.

You should watch it and take my word you will love it. Anime is complete and its last movie was released this year.

With this, I would like to end this Blog. Feel free to comment on which one will you watch. And recommend me some anime that I should watch or should add to this list. And hope you guys liked my blog on Top Sci-Fi Anime Recommendation For You.

Blue Exocert (7.51)

Animes With Sword Fighting

This is the story of the power struggle between humans and demons, Assiah, and Gehenna. And one can travel to another realm through the mean of possession just like we have heard stories of. The ruler of the Demon world Gehenna can’t find a suitable body that he can possess. And thus decide to reincarnate his son into the realm of humans. So, when he becomes strong he can possess him and conquer the Assiah.

And now the story shifts to a boy called Rin Okumura who is a troublesome teenager who never listens to anyone. But one incident shook his life, he find out that he is the son of the Demon Lord and he has to go back to him. But he refuses to do so and can join a group called Exorcist. So, can he stop the demon lord with his brother Yukio?

Sword Art Online (7.20)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The theme of this anime is Virtual Reality. The story of Sword Art Online begins with the discovery of a device called NerveGear, which enables the user to travel into another fantasy virtual world. Usually, an ancient world where he/she has to clear the dungeon. Everything here is just like real one can do everything that he/she can do in reality.

And the interesting thing is that you can play this game while you are sleeping which will not affect your normal routine. Until the beta test is over. On the day of its official release day, the true intention of the developer was discovered. The people who logged into this game cannot log out and if forced to log out Nevegear will automatically blast itself and kill the user. And thus leaving only one option which is to clear the game. But can they do it?

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Guilty crown(7.43)

Animes With Sword Fighting

DAY 24, 2029

This is the date also known as “Lost Christmas”- As on this date an Apoclipus Virus spread across japan, and millions of people died due to this virus, and the whole country went into chaos. And to counter these United Nations send a GHQ to assist with this virus. Though it help in containing the virus with that, they took democracy too. And now the people of Japan are living under their control and its been a decade.

The people of Japan are frustrated and want to break free of this slavery. But can they? Who will be this light of hope for the people of Japan? Check out the anime to know about it.

Ninja Scroll (6.67)

Animes With Sword Fighting

The timeline of the story takes place fourteen years after the defeat of the immortal warrior Himuro Genma and Shogun of the Dark’s evil plans.

And the story focuses on Kibagami Jubei who is a masterless swordsman who is roaming all around the country and on his journey he meets Shigure, a priestess who has never been out of the village. She faced the wrath of evil as her village people were all killed mercilessly and she is next. And that is when she meets Kibagami Jubei. So how will this fateful meeting change their destiny check out the anime to know more?

Afro Samurai (7.36)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Afro Samurai without a doubt is one of the best anime with Sword Fighting. This anime is completely filled with Sword fighting or you can say one-sided massacre by Afro our protagonist of this anime.

When Afro was just a boy he saw his father massacred by a guy known as Justice. They had a number 2 band And his father was the number 1 band holder.

And years later when he grew up and was making himself ready for his revenge. Afro finally gets his hand on the number 2 band. But the number two holder can challenge number 1 but number 2 can be challenged by anyone throughout the country. And thus he has to fight his way all through and then defeat number 1 and get the revenge for which he was preparing.

Samurai Champloo (8.50)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Yet another samurai anime and the Era in which this anime focuses is non-other than Edo. This is the story of Fuu Kasumi who is a clumsy yet energetic waitress who works at two a small tea house.

One day she spilled tea on a customer and find herself in a tight situation and that is when her friend Mugen came forward to help her and defeated them all in an instant. Seeing this a warrior’s blood started to boil and a fearce fight take place between them and in this course a young man died. And thus they were sentenced to death.

But Fuu rescued them and now these two are in debt to her and started following her while she is looking for a warrior. So who is this warrior and why is she looking for him?

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (8.13)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Sword fighters are introduced later in the anime but it is worth watching if you haven’t. And the story follows a 37-year-old man who was just living his boring life. But things changed when one day on his way back home he was killed in action to save his colleague.

And he was thus born into a fantasy world as a slime. But wait before you start making assumptions in your mind that it would be a boring anime. I highly recommend this anime.

He is not your ordinary slime but he has an extraordinary ability to change the shape and ability of things that he eats.

Vinland Saga (8.73)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Another mind-blowing anime is full of fantasy, action, and adventure. This anime got all. The theme of the anime is based on Vikings and if you are into Vikings then you will love it. This is the story of Thorffin a Viking child who saw his father being killed right in front of his father and thus he decide to follow the one who killed his father until he could take his revenge.

But fate has something else written for him the revenge that he was preparing himself was never meant to be taken as he was killed. So what will he do? Without any goal or anything? Check out the anime to know.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (7.20)

Animes With Sword Fighting

This anime has 2 seasons and if you are into an anime where Mc is betrayed and take revenge then this might be one for you.

So, the story follows a 17-year-old Hajime Nagumo who is your average otaku. He used to live his normal student life just like the rest of us. But the life of his and his classmate turns upside down when they all were summoned into a fantasy world as a hero. And their mission was to clear dungeons that were said to be impossible to conquer.

And thus he and his party started clearing the dungeon. But due to jealousy one of his teammates betrayed him and push him into the labyrinth.

And thus begin the new journey of Hajime to survive the deepest part of the dungeon and take his revenge. So, how will make this possible? Watch the anime to know more.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (7.56)

Animes With Sword Fighting

Well, you might have heard or even watched about Manga and its anime. This is the story of Bell Cranel who is a young lad who lives with his goddess Hestia.

This young boy is trying to find his way into this world where there is a huge dungeon filled with monsters and the depth of the dungeon is still unknown.

Bell Cranel and many other people live with their goddess who descended on earth from Heaven to help these humans.
Bell Cranel has a big dream and while chasing it he ran across swordswomen with whom he fell in love at first sight. But can an amateur adventurer dare to do so?

With this, I would like to end this beautiful Blog on Animes With Sword Fighting. Hope you guys loved it and if you do then leave your valuable comment so that I can make more of this type of content. And if you want to suggest a topic on which I should write next feel free to leave your comment.

And until the next Blog, you can check out other Blogs on my website.

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The rating of the animes was taken from Myanimelist

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