All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Hey, One Piece Fans hope you are doing great and enjoying the current Arc of One Piece. And as the story of One Piece continues to grow new characters keep on adding to this Wonderful Saga. And with this everyone eventually started to get attached to these characters.

But as the One Piece Universe keeps on growing one often forgets the leading characters who lead the different generations or were playing critical roles at some point in time in One Piece Universe. And not to completely forget about them I have prepared this list.

In this list, I included all the Old generation, New Generation Yonko’s, and All the Shichibukai as they were all renowned figures at some point. In the next blog, I will try to cover all the know Admiral And World Government renowned figures. So, bookmark this website as I bring anime content that you may like.

So without any further due let’s jump into this amazing list. First Let’s begin with Shichibukai.

Ranking Of Shichibukai is done considering the time when the World government did not disband them. And same goes for their power level.



All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Buggy a person who is born with all the luck gets the 11th place on this list. In terms of his own power level but looking at the current Manga condition he could easily get the top 3 positions. Here is a theory that I think might be possible regarding Buggy. And if it becomes true then it might be amazing.

Theory: As Buggy is a clown he might be following around not showing his true power to others. When he first met Luffy, he might be testing his capabilities as Shanks has selected him and given him their Captain’s Straw Hat. The power level of Buggy is the same or near to the power of Shanks and he just fouls around. And when the right time comes he will show his true color.

Well till then Buggy gets the last position on this list.
OLD BOUNTY- 15,000,000 berries
NEW BOUNTY- 3,156,000,000 berries

Boa Hancock

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Boa Hancock or Pirate Queen gets the 10th spot on this list. Emperor of Amazon Lily is one of the pirates who held the title of Shicubkai for the longest term. Her true power is still not revealed but it is nowhere near Sanji or any other 3rd division commander of any pirate king in my accord.

Well, she doesn’t even need that cause she can take down most of the enemies just from her beauty. The title of the pirate queen is not given to her for nothing. But our Luffy has penetrated the heart of this beauty and she is just mad about him. And I mean it this beauty is totally into him.

Now let’s take a look at her bounty when she held the title of Shichibukai

BOUNTY- 80,000,000 berries

Gecko Moria

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

I just loved this Arc. It has one of my favorite comedy seen. Well apart from that Geko Moria was a truly dangerous enemy with his Malicious plan and ship made him more dangerous. The first shock that he gave me was that the island was not an island but a ship.

After that comes his Op devil fruit. Which takes the shadow of other people and makes that shadow its slave. He can use that shadow to revive other dead people. Holy cow and that person will imitate fully the other person.

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And another major problem was that once someone’s shadow is taken from them they can’t stand in shine light they do. They will burn instantly.

BOUNTY-320,000,000 berries

Edward Weevil

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Much about him is known till now all we know about him is that he is the son of whitebeard and does things on the call of his mother. His power level is still unknown and his position and bounty can’t tell his power level. We have a prime example of this Buggy the Clown.

I’m looking forward to seeing him next time and what he has for us. If I’m right after the revoking of the right of Shichibukai his whereabouts are unknown.

BOUNTY- 480,000,000 berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

My respect for this character went from rock bottom to up in the sky. I clearly remember when I first saw him he totally gave a negative vibe. But in recent years his energy changed a lot.

Sir Crocodile has Suna Suna no Mi which allows him to convert his body into sand. Whenever, wherever he wants. And his only weakness now is water and Haki. Which we saw in Alabasta Arc. He dethroned the King and declared him the ruler of the country. Until Luffy and his crew defeated him. Thereafter he lost his title of Shicubukai. And here is old and new bounty.

NEW BOUNTY-1,965,000,000
OLD BOUNTY – 81,000,000 berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Next up on the list is my favorite Shicubukai Jimbe. I’m not saying it because he is a member of Straw Hat but due to his nature and character. He is one of the characters who are most loyal and repays his debt whatever it takes.

Jimbe the son of Sea was already a Shicubukai when he was introduced in the story and since then he never fails to impress me with his character. He was a former member of Sun Pirates which consist of all marine members. And currently, he is the Helmsman of the Straw Hat and is their 10th member.

CURRENT BOUNTY- 250,000,000

Trafalgar Law

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Well, looking at the current scenario he can be in the Top 3 of the strongest Shicubuaki. But the power level is considered when they still hold the title of Shichubaki so I think this is the right spot for him. Captain of Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law first came into the picture as one of the members of the west generation. Later after the Marine Ford Arc, he gained the title of a warlord.

He had quite a touching backstory of his own. And about his power level, he was far from the time skip Luffy or Zoro both. And if you are not up to date with current anime then you should look forward to this character as he is going to show some spicy action in the future.

OLD BOUNTY – 200 million berries
NEW BOUNTY- 3,000,000,000 berries.


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

If someone asked me who is your favorite villain of One Piece then Doffy will always be at the top spot. A villain should be like him, not some half-assed person whose situation made a villain. I really loved how his character was portrayed little psycho and 100% dangerous.

First came into the picture during Marine Fort Arc, he is someone you should never mess with until you are stronger than him. He overthrew the King of Dressrosa and become the ruler of the country. He totally tortured the people of that country. Until the end he made them piss their pants. Totally love his character.

BOUNTY- 340,000,000 berries

Bartholomew Kuma

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

One of the most mysterious characters in one piece. Though this opinion can be debatable. His full backstory is not yet out in anime at least but it is different for manga readers. My first impression of him was he could be dangerous as he appeared at a critical time when straw Hats just finished their battle. The second reason was that he was connected with the Marines.

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But later when some of his backstories of shown and whom he was connected with I felt relieved. But what happen to him was sad and I really want to know why it happen to him. Well, apart from all these things let’s take a look at its bounty.

BOUNTY- 296,000,000 berries

Marshall D. Teach

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Personally, I hate his personality. I don’t know why maybe it is because his story is not fully revealed or he betrayed whitebeard and framed Ace and his other works but whatever the case I totally hate his personality. But might be a perfect antagonist for the climax scene of the anime.

I’m looking forward to Luffy and his battle. And here is a pattern I don’t know why but he keeps targeting those whom Luffy cares about a lot and this happens a lot maybe it is for plot development or whatever. I’m looking forward to that day when they face each other.

BOUNTY- 2,247,600,000 berries

Dracule Mihawk

All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

And finally Dracule Mihawk. I think he is loved by everyone. His background is still unknown but he still has a character of a man. He is known as the strongest swordsman in the world. He was also a mentor of Zora at one point in time.

Though he was the one who gave him the wound on the chest. I’m looking forward when his story is revealed.

OLD BOUNTY- 600,000,000 Berries
NEW BOUNTY -359,000,000,000 berries


Here are all known Yonko’s, Gol D. Roger and Rock D. Xebec are not confirmed ones but they were renowned figures so they must be Yonko’s at some point in time. So assuming this I added them to this list. Well now let’s jump into this list.


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Gol D. Roger also known as the Pirate King is the one who brought the whole world into chaos by sending a new generation of Pirates into the sea. He is also known as the father of Protgas D. Ace. And as a friend of Whitebeard and Monkey D. Garp.

He is also the reason behind the fall of the famous Pirate group ROCK D XEBAC who was feared by everyone at that time. Though he was executed by the world government he was almost dead when to a disease.

BOUNTY- 5,564,800,000 berry


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

The captain of Rock’s Pirates a group of pirates which was considered the strongest group of their time. Even the world government feared them. Fear should be normal as this group consists of young Whitebeard, Shiki, Big Mom, Kaido, etc.

And the one holding them together of this man ROCK D. XBEC. His backstory is still not out but you can assume how strong he was to hold these beasts together under one banner. He lost against Roger and Garp who has formed a temporary alliance at that time. He was defeated at a place called God Valley which doesn’t exist on the map anymore.



All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Kaido holds the title of the strongest creature in this world. And this title is not just for show this is how he was first described when he entered the scene of One Piece- ” In his entire life he was defeated 7 times, captured by Navy and his enemies 18 times, continuously experienced torture and lived as a criminal throughout his life, he tried to kill himself one of was by jumping from Sky Island.

He challenged the Navy and 4 Yonko’s of the sea repeatedly. He was captured 18 times, and sentenced to death 40 times. When he was hunged change broked, when he was guillotined blade got shattered, when speared was embedded spear shattered.

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He sank 9 giant prison ships of the Navy, and obviously, no one was able to kill him till this date, even he himself failed. And this Kaido for you.

BOUNTY- 4,611,100,000 Berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

I never saw a woman turn into such an ugly hag so fast. From a hot chick to an old hag. Oden had something against her. Well apart from that one can’t take her lightly. Her devil fruit is more dangerous if you show any fear infront of her you become her slave for a lifetime.

To add more to her power she has her whole army and islands. And to add more she had her son who was comparable and strong. Even though she might be the weakest emperor of the sea. She is still a monster among monsters.

BOUNTY – 4,388,000,000 Berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

Now let’s talk about this legendary character. He is one of my all-time favorite characters. His personality is worth respect for each and every action he took every time respect for this character went high.

And respect reached max when he died standing. To me, there is nothing more manly than this took every single shot straight on the face and not a single scratch on his back. To add more he himself decided that this is the place he will die. LOL. And he will die for his son. I mean is there anything more manly than this? Well, I’m waiting for that example.

Whitebeard, Captain of Whitebeard Pirates was the humble and strongest human in the One Piece world. He was in the Rock’s crew at one point in time and thereafter he went on his own journey to make a family. Which he was successful in making.

BOUNTY- 5,046,000,000 Berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

One of the most mysterious figures in the One Piece world. This figure is more mysterious than One Piece itself. Every One Piece fan is desperate to know his back story. Little is known about him. He was in his crew of Roger, and Buggy was his best buddy at that time.

Thereafter when Roger Pirates were disbanded he created his own crew Red Hair Pirates and eventually became the Emperor of the Sea. He is the only emperor of the sea who is not a Devil Fruit user. It is also said that no one in his crew has eaten Devil Fruit.

And most importantly he is the one because of which all One Piece started.

BOUNTY- 4,048,900,000 berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

After he accomplished his mission as a Shichubukai he gained two devil fruit and eventually became the Emperor of the sea.

BOUNTY- 3,996,000,000 Berries


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

The Protagonist of the series is Monkey D. Luffy. He is one of the fastest-growing rookies who has been doing things that should not be done. Traveling all through the Grand Line He with his crewmate is creating Havoc all through the Grand Line.

Defeating crocodile. Destroying the world government flag, infiltrating the emperor’s territory and escaping, and then again going to other Emepor’s territory to fight him and take him down.

If this was not enough his background is also dangerous. First of all, he is the grandson of Hero of Marine Monkey D Garp, secondly, his father is the most dangerous criminal in the world, Monkey D Dragon. To add more he strongly connected to Shanks. And recently he became the emperor of the sea.

BOUNTY – 3,000,000,000 Berries.


All Yonkos and Shichibuaki

There is nothing much to say about him hope my theory about him comes true that would be insane. I mean it will be really insane.

And with this, I would like to conclude this Blog. And I will meet you guys in the next Blog with a new Topic. Till then you guys can check out my other Blog.

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