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Why Is everyone Addicted to Anime this is a common question that every anime viewer asks himself/ herself or to their friends. Like other anime viewers, I had this question in my mind for the longest time.

After looking for answers to the question. I formed some of my opinions and I picked some good opinions from other people online and like this, I got quite a few points to share with you guys.

Why Everyone Is Addicted to Anime

Engaging Storytelling:

I think this is the core of why anime in general is so addictive: a great storyline that everyone can enjoy, whether they are kids or adults.

These stories are generally unique and completely out of this world, hooking viewers from the very first episode. If you observe closely, you’ll find that people often get hooked on an anime right after watching the first episode.

In general, the first episode determines whether the anime is worth watching any further or should be dropped. What is your opinion on this? How do you determine if you want to continue watching an anime or if it’s not worth your time?

Another point to consider is that famous anime, movies, novels, and shows often have unique and amazing storylines that seem extraordinary at first glance.

For example, take a look at Naruto, one of the most famous anime of all time. It takes you on the journey of a child who has been suffering since his childhood. Children engage with it because they aspire to be like him and want to see what more power he has, while adults appreciate the compelling storyline that they haven’t encountered before.

Animation and Freedom:

Addicted to Anime

Animation and freedom, in my opinion, are interconnected. How, you might ask? Well, do you know why there was a need for animation in the first place? Movies or series can’t always interpret or accurately show what the writer is thinking, but animation gives the writer the freedom to express whatever they feel. It also provides viewers the opportunity to watch illustrations that are hard to depict in movies and series without CGI and VFX.

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Because of this, anime has opened a box of infinite creativity. Let’s take another example: Naruto. I believe most people have watched it, so I’m not spoiling anyone’s entertainment. Look at the scale of the war that happens at the end of the series.

To show such a large-scale battle at the time Naruto was being aired was almost impossible, let alone securing the funds to produce it. This freedom to create anything one imagines is another reason why anime is so addictive, in my opinion.

Binge Watch:

Another reason why Anime is so addictive is due to the availability of whole seasons of anime, which one can watch one episode after another. And thanks to streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. The next episode is just one click away unlike our childhood days when we have to wait for a whole week for just a new episode.

Or we have to switch channels to watch something new and interesting. This is the reason why I think anime is so addictive and lately more and more people are getting addicted to this.

I think everyone has this phase when start watching anime. I was also addicted to anime at one point in time and this addiction made me a content writer.

Community and Fandom:

Everyone wants to talk about what they just saw and is always seeking affirmation from like-minded people. The same goes for anime viewers; they want to discuss how epic a moment was or speculate about what will happen in the future, even though they know they are far from predicting what will actually happen next.

Still, they want to discuss it with others. It makes them feel good—everybody does that. This is where the anime community comes into play. There are large anime communities online, be it on Reddit, Quora, or personal blogs like this one. There are millions of people online who talk day and night about the anime they just watched.

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In my opinion, this active community plays a significant role in making anime more addictive. Here, you get suggestions on what to watch next or an epic clip from an anime that automatically makes you add it to your watchlist, thus making anime more addictive.

Escapism and Healer:

I could have covered this topic in the Storyline section but chose to make a separate point here because I think this is a very important issue that needs separate attention.

Firstly, anime takes you into an imaginative world. By entering this world, you forget all of your worldly problems. It is a proven fact that engaging in activities that make you forget about your problems heals you from within.

To get this pleasure again and again, our mind plays tricks on us, forcing us to watch anime episodes one after another. Do you agree with me on this point?

Lots Of Variety!!:

Addicted to Anime

You will definitely agree on this aspect. There are thousands of anime to choose from, categorized into different genres, serving a large audience. Anime, in my opinion, has something for every type of viewer; there are hardly any genres left untouched by anime creators.

If you love action and adventure, there is a pool of anime to choose from. If you are into romance, there are many to choose from. If you don’t want to watch any of these and prefer something in the horror section, again, there is plenty of anime out there to choose from. And this is yet another reason why anime is so addictive.

There are so many anime to choose from that people don’t feel like looking anywhere else.

Blessing to Eyes:

Addicted to Anime

Yet, another reason why anime in general is so addictive is due to its soothing colors which are used in animation. Just look at this image and how beautifully the colors look our eyes are automatically drawn toward these colors.

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This color selection for animation is just another big reason why Anime is so addictive. Let’s take the example of Demon Slayer the color selection is quite unique and appealing at the same time while top-class animation is the cherry on the cake. This animation makes the color more standout.

Would you agree with me on this? What is your take on this point?

Character Development:

The slow introduction of anime characters and their gradual development, which makes viewers attached to them, is yet another tool that makes anime addictive.

Every great plot has this feature: excellent character development, not only of the main protagonist but also of the side characters. One Piece might be a great example of this. I was so attached to Ace that when he died during the war, it made me feel bad, and I automatically felt like I wanted revenge against Akainu. Thus, I got hooked on One Piece and kept watching the anime in hopes of seeing that revenge match one day.

FOMO( Fear Of Missing Out):

The last reason might be equally valid and important as to why you are addicted to anime. You might have noticed that every anime ends with a cliffhanger and this cliffhanger generates the feeling inside that you might miss something important if you didn’t watch the next episode and then you start watching one episode after another.

And all of a sudden you notice that you are addicted to anime.

These are the 9 reasons that make anime so addictive that you and everyone else is binge-watching anime one after another. If you think there are any other reasons why anime is so addictive then feel free to share your views in the comment section.

Also, let me know what you think is Anime Dying? I have discussed this in one of my blogs Check it out if you are interested.

With this, I would like to end this Blog right here and I will meet you in the next one.

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